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Celeste Blake's Lost Cuts

The Lost Cuts is a simple collection of scenes from my time working on Celeste Blake: The Evindium Affair that never made it to the final build and I felt warranted release. There are over 250 passages that include  scenes such as a couple of alternative takes, some heavy differences to the end of a mission, an ending to the game, all along with the largest portion: A fully fleshed out, functioning Carla’s Dungeon. Even if you haven’t ventured into the game’s universe previously, I feel the dominatrix’s dungeon is worth a quick peek alone.


Version 1.1 should be the final release for this. It contains a few dozen minor changes, one major fix, and a handful of small ones. If you have previously downloaded this release, you can simply download the Version 1.1 .html file rather than the complete .rar package. I apologize for the delay in this update.

Thank you. Please enjoy this and don't hesitate to leave feedback.

Check out the Scene Reference Guide on the side bar for a comprehensive list of available encounters.

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Review by Arxyn

Version reviewed: 1.00 on 01/14/2017

Edit: Found a simple workaround for the dungeon lockout. To advance the story by five days, in the main menu beneathe the Run The Gauntlet option, click on the link that reads "Skip to the cut game ending" and refuse Charles offer. Time will advance and you will be able to enter the dungeon again.


I'm a huge fan of Evindium affair, and I like each of these sub-stories you have here. Other fans of the game will certainly recognize each of these scenarios! I think these would all be excellent additions to the game and I urge everyone to play the original game, as it is one of the best HTML games on the site.

Also, bit of a bug to report. Unlocking the final tier of training causes the receptioninst to lock you out of Carla's Dungeon due to the once per day rule from the main game.

Lastly, i think it would be cool if there were an alternate ending for surrendering to Charles due to submissiveness so the viewer can see how he uses her as his slave. For those interested in Sub fetishes, this would be pretty fun :)

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