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Hero Grinder
by fixsxd

Hi it's my first real game more or less. the engine is strickly alpha the story on it is at playeable rawbeta phase . Warning Mild violence against goblins

About the engine: nothing fancy just a random dungeon/obstacle chalenge for now

The story:A high and mighty female Champion's last small but life-changing dungeon run hopefully with a bit humour. 30game end available based on our heroine final purity and willpower.

The main tf is corruption the m->f content is only in some endings

About the gameplay:do not expect good or bad choices because all of them has good and bad side effects so if you play in style of a noble knight or a full depraved whore both will eventualy lead your heroine to be a mindless slave. The stat changes are random generated within a limit

The fight encounters  use a simple armour brake method (if atk

The game obviusly will need some balancing

The game is in raw textformat now "fresh out of the lab"

For the future plans for next major release: Make the text colorfull and pretty for the dear reader

                                                             Finish up the engine to beta

                                                             2nd story for who? see the intro for hint yer will love it

                                                             It's a surprize

                                                             When? i plan to release it in a week

Images or mulltimedia? only after engine beta test

This and all of future my games are and will be free

Patreon or something other? in the future when i see my games ready for that

Any feedback are wellcome the game presentation is humbe like this shaky beta

link fixed My bad sorrry

The story:A high and mighty female Champion's last small but life-changing dungeon run hopefully with a bit homour. 30game end available based on our heroine final purity and willpower.

Anne Dominic Divine champion

Urgund weak Demonlord vaiting to be defeated

Every decision is correct in some way at some time for some end goals in this game

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Review by sirwolffe

Version reviewed: 0.0.111 on 01/19/2017

I enjoyed the 30 minutes or so of current gameplay. It is what it is. Do not expect dragonage or skyrim. Yes, it needs tuning, but it works all the way to the end.

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 0.0.111 on 01/16/2017

To tell the truth my english grammar is not good the story itself was created only for initial game engine creation and learning experience not to distract from creation.

In a day or 2 it wil be remade 

Thank You for the rewiew


Review by Joe Steel

Version reviewed: 0.0.111 on 01/16/2017

So far, a very straightforward "corruption"-type game.  There are few choices and they don't seem to have major consequences other than delaying corruption.  The English is poor, often unintelligible, and it switches randomly from second to third person, sometimes within the same sentence.  One of the forms of corruption is constantly running across chests, which have newer-weaker gear that you must equip if you open them, for unexplained reasons.  Generally, one can make choices that trade off  gaining "slutiness" [sic] in exchange for less equipment damage, and so avoid opening the chests for a while, but other events don't allow this (including an unavoidable event where your equipment is damaged by using your own sword!).  Presumably, the proper choices between accepting mental corruption and accepting equipment damage is going to be the crux of the game, but that shouldn't be expected in an alpha, so choices are being made pretty arbitrarily at this point.

 The game’s real problem is that it is utterly uncompelling.  The hero’s actions and choices aren’t very interesting, and the descriptions of events are best described as “bare bones.”  The sexy moments aren’t described in any detail, and the author uses off-putting language like “box” for vagina.  As a player, you are just going through motions to see what happens.  Unfortunately, the reward in terms of what happens is unsatisfying.  One ends up wondering why the author bothered to put this together; what is he intending it to be, in terms of unique interest or gameplay?

 The poor language and lack of any real descriptions make this a game I’d recommend a pass on, at least at this stage.  I’d encourage the author to decide what it is he wants to offer that other, similar game do not, and focus his design efforts on that.  He’ll find help with his writing only if people want to see the game he has in mind come to life.

Review by -=DANTE=-

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 01/15/2017

the description does not match the game.

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