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Version: 0.1.3

Version: 0.1.2a

Version: 0.1.2


Current version: V0.1.3 Mega

UPDATE ON PATREON: I've decided to abolish the tiers on Patreon. From now on, all pledges will be considered donations. All future updates of Lichdom and eventually my other works will be available to the public (probably on my blog). Current patrons that have pledged will receive private emails to another game that I've been working on in the next month or two prior to public release.

The game as it is right now is primarily an alpha/demo. Everything in the intro, which is prior to moving out of the apartment, works as intended. Everything afterward when the city opens up is currently in development.

You need to use classic RAGS to play the game. It has to be the lastest version 2.x.x. Which you can download from ragsgame.com.

If the text is too small, you can adjust it in the Edit menu. And be warned that this is a text heavy game. If you don't enjoy reading, then you won't enjoy this game.

Check out my blog to see changelog and other info: fizzleworks.blogspot.com

The first project that I began some years ago. It is a text adventure game using RAGS that is my attempt to create an adult game that incorporated things that few other adult games had. Namely, it includes extreme fetish content along with a gripping overarching storyline, open world, life simulation, combat, and magic. All of this would be wrapped up in writing that allows your imagination to give this world life.

It's your 21st birthday but instead of celebrating with your friends at the nearest bar and getting drunk, you're the one handing out drinks. That's right. You're working behind the bar instead of drinking from it. The same can't be said for your twin sister, who's out having the time of her life. But what choice do you have? The club needed you for the night and you couldn't say no. You and your sister need the money. But today will be different. Something will happen and your life will be changed forever.

The Kingdom of the Lich... begins today.

They say that life cannot exist without death. They say that death is the end of everything. They say that death is the beginning of the next step. They say that you go to heaven or hell, or that you're reincarnated. In short, they say a lot of things about death. True or not, all of it are just speculations. There's no one that's come back from the dead, right? At least, you would've heard something about it on the news. Oh sure, there's plenty of those near death experiences but none of those had people that have come back after being dead for any significant period of time. Otherwise, they'd be zombies, right? And those things are nothing more than fiction, superstition, and fantasy.

At least, that's what you used to believe, until one day, you experience it for yourself and your eyes are opened to a whole different world.

You play as Jonathon, starting on the day of your 21st birthday. But instead of partying the night away and getting smashed at a bar, you're the behind the bar, earning money to support yourself and your twin sister, which she's out having fun. Yeah, that's really fair.


1. work at the bar

2. fight the patron

3. talk to your boss in his office

4. exit the club and head east

5. sleep

6. head to Jen's room

7. sleep

8. back to Jen's room

9. make breakfast in kitchen

10. talk to Jen a few times

11. go to Jen's room and search laptop

12. head back to workplace and talk to Chloe

13. go to Dragon's Horde in the commercial district and talk to Lorenzo

14. go back to apartment and use couch to rest till noon

15. go to entertainment district and enter Sing A Song karaoke and talk to Olivia

16. go to City hall in downtown and ring the bell

17. go to the dilapidated building in the industrial district and search... then fight the hobo

18. go back to City hall and ring bell again

19. go back to karaoke and talk to Olivia

20. back to Lorenzo and go back to club and talk to Chloe

21. buy fake glasses from costume shop in the commercial district

22. return to apartment and sleep until late evening

23. go to your bed and fake sleep

24. go to red lights district and go into bunnies nest

25. search, interact with Jen, then follow her to the back

26. return to your apartment and sleep

27. exit bedroom, give Cynthia's Lie to Jen, and then blackmail her

28. interact with Jen a few times

29. use the piece of paper


And that's the end of the intro.

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Review by doomdjdj

Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 10/05/2018

Well Loved the game so far but i am unable to progress in the introduction or the base part of the game itself. When the strange voice asks me to read the book from the shelf the book cannot be interacted. The assassin as far as i'm sure is also part of the introduction to the game since she appears during the MC's transformation. But like the dev has stated its still in development. But it would be better if the entire Introduction is completed before the next version release. Can't wait to see what other content will be placed for the user in the further release.

Review by Ragnar_Ulfson

Version reviewed: 0.1.2a on 01/30/2017

So, with having only 3 patrons, and all of us at the $1 level, you decide to do updates only for the $5 level, and then only monthly updates? I am sorry, but I will be no longer supporting this project, though I will keep an eye on it. There is not enough there, for me to support you for even $1 a month, and not even get once a month updates. I wish you luck, I hope your projsect is succesful, but it is not something I can back right now.

Review by silkpurse

Version reviewed: 0.1.2a on 01/30/2017

From his blog :


" Just FYI, from henceforth, all regular updates will be provided to Patron ($5+) only. Public releases will only be at major milestones and will be tested. "

Review by Zukofaust

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 01/27/2017

I remember this... So this is a re-release?

Review by zyithe

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 01/26/2017

I personally like this game. So far as it is still in alpha it has been pretty good. I do agree with sadarsa that it would be better with some more player choices rather than just reading like a book but it is in alpha and I'm sure the maker will come out with it eventually. Keep up the good work!

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