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Version: 1.95

Nuova Malizia

I have been working on a 1920s mixed horror and mafia game using a campaign by the same name. The game is playable now, but there is still one scene missing (a murder in your second cleaner time) that I am still writing. I have some feedback on typos and such that is not yet realized in the game; further feedback is welcome as long as it is a) helpful and b) polite or friendly. 

The player takes the role of a young woman who is about to enter a new world of shadows and find her place therein: as a whore, a thug or a ...specialist. :roll: 

This is to be the first of four parts: the second is planned for a 50s setting, the third is Disco! and the last is...now. 
You will make decissions that will immediatiely or in the long run influence the stroy: some do not have consequences within this part but in the later parts. 

The game can be found at: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v2nn40to3p7lg3z/Nuove_Malitia_rev.html

Current update 29.1.2017.
It still needs some work, but RL may bite me soon and I am posting what I have in case I may not be able to work on the games for some time. 

Bug  fixed. 

Please note that the player cannot get pregnant herself, even if others will. 

Regarding the Patreon link: A couple of people have asked me in the last few years about a patreon link for my games. I cannot accept any money for games, or I would have to ask my boss for a special allowance to work in my spare time: I live in a country with special job regulations. 
Pervy Sage is an artist who will illustrate all my games in due time. Pery has a patreon: 

Perversity is a one man operation working on art commissions, while also working on different projects of his own creation. When dealing with commissions he's willing to undertake any kind of art request. While the projects he works on tend to usually sit in the science fiction, or superpowers genre of games. His projects tend to look more reflect real life situations, than fantasy outlooks (IE: the real world is a pretty bad place, and he doesn't see any particular reason to hide that, or lie about it) the real world is a grimdark setting, and his projects tend to reflect this.


Become a family associate. 

Make money for the family. 



Daddy and your sisters. 

The gang

Don Andrea, Mr.Stephano, Mr. diCaprio, Hank, Milliner

The Kane Mob. 

The Marsh Mob


A Lady

Many decisions will lead to an untimely death: you are a gangster in the high time of gang wars, after all.

Try to avoid those: or click back when you die.  

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Review by AllyssaHalven

Version reviewed: 1.95 on 02/04/2017

Well, I always play your games because of the potential, inseminating risk to the main character.  Just hearing about other characters getting pregnant doesn't do anything for me.  I like knowing that my actions can have maternal consequences.


The game isn't bad.  Typical grammatical and expression errors that come with your games, since English isn't your first language, and you don't have a proofreader.  I was half tempted to offer my services to help polish up your dialogue and such, but without pregnancy risk to the character, this game is outside my interests.


I mention that, because it's not really something you should include in your transformation themes for the player if it's not a risk to them.


Personally, I still think you should revisit your Thanksgiving game, which looked to have a ton of potential if it was fleshed out.


Anyhow, it's a solid start, for what it is, but it needs some polish, and it seems to have a few looping bugs for some basic day-to-day actions.


TL:DR:  Bad grammatically, some bugs with daily progression, solid concept otherwise.  No risk of pregnancy for the player, so transformation themes are misleading.

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