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Big Brother

It's a turn based erotic game for 18+ players. A sandbox with multiple scenario lines which are crossing with each other in some unexpected and non-trivial ways. Almost all of player's action is important and may change further doings.

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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: on 04/23/2018

To the 2 reviewers below: MC and Corruption are part of the tf theme so I guess this game is okay to stay. If this one cannot stay then games such as Slave Maker should not be around as well.

Anyway I took a look at the game and I was stunned by the visual effect. It was a well made 3D CYOA game, including the house, the characters and everything. The 3D characters were so well made that it is simply professional level. The story itself seems real and valid too. It is going a bit slow but the eye candies were good enough to keep me around a game week with not much progress.

Moving to their patreon page, it seems that the author was a video game maker. No wonder.

If anything set me back from going all out to the game, there are a few entries about the author not very responsive even on the patreon page.

BTW according to patron, Big Brother has stopped development because of a change of policy of patreon and they are no longer making money out of it. The latest version is

Review by bananaflyman

Version reviewed: on 04/23/2018

No TF/TG at all and the author doesn't intend to add any. Basically just an another case of a game that doesn't belong on this site being uploaded here for free publicity. Should really be deleted but most likely never will be because the mods are too busy yelling at and banning people who use mean words at their reviews/forum comments.

Review by thethreetenors

Version reviewed: on 04/22/2018

This game does not belong on this site. There is absolutely NO TV/TG content. At all. This game started life as an Incest game, but is now a pure NTR Game. For those of you that dont know what NTR is, it's basically another guy thats better than you, seducing away the woman you want/or have, and leaving you powerless to do anything about it. The whole game is nothing but that. To people that like NTR, its gold. To the rest of us however, its garbage.

Review by Sonicfanx1

Version reviewed: on 06/15/2017

I love the direction this game is going and I love the choice of characters.

My biggest issue however is with the english.  I'm sure there are people willing to help (I certainly am) with English.

Some of the dialogue is hard to understand.  It doesn't convey the proper meaning and some words are used incorrectly.

If you had someone who knew better English and you had a dialogue with them over some of the lines, the quality of work can be improved immensely.

Otherwise, this is a fantastic game, albeit slow and oddly difficult.

Review by WhiteFireDaemon

Version reviewed: on 03/14/2017

This game is far too difficult to be any fun. Ignoring how annoying it is to try to build up any stats with your sisters or mother, the entire game you are practically emasculated. If there had been an option perhaps to have some joint scenes with Eric it might've been okay, but the entire time he's always fighting against you. Even if you play the submissive and agree to help him out in exchange for some peeping, he still doesn't seem to do anything to really help give you a chance to watch anything. This game needs a major overhaul to even be considered fun, and it would need another overhaul after that to make it enjoyable enough to consider decent porn.

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