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My Strange Sister

We are pleased introduce to you our game:
My Strange Sister

This is story about a guy who ran away from his family in order to study in a different city. Howeverthe real reason he ran away from home is that he was fleeing his sister, for whom he has carnal feelings. While it may seem like this is just another B/S incest-themed story, it's not "just another incest game." Instead, our game's storyline is set in a modern urban fantasy setting. The narrative takes center-stage in this game. How well you manage your relationship with your sister is pretty tightly coupled to this setting. It's pretty difficult to separate the two. Additionally, the game's plot offers diverse choice. Currently, there are already fifteen significant variations in terms of the evolution of the narrative that can occur in the game. We are expecting to have at least five different "good" or "canonical" endings, not including the bad ones. So, in a single playthrough, you won't even see half the content that has been created.



Although there will only be one female protagonist in the game, she is customizable among three personalities. These customizations will influence how she responds and reacts to the different scenarios you two encounter, as well as her clothing, and even the events that you can trigger with her.
Her customization will also extend to her appearance via customizing her hair, skin, eyes, etc

We are also animating the interactive erotic scenes, making them not only interactive, but also animated. There are currently two such scenes in the game. These scenes are not the ones narrated purely through text. 

The main sexual content are:
- M/F
- creampie
- masturbation
- voyeur
- sleeping
- optional incest
- pregnancy

My Strange Sister v1.0a final version is free for all!

We decided to make a patrons version public. It's included vampiress scene. Also, it contains some bugfixes compared v1.0.

Major fixes are:
- fixed vanilla Liz's jeans at vampire route
- fixed Brian's characted sprite size and positions at the after fight scenes
- fixed Liz's characted sprite size and positions during the fight scene
Also fixed several small bugs and typos.

Beware of spoilers!

We get a lot of feedback that the game is very difficult. Players repeatedly get a bad endings. So we decided to write the brief walkthrough. A couple of tips. 

The first, try to be a good brother. Seriously. Even if you chose that you want to fuck her. Before proceeding to the action, just wait for signs of approval on her part.
Second, consider the personality of your sister in your actions. If the nerdy Liz likes one of you decision, it's not mean that vanilla or gothic Lis will like it too. From the very beginning of the game you can see the a question mark in the upper right corner. It is vital to fill it before the first day's end. The key decision here is DO NOT spy at her.  We understand that this is a fetish. So just save, do it once, then load again. You must be a good brother, do you remember it?? If you did everything right, then you will achieve the 'Detective' and 'Erotic Dream'  achievements. This will disclose most of the other events  for you. 
The second vital part is read her letter.  On the second day, when she will sleep on the bed, you will see a letter on the nightstand after the lamp. Read it before you get close to Liz. 
Before the end of the game, Liz will tell you  the persent of the current game's content that you have already seen. We hope that these tips will help you with our game. If you want a more complex walkthrough, they are available for our 10$ patrons. 

Best Regards,
The Team!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by wat

Version reviewed: 1.0a on 10/15/2017

Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I'm a little suprised at how relatively harsh the reviews are. So I'm putting this here to just offer a bit of counterbalance.


It's not one of my favorite games on the site. But I actually really like the art. It's fun and sexy. I think its fair to say  that it is high quality - crisp and well drawn. You can not like the style (fair enough, but I do) but I don't think you can rightly say the art is bad. My personal opinion is that the sister character is one of the most attractive characters created on this site.


People have come down on the plot. It's no breaking bad, but it was fun. Compare this to most games on the site where you only play through 5% of the planned story and it's pretty solid.


A short fun story that is coherent with no dead ends is up there in my opinion.


I enjoyed the smut. I liked the relatively slow build up and I was fond of the fondling/peeking build up.


My real criticism is the sex based minigames. They were clunky and I didn't enjoy them much. I have some sympathy here - this is something that is really hard to do well. We need a pioneer to help revolutionize the genre. I feel like we are too stuck in the newgrounds era 'press space to fuck harder'.

Anyway that's my opinion. Not trying to discount other peoples opinions but please try to consider if the game was bad or you just didn't enjoy it. I didn't enjoy slugs and bugs but I very much think it was a well made game.

Review by toofine89

Version reviewed: v0.82 on 08/20/2017

The game is okay.  The plot isn't strong, but you're probably not playing it for the plot.  The art is okay, just nothing special.  It was sufficient for a pornographic game, but overall things felt clunky.  Animations, sounds, options, interactive sections, even the the script.  Clunky is an overall descriptor.  If you like it, then support them.  But on first download I'd recommend doing it for free to see if you feel you want to pay or not.  It's firmly passable.

Review by Orphoenix

Version reviewed: v0.82 on 08/19/2017

It's not a terrible game but its also not a great game. It's squarely in the meh area. I wouldn't pay for this game, especially because there are much better games on this site free of charge. But I wouldn't fault someone for supporting an artist they enjoyed. 

Review by GCStudio

Version reviewed: v0.62 on 06/20/2017

Ooblex, You definitely carelessly played it. Otherwise, you would not have such questions.

Review by Ooblex

Version reviewed: v0.51 on 04/23/2017

Uninteresting art. Bad writing. Contrived characters. Tedious minigames. Bullshit "endings". Seriously, a small woman beating a man to death bare-handed? What do you have to smoke to think this is realistic or plausible? I have no idea why this guy thinks his project deserves fiscal support, or why anyone would play it.

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