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Version: 0.2a

Version: 0.1

Would You Rather?

My first attempt at a Twine game. Hope you like it.


Currently a crude concept, but I will try and update it quickly.
Current content contains 2 scenarios and 4 game overs, with one scenario not written out. The "Win" of the game can be achieved, but is not written as well.


EDIT: I was pointed out new set of rules that will be added around themeing pages. I only updated this page. The game itself will receive an update around Sunday.


Sexual themes will be added in the next updates and will include Straight Sex, Homosexual Sex and Sex involving Herms/Futas. Transformation themes at the moment are limited but will be expanded upon the more scenarios I write, including more gender swaps/changes.


Game (Change)Log:
Version 0.2a: added 1 scenario, but only MaleXMale content ist written.
Version 0.1 (Concept/Alpha): 1 scenario, 4 game overs (some GOs might not be achievable for the moment)


Always open for ideas, so if you have a scenario in mind (sexual or transformative, or both!) you can send me a PM.

The PlayFun Entertainment product known as the Sweet Dreams Creator Module needs a selling point and the company decides to make a gameshow out of the product.


The Player participates in a Would You Rather game of the company, in which all choices will take effect.


The goal of the game is to participate scenarios and finish at least five involving sex.

The game is supposed to be centered around the transformations and the effects of them on scenarios involving sex.

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Review by Pancakemang

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 02/04/2017

You should consider making a thread in the forums (available via the "Community" menu, right under the logo) and add it to the relevant place in the "Game Information" thingy.

Review by TG_Slave

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 02/03/2017

This would be a fantastic concept for a game, if it had been executed correctly. Each scenario is exactly the same, so really the only two options you have for ending the game atm are inflating your ass to the point that you can't play anymore, or inflating your penis to an equal size. The only scenario that is ever displayed is 'would you rather... be more feminine or masculine', and the end result is always the same with this one. If you choose femininity, your breasts, hips, and ass grow, while any male genitalia shrinks, and vice versa wwith being more masculine. The problem this creates is that it takes away any actual hard choice. Let's say that I want to play as a Man, who wants to stay that way. ((The truth is that I have a massive TG fetish, but it's hotter when it's not a willing change.)) That character would only ever pick the Masculine option. And the way the game is set up right now, he'd be able to, easily. If you could make the scenarios different, and randomly selected for each round (i.e. 'would you rather... have bigger breasts, or plumper lips' one round, and the next 'would you rather... Have a high sex drive, or a larger penis'), that would add a layer of replayability to the game as well as raising the stakes to make it a fun, challenging, and fearful experience. The writing is good for this, it just needs to be expanded upon.

Review by Klotidlak

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 02/03/2017

Not bad as a concept, please put some more thought and effort into this - your ass has grown too big to continue ending, did not really made it for me. So come back with some real scenario, it shouldn't be that hard.

Review by superjm457

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 02/02/2017

Good concept, It will be interesting to see where it goes.

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