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Version: A32 CHEAT Build

Version: A32 Supporter Build

Version: A31 Public Build


Inheritance has been in production since December of 16'  With a lot of help from some very talented people (TheMadExile, Grayelf, Rfpnj, some artists from Hentai Foundry, and others) we have been working hard to bring  to you a game that will present you a wide range of play styles and a host of activities to enjoy.


The game presents the player with an inheritance, a new home, and two slave girls.  The slave girls are yours to do with as you please, you can continue the mistreatment they received before your arrival, allow them to go about their duties without interfeerence, or nurture and love them.  Their fate is entirely in your hands.


As you can see by the sidebar, this game has a Patreon link.  I encourage anyone who likes the game to check out the Patreon page and follow me even if you don't pledge.  News about this, and my other projects, typically is posted there before being posted anywhere else.  Pledges through Patreon not only gains you access to the latest builds and news related to this project, but also gains you access to news and updates of my other projects as well.


The game receives three builds:

Free Build:  This is the free version of the game.  This is one build behind the Patreon version.  I encourage everyone to start with this build, then if you enjoy it consider pledging if you want to see more.  Otherwise if you are patient, odds are a new build is just a few weeks away!

Patreon Build:  One build ahead of the Free Build of the game.  When a new build becomes available, the old version becomes the new Free Build.  This build will always include the most recent content and features.

Cheat Build:  The Cheat Build of the game is mostly the same as the Patreon Build.  The difference is that in the Settings area of the sidebar will be a Cheat Menu that will allow you to adjust many of the stats in the game, including Relationship Values, Skills, Money, and much more!


Please Note:

Look at which version of the game you are trying to download.  The latest build number is Patreon only and will only allow you access if you are a paying patron.  The older link is free however and is only a single build behind the Patreon version of the game.



If the project interests you, please click "Like This Game" as a way of showing your support and interest.  And should you feel so inclined, feel free to check out my Patron page as well.


After the passing of your estranged Great Uncle, you're surprised to find yourself listed as the sole heir to his estate.  With all the legal unpleasantness out of the way, you're now on your way to your new home.


Not sure what to expect when you arrive, you dont know if you're going to sell the mansion or live there, but once you step inside your entire world changes when you are suddenly faced with the fact that you now own two slave girls.


What do you do with them?  Do you follow in your Great Uncle's footsteps and use them for your own pleasure?  Do you treat them like servants?  Or do you nurture a relationship with them that just might blossom into something more, . . .

What's new in the latest Supporter Build?

* Wrote and added the first of Rey's bedroom sex content.  Includes one intro, two oral sex starts, five core scenes, two facials, and two oral cumshots.  More will be coming in future updates.  1.7k words of content.
* Wrote and added a new Doggystyle sex scene for Anna.  Requires that she be 12 weeks pregnant or more.  .1k words of content.
* Wrote and added a new Missionary sex scene for Anna.  Requires that she be 12 weeks pregnant or more.  .1k words of content.
* Wrote and added a new sex scene that can appear in either Doggystyle OR Missionary sex for Anna.  Requires 12 weeks pregnant of more.  .1k words of content.
* Wrote and added the drinking function for Misaki into the game.  4.1k words of content in total.
* Wrote and added one Intro scene for Misaki's drinking content.
* Wrote and added two Start scenes for Misaki's drinking content.
* Wrote and added five Drinking scenes for Misaki's drinking content.
* Wrote and added two Reject scenes for Misaki's drinking content
* Wrote and added four Stop Drinking scenes for Misaki's drinking content.
* Wrote and added two Tucked Into Bed scenes for Misaki's drinking content.
* Wrote and added two Laid on Couch scenes for Misaki's drinking content.
* Wrote and added sixteen new "Business Advertisements" ads to the computer.  .5k words of content.
* Wrote and added three new "Personals" ads to the computer.  .2k words of content.
* Wrote and added two new "Help Wanted" ads to the computer.  .1k words of content.
* Wrote and added six new "Other Ads" ads to the computer.  .2k words of content.
* Wrote and added four new Apple scenes for Gaia.  There was a gap in her scenes, and this should close it so that no matter your relationship stats with her, there's a chance she'll appear.  2.5k words of content.
* Wrote and added a new location into the game named the Pendleton Arms on East Street in Pendleton.  .6k words of content spanning the location and six ambient scenes for it.
* Wrote and added seven small scenes for Willy at the Love Shack.  You can now talk with him.  .7k words of content.
* Added a new scene for Mitsuko that can play out most anywhere inside the mansion if Maki is visiting and Maki won the fight previously.  Mitsuko and Maki Fun Scene 1.  .8k words of content submitted by Irish Major Tom.
* Added a new scene for Mitsuko and Maki that can play out outside of Maki's guest room in the mansion if Maki is visiting and she won the fight previously.  Mitsuko and Maki Fun Scene 2.  2.2k words of content submitted by Irish Major Tom.
* Added a new scene for Rey at the boathouse.  Submitted Rey Grounds 6.  2.1k words of content submitted by Sir Laz.
* Added the ability to view Misaki's stats and summon her to locations.
* Added the ability to view Rey's stats and summon him to locations.
* Added two new images for "Gaia Submission 1" for the late night scene in the woods.
* Added nine new images to Daddy's Diner in East Street in Pendleton.
* Added three new images to Sharky's Billiards and Bowling on East Street in Pendleton.
* Added Pregnancy Cheats to the Cheat Menu.  You may now adjust pregnancy speed to 10x, 5x, 2x, Normal, .5x, or Paused.  That means instead of a 40 week pregnancy, you can actually speed it up to as little as 4 weeks, or slow it down so they forever remain pregnant at the state you pause the pregnancy at.
* Added a link to the Changelog in the sidebar since it seems a lot of people are not noticing it on the opening page of the game.
* Unbroke the oral sex option for Anna in the master bedroom.
* Unbroke some code related to Claire in the Drinking Donkey.
* Unbroke a ad on the computer that wasn't appearing before.
* Filled some gaps in Gaia's "Apple" content, there was a pretty big gap in a couple of places making it hard to trigger her content there at times.  This is in addition to the new scenes.
* Fixed a small mountain of minor spelling/grammar/continuity issues.  Largely thanks to Astra.
* Updated the Special Thanks area 8/01/19.  If you think you belong on this list but your name isn't there, please let me know so I can get it fixed.

What's new in the new public build?

*Wrote and Added the first of Anna's dating content.  Can trigger during the late afternoon in the hallways, ball room, or gym.  6.9k words of content.
* Wrote and Added a drinking function for Anna.  Can be found during the 8pm and 9pm hours in the evening at any relationship level.  Yes, you can get her drunk now.  9.8k words of content.
* In the background, the drinking function required a bunch of code.  What this means is that we also have the code to support drinking content for all other characters as well (Intoxication levels, hangovers, the long drawn out process of sobering back up, . . . )
* Wrote and Added one scene for Anna in the mansion bathrooms for when she realizes she missed her period. .2k words of content.
* Wrote and Added one scene to most of Anna's favorite rooms where she tells you she is pregnant.  2.6k words of content.
* Wrote and Added one pregnancy related scene at high relationship levels starting at the third trimester.  .7k words of content.
* Wrote and Added 20 small insert scenes related to pregnancy.  .7k words of content.
* Wrote and Added a poolside function into the game.  Can be accessed from the sidebar in the Pool location on the Mansion Grounds.  Five smallish scenes at this point, one of them associated with Anna being pregnant.. 1.5k words of content.
* Wrote and added 86 small scenes in the form of mini-scenes that appear within larger scenes at the pool.  5.9k words of content between them.  Written by LFN Park, Irish Major Tom, and myself.
* Added twenty two scenes in the form of mini-scenes that appear within larger scenes to the pool area. .9k words of content.
* Added eight small scenes related to Anna to the pool.  One of these is related to her pregnancy content.
* Added eight small scenes related to Eve to the pool.
* Added seven small scenes related to Gaia to the pool.
* Added six small scenes related to Misaki to the pool.
* Added four small scenes related to Rey to the pool.
* Added three small scenes related to Maki to the pool.
* Added three small scenes related to Bubbles to the pool.
* Added eleven small scenes related to Mitsuko to the pool.
* Added two small scenes related to Mitsuko and Eve to the pool.
* Added nine small scenes related to Claire to the pool.
* Added one small scene related to Anna and Misaki to the pool.
* Added one small scene related to Anna and Eve to the pool.
* Added one small scene related to Eve and Claire to the pool.
* Added one small scene related to Eve and Mitsuko to the pool.
* Added three small scenes related to Eve and Bubbles to the pool.
* Added two small scenes related to Eve and Maki to the pool.
* Added one small scene related to Maki and Mitsuko to the pool.
* Added two small scenes related to Mully to the pool.
* Added three small generic scenes to the pool.
*Wrote and Added a new location to the East side of Pendleton.  Daddy's Diner.  At present there are a total of 6 small scenes that can play out in this location.  .6k words of content.
* Added a new scene for Bubbles in the Ballroom during waking hours.  1.1k words of content submitted by LFN Park.
* Added a new scene for Bubbles and Mitsuko in the Ballroom in the afternoon/evening.  .7k words of content submitted by LFN Park.
* Added a new branch to Submitted Anna Scene 8.  .3k words of content submitted by LFN Park.
* Added a new sauna scene involving both Anna and Mitsuko.  Submitted Mitsuko and Anna Sauna Scene 1.  5.2k words of content submitted by Irish Major Tom.
* Added a new scene in the front yard for Rey.  1.9k words of content submitted by Ser Laz.
* Added a new scene in the stables for Rey.  1.5k words of content submitted by Ser Laz.
* Added a new scene for Anna to the study.  1.6k words of content submitted by evilgenius97.
* Added a new scene for Mitsuko to any room that can be mopped.  .5k words of content submitted by evilgenius97.
* Added the option to turn fertility on and off in Anna, Eve, and Mitsuko's character information under "Assignments"  Only Anna currently has pregnancy related content at the moment though.
* Unbroke all of Misaki's content.  Had forgotten to set a switch that was preventing her content from playing.
* Unbroke one of Rey's scenes at the pool.  Wasn't plugged in so it wasn't appearing.
* Major rebuild of the game's character code.
* Added pregnancy code.  This includes birthing that takes into account both parents' physical characteristics.  This code will also be adapted for healing, plant growth, weather, intoxication, . . . . anything that involves something that happens over time rather than being contained within a single scene or short set of scenes.
* Updated the Special Thanks area 7/03/19.  If you think you belong on this list but your name isn't there, please let me know so I can get it fixed.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Eschation

Version reviewed: A30 Cheat Build on 07/06/2019

Version A28

It takes a long time to build up stats with the girls, which might make perfect sense within the context, but in practice it's pretty boring.

In addition, you're building up those stats via random events. Some of those random events make no sense when they repeat, or follow other events.

The one that comes to mind is Misaki(sp?). She repeatedly drops a photo that you repeatedly give back to her. This photo is super important to her, so why is she dropping it everywhere? Once was believable. Dozens of times is not.

The contents of the photo are also a mystery... that you can solve any time you pick it up, but continue to be treated as a mystery in both that event and another one. Also, when you look at the photo, there's no "return photo to Misaki" stage. 1. Why? and 2. Somehow, she has it again later. Speaking of which, your options literally are: look at photo or return photo to Misaki. Here's an idea... why not both?



Previous reviewer states there's no TF content posted after the most recent version release. Changelog states there is in the most recent version release.

I'm inclined to think the changelog is correct and the previous reviewer is going off of previous versions.

I still can't find any TF.

Previous reviewer does have a very valid point though. This game was here for a long time without any TF content.

It was also on HypnopicsCollective without the content they require.

That's pretty messed up.

Review by Uhhnonymoose

Version reviewed: A28 CHEAT Build on 05/11/2019

To the developer, while I agree that yes you have been adding to this game like crazy, you've been adding what is arguably vanilla content that you could get from a regular dating sim. I like to think that this is what people are referencing in their past reviews. There's no actual transformation content in this game yet. Which is unfortunate seeing what site it's hosted on. There also seems to be a lack of mc, corruption, or anything that would set this apart from a regular dating sim. Not saying the devs haven't been working their asses off. I just feel like this game shouldn't be on this site yet.

Review by GateKeeper

Version reviewed: A24 CHEAT Build on 01/22/2019



I felt the need to comment since a couple of the reviews have said something that I don't entirely agree with recently.

It's been mentioned that there isn't a lot to do within the setting and that the game has content down one path but not others.


The first is untrue.  The game currently has more than 100 interactive scenes and probably +500 scenes in total within the game, and is growing rapidly.  For example, I received three submission scenes, wrote six small scenes, and write a little ofer half of a larger scene just yesterday.  The game is growing in leaps and bounds.   Recently I even removed some of the conditions for scenes to make them easier to find until our coding help can get a proper movement function into the game.  As of the last time I checked, the game totaled over 700,000 words of content, so contrary to what the previous couple of reviews said, there IS a ton of content to explore.

The second is subject to opinion and interpretation.  Up to this point in development, I've been focusing largely upon the "Nice" path for both girls, with just a little bit of content for the other paths.  This is because I want to make the game playable, make it so that people feel as if there is something to do down the path they are playing.  Just a couple of builds back, I started to add some of the darker content and am beginning to ease into some of that content.  A game doesn't write itself over night, these things take time.  You can look at any game of size on this site, production does not happen in days or weeks, it happens in terms of years.


And for the naysayers.  When I began Wanton Cove, I received countless messages saying "It can't be done"  "It's not everything you said it would be" "It's too ambitious,"  And other things.  Even toward the middle of development I had quite a few messages coming in that said "It will never be completed."  "It's too ambitious" "Just like every other game with promise, it will eventually be abandoned"  and the like.  Yet in spite of that, it's a complete game, I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish within the setting, and it is among the most popular games on the site. 

Have a little faith, and if the game isn't growing fast enough for your tastes, then consider offering a bit of help.  We're looking for people to help with the wiki, people to help with coding, and written content submisions are always welcome.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, . . .  now I need to get back to working on the game!





@ thepizzazz

A mistake on my end.  The "Free" version should now rout you to a free build of the game.  Sorry about the confusion.






It just seems to me that its unessessary and redundant on the grounds that the game is clearly marked as Patreon with a Support link.  I've always viewed the tag cloud as a way of expressing the kinds of content presented within the game rather than commentary about the format, presentation, or commentary.

All of that said, you are right in saying that its probably not a big deal when one stops to look at it objectively.  With some of the other tags that have been attached to my projects in the past, I find myself somewhat irriated at times when people post tags that are not relevant to the content in the game, and I apologize for calling you out about it the way I did.   That should teach me to post late at night when I'm tired and lack my better judgement.






Was it really necessary to tag the game with "Patreon Advertisement"? (Yes, I can see who tagged the game with what, as can anyone else who mouses over the tags.)  I make no secret of the fact that I'm making use of Patreon both to pay for art that goes into this (And my other) game and to pay my bills so that I can continue to work on my projects full time instead of having to work a regular job.  The synopsis of the game right here in the database entry clearly indicates that this is a Patreon early access project, with the public gaining an update as new ones are released to Patrons.  I even go to the trouble of detailing what people can expect from each version and what various pledge levels cost in order to gain early access and other perks.  Tagging the game as you did seems a bit, . . . . redundant, . . . .



Thank you for the kind words, and I'm overjoyed to hear that you found the intro so moving.  I hope that you enjoy the new content as it becomes available.  The A1 build includes 4 interactive scenes with more in the works!  Expect to see the game grow significantly in the next few builds as the content I've been writing over the last year gets added to the game!



Yes, the game still needs a little bit of balancing as this is the first build to include interactive content outside of the intro.  Hope that you enjoyed playing the game so far!



Movement Test Build:

@Mugen Kagemaru

I've chosen to interpret it as "Game has piqued my interest.  I feel inspired!" (Peeks at their profile a second time to see if there's any new release.)


Seriously though, I'm really excited about this project.  So far the public response has been better, and more enthusiastic than I've seen for Wanton Cove in the past.  I can hardly wait until the last few mechanical issues get sorted and it can enter active development!




Going to be honest here.  I find your post cryptic and am still trying to make sense of it.



Concept 2 Build:



Any chance you can point out some specifics where you think the protagonist isn't consistant?  I'd like to take a look at anything that seems out of place in an effort to improve the work.

I'm all for a bit of criticism, but without some context and feedback associated with it, its really difficult to make use of it.

Review by raska42

Version reviewed: A22 CHEAT Patreon on 11/25/2018

Review is for A21 free

I like what they claim the game is, unfortunately that isn't the game they've been making. Like many games that split paths early on (and retain the split), the writer seems to be having issues with making content for all paths ( 4 paths: nice to both, mean to both, and both styles of nice to one, mean to the other). The game also suffers from a psudo-sandbox style setup, leaving you in a large mansion (aprox 30-40 areas), most of which have little to no content (5 or so rooms with what i'd consider beta levels of content, the rest have 0-3ish scenes, many of which have very specific path/time of day conditions). If you want to do anything really, you need to go onto the authors patreon, and sort through all the releases to see whats been added and try to figure out how to trigger the conditions for said event based off whats written (most conditions are fairly specific, and some occur in areas that the game outright tells you are not used e.g. pool scenes). To make matters worse, the author is either very hesitant to come across as someone who enjoys fictional accounts of slavery, or is outright uncomfortable with the concepts of slavery and bdsm (most content being geared towards being nice). The review prior to mine comments about this as well.

Transformations: There's a non-functional lab that hints at the future addition of some TF options and a few references to growth stunting in the past, but after 2 years of updates, it appears to still have no transformation. It's possible that there is a scene containing something hidden somewhere, but it's not a theme of the game by any means. It might be possible to argue corruption given how vague the term is, but the closest I can find to that is falling in love, which doesn't exactly fit my definition of corruption.

All in all, the game has potential if you believe the claims and ignore what they've actually been doing. It's possible that will change in the future, but they're essentially trying to make 4 games with the same framework (scenes work for 1 -2 paths depending on how any girls they involve, they rarely/never seem to make a scene and do variants for all paths). If you follow along and replay the game every release for a few new scenes you can probably get to know most of old content, then go for the new content based on the changelogs as new releases happen, but ultimately most people will get sick of grinding the same events repeatedly. As it is, I can't recommend this, it's basically a barebones dating sim with minimal erotic content, not anything they claim it is.

Review by Khorothis

Version reviewed: A21 Patreon CHEAT on 10/27/2018

I feel like the poster just before me told everything from a professional, in-depth perspective, so I'm going to say a few things from the perspective of someone who invested ~45 minutes into the game. I want to be clear: I'm not writing this to be an ass, I'm writing this to try and help this game improve.

By the time I reached the "How to play" part, I was pretty sure that I'd have my work cut out for me to fix the two girls, so when I saw the books in the master bedroom, I jumped right in to dig up some info, though beforehand as I explored the interface, I bumped into the page giving links about IRL slavery, which I should have recognised for the red flag it was.

See, there are books and notebooks spread out across the fuckhuge mansion (using a map for each floor to move around would make things incredibly easy but I'm not a dev so it might not be possible), and the more you read (which was the bulk of what I was doing), the more you find yourself in having to delve into the memories of your sick fuck Uncle Dave. This is where, I believe, a major miscommunication and misunderstanding makes everyone's life unnecessarily difficult.

From the writer's perspective, which I'm only guessing at, they wanted to create a story that is not afraid of going deep into the psychology of slavery, or any particular detail of it. From what I've seen, they're doing a great job with that, for which they deserve credit.

From the player's perspective, there are two possible routes: either be nice, or be Uncle Dave 2.0. There is obviously no "both" option, since they are mutually exclusive.

From what the game tells you, most of the content is about being nice to them. I found it silly considering the stuff I read through, which is by the way necessary because this is a "sandbox" game, which in practice means you're in a barn full of hay looking for nails, just like in this game. Going in, you have no idea what's gonna be important or not, so you have to go through everything just in case. Strive for Power is a sandbox game done right: there's a story, sure, but you really just do whatever you want. Here, there is a clear roleplaying situation with very clear story elements that function as the bread and butter of the content, which pushes it toward an RPG and away from a sandbox game. I admit to have only scraped the surface of the content but I think that with such rich story, you really should stop calling this a sandbox game and just roll with having a two-route visual novel. I could easily be wrong though.

I'm sure you can tell what the problem is by now: if I want to be nice with the girls, I don't want to get dragged into the shitfest of hardcore slavery; if I want to use and abuse them, then I don't give two shits about how wrong it is. This is where the player and the writer reach an impasse: the player wants a slice of the cake, the writer only gives whole cakes.

Since this game has a Patreon, I'm guessing the makers want this to be financially successful, so here's what my nitpicking ass would recommend: if you need lab notes about lab stuff, use an impassionate lab assisstant's character (it fits the dehumanisation of slavery perfectly); if you want to get into how the personal relationships went in the mansions, use diaries left behind by previous slaves (which creates a lot of storytelling opportunities as well); when you have to delve into the Uncle's PoV, then keep two sets: one that is must-have information for both routes, and a second one for the torment route that only shows up if you go down that path. One way or another, you have to drop trying to tell people that slavery is bad: those who care already know, and those who don't care certainly won't be swayed without a first-hand experience on the other end of the leash.

Personally, I think that the writer has a very clear idea about the story but said story can't really bloom in a sandbox environment; I don't think you'd want (or should) drop the story, but I do think that if you should drop the sandbox, and set things up in chapters or stages (Harem should be a great example), and create content accordingly. This is more of a project management thing than game development but I think it would be a valuable perspective that could benefit both the team and the game.

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