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Concubine: A Gamebook For Adults, by Logan Scodini


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You have been captured by Dominions’ forces during a reconnaissance mission, and find yourself a prisoner in a Castillian jail. However, your captor intends to forcefully train you into an obedient servant, in order to present you as a gift to the Court.

Will you end up as a Concubine in the Royal Harem, or will you manage to avoid your fate?



  • A Gamebook RPG filled with erotic content, set in a Fantasy World inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The story is tailored by your choices: face a variety of events as your captor attempts to coerce you into willing submission.
  • A thrilling tale featuring sexuality, danger, and plot twists.
  • Play as a Man or a Woman.

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Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: 1.01 Final on 11/10/2018

What utter garbage. This is not a a GAME, it is a STORY ... and a poorly conceptualized and written one, at that. Every attempt at resistance is doomed to failure. Just look at the very FIRST challenge: you can either cooperate, cook for your captor, eat, be drugged, and end up EFFING STERILIZED, or you can resist for ONE DAY before hunger "forces" you to cook, eat, be drugged & etc. What utter nonsense. People have starved themselves TO DEATH in defense of their beliefs and freedom, but the oh-so-defiant MC can't go two days without stuffing his/her face? What utter nonsense.

The game is full of this kind ofrailroading, but what else could we possibly expect? The author is, after all, logan scodini. 


Review by Annacalamity

Version reviewed: 1.01 Final on 10/16/2018

This is a well written interactive novel. If you are into submissive fantasies this is a nice story, and the sex and domination is pretty hot. It focuses on telling the story and the story as told is pretty good as far as im concerned. Choices are different than typical gaming choices, you get to shape your experiences rather than influence the world and events, while still being able to make character choices that makes sense for the setting of the game.


I have to say that i disagree with most of these reviews. Roleplay is about taking on a role and reacting to the world and events around you. There is no requirement to be able to weave your own fate for it to be a RPG. That is the domain of the storyteller, not the player.  An rpg can certainly allow that, but taking on the role of a specific person in a specific circumstance is roleplay just as much as a more open wold or sandbox experience.


Choices are all well and good, but they should enhance the story. Not detract from, or derail it.

And you get a lot of choices in this game. You can chose the gender of most major characters, and while there isnt a ton of ways to roleplay different personalitites you get to chose wether you will submit or try to remain defiant. Obidience can lead to certain choices being locked in a chain of events but i would call that character development and not railroading. This doesnt lock out future choices either, but if you chose to be obedient in a certain chain of events and expect to be able to suddenly resist that  makes choices have no consequences. Your character can undergo certain involentary transformations, but you as a player get to chose and shape them, or let your character remain as they are.
The only choice i feel is missing from this story is wether or not to be  romantically involved with your captor. Out of all the things you get to influence, this one is kind of shoehorned in there along with submissiveness. Then again maybe i just picked a few wrong choices along the way.


This is a story about slavery, hopelessness, emotial manipulation and sexual grooming. Resistance is supposed to be futile and hard to maintain.

If you want a story about epic heroics and controlling your circumstances this simply isnt a story for you. A negative review should be given to something that is bad at what its supposed to be, not because you reject the reality of what it is. The description and the tags are not vague, they say exactly what this is. To complain about not having an abundance of control and choice in a story about slavery is like going to a strip club just to sit alone, moping at a table all night while complaining that "These chicks only care about my money". Yeah thats kinda what this is, you know? Its the purpose of this thing.


Review by arocker124

Version reviewed: 1.01 Final on 08/30/2018

All in all, the writing and mechanics of the game are rather good, but JFC!

This is NOT an rpg gamebook. This is a railroading convention. Every decision you make forces you into submission and stockholm syndrome. The entire point of an RPG is that you can make your own character decisions, but there is no difference between being resistant and submissive in this game after about three interactions with someone. This is the porn equivalent of advertising chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and only serving vanilla.


Overall: 2/5

Nice mechanics and writing

Not an actual game

Might be fun if you're into willing (to the point of pathetic) submission


Review by MeBeBimbo2

Version reviewed: 1.01 Final on 04/28/2018

I'm happy I don't pay much attention to reviews here.  This is one of my favorite games / visual novels availble on the site.  Recommended.  I particularly am very fond of the equestrian portion of the story.  Highly recommended and I'd love to see a sequel.

chastity sublime

Review by Xivitai

Version reviewed: 1.01 Final on 04/28/2018

Utterly boring. Watching as player character degenerates in a worthless pawn pushed around by literaly every piece of scum (which is 95% population of this story). Even good writing does not save story from this. Main character (i will refer as it afterwards - because it's not a person, but a walking piece of furniture) is despicable - utter wimp that can't resist anyone even after it's magic is unlocked. Seriously, why the hell it does this crap - falls in love with person who wants to turn it into some rich bitch's whore, stays with this character when there's good possibility to escape, even after it return it's magic it stays with them, without any attempt to escape. This furniture does the same crap even after it's friends abandon it to being a royal's whore. Sorry but Logan Scodini but you wrote a story about worthless excuse for human being that should've been put out of it's misery a long time ago.

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