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Version: V1.0

Fking Valentine's Day

You take on the Role of Jesse, an 18 year old trapped in a School in a crazy town with a strange tradition.

Every move has the possibility to be transformed into a smoking hot babe or impregnated (23 Endings, countless transformations), there are several items that can be found, each can be used to unlock one of the 7 Good Endings.

This has been spell checked, but does need to be edited at some passages are still a bit rough.

If you find an error or a bug please PM me, or put it in the Forums, the Review Section below is for Reviews.

This game is free but I do have a Patreon for those who enjoy my work and want to show appreciation with a $1 donation.

(final Note: If you played Version 0.1 - 0.9, the endings were all rewritten for version 1.0 they should be a lot better and more fluid, I've made some a lot sexier as well, so my point is, if you have played prior to final version and think you don' tneed to go through every ending, well if you want the edited endings with alot better stories, then replay everything.)

Hint: There are 4 items, all but one can be used as Male or Female for 6 Endings, 1 is only usuable as a Male.

Hint: There are 7, Good Endings and 23 other endings, of the 23 some can still be considered as Good Endings.

Hint: There are several hidden endings/passages requiring actions to be performed previously in that area, for instance in one area if you are transformed then return there and get an ending the story will reflect the transformation, referencing it directly.

Hint: There are areas stated at being locked by Voice/Optic/Thumbprint/Etc, they are not clues to future events, they are just saying your never gonna get into that room, however that doesn't mean that those authorised won't be able to use them and their contents against you.

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Review by Kasaix

Version reviewed: V1.0 on 05/31/2017

This game is quite good. Random without being punishing. I like ending 7 Rich White Female, or something to that effect, seems to be one of the best.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: V1.0 on 02/22/2017


I quite enjoyed it. The writing is solid and amusing, there are multiple paths to a good ending (transformed or not) and the random encounters aren't too punishing if you remember where you have been as well as use some common sense. Limited photos in this game, but the two that are there show your current transformed state so they're serviceable to the story. Interaction is high as the game "map" has many places you can go to and there can be a different thing that happens each time (random chance events), including the potential to find a needed item for your escape.

Yes, there are multiple immediate bad endings in this game but from my multiple playthroughs they seem to increase in chance of occurrence the longer into "the day" you are still at the school. I hit all of the bad endings (whether I was at the point of transformed or not) mostly through repeating going to where I had been before or by deliberately waiting at the central grounds until it was longer into the day and I was found by chance.


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