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Version: 0.0.2

Version: 0.0.1

Modest Mortise

So this is a game about a modest girl that can choose to either get corrupted or not. Not getting corrupted normally means you don't have to try as hard to get what you want, but, at first it is the opposite. The game is more of a race to the end in the lowest number of days. The issue is that the player has to not only deal with minor random factors, but, the game is far from complete and this is more of a skeleton.

So far, I have a bit of waitress done, but, even the existing scenes needs more text. The player character can get too horny and not be able to make choices, but, the game mostly is consentual. The player can try to speed things if they want by being a little more slutty, which can go bad. That's the idea at least. Warning. This game could die at any given moment, but, most likely won't.

I'v added a sample for a scene which isn't actually what the final draft will look like, but, just a kind of debug thing. The player may choose to change stats and see how the scene plays out if they want. This isn't actually going to be how the scenes play out. The issue of course is that I'v learned a lot more in twine to such an extent that even the debug update I just uploaded which doesn't have the skeleton update, isn't in the same format as what I have in mind.

There will be more options later to buy a car, buy a house, you might have to pay for the bus trip, walking might have a higher rate of random bad events, driving a car would have the least, and better housing as well. Prices for tiers of things the player will look something like this.






I will make ways to make passive income in the game that will stack up to make extremely high tier things possible. 5,000 dollar things may be the lowest, but, will still be good. I may add many things to unlock. The goal will obviously be to unlock things. Just some advise, these things may take a very long time to succeed at and the better content will be added in a future update. This will only be if I get enough attention.

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Review by redplauge

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 02/27/2017

i want to like this game, but v0.0.1 has very little to it and v0.0.2 is more of a senario debugger, where some but not all of the scenes are written. att i cannot say too much about the game as theres not much to comment about.

now to the op, you really really need to put in a thread on the forums. if for nothing else to mention what you are doing with each version, or a short change log.

Review by GateKeeper

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/18/2017

I really like this kind of game where you can go about your day's events and interact as things happen.


Some constructive criticism:

-PLEASE start yourself a thread in the forums for discussion.  It makes a good place for feedback and conversation about your project.

-Add at least a couple of events for everything in the game, even if they are just short placeholders like some of the other stuff you've already written.  Everything outside of the waitress job feels very empty, reaulting in blank screens most of the time. 

-For this kind of game, more is always good.  Make sure to get at least two events for every condition, then add another one or two from time to time as the game grows to help keep things fresh.


Your project has a lot of potential.  I'll be interested to see it grow and will be looking forward to playing it again when there is a bit more content.

Review by redle

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/17/2017

As others mentioned, there is a lot of empty content.  This is also the type of game with a lot of grind.  It's one thing to grind to reach content, but quite another to grind to eventually decide there's nothing implemented down this path.  Removing empty choices or noting them in some way is a must.

Also, the game often seems to have a mind of its own.  I selected take a walk in the park only for the game to tell me I go for a walk in the country.  Go to the library only to end up at the gym, etc, etc.

The game has an initial setup that could be quite fun to play, but help your players out so they reach your content.  I played long enough to see that the game certainly has potential.  Not really knowing where/how much content was there, I stopped after that.

One last thing I'll add is a suggestion to position your links first in the text on each page instead of last.  Yes, placing links last does encourage/increase reading of the rest of the content on a page.  That said, even once this game is fully fleshed out there will be a lot of repeat tasks/text.  When links show up at the end of content, their locations continually move (depending on the amount of text on the screen).  It's much faster/easier for a person the closer their click-target is to where their clicker (mouse, finger, whatever... depending on what device they are playing on) is currently pointing.  If links are all at the top there is minimal movement needed for each click to advance.  It's also possible to put the choices in a separate portion of the screen, be it at the bottom or whereever, and place the text in its own scrolling area, but that does add some complexity to the coding side.

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/17/2017

No story  no game engine placeholders with some rooms

Ok ok after 15 game day found some content its nowhere near demo phase.

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/16/2017

good concept.  A few recommendations. 

In activities please put in parathesises those which are supported one in the current version the program is for.On

Also as one goes through activities please have the place to click between activities the same place on the page until a special activity occurs.

On the waitress, it seems that after the waitress has undo a button the next thing might be to shorten her uniform's skirt.

The game needs a save button.





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