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The Retreat

You play as “Daniel” Mcmanson, a young college aged man who was invited to the “Young Leaders of Tomorrow” Retreat.  You accept and arrive with your friends and chaperone.  However, the retreat is actually an evil demonic plot to corrupt and mind control you (Surprise!)  and then send you back to corrupt others.  You must escape the Retreat as your morals are slowly ground down by the relentless corruption.

Tags for this game are,
F/M, M/M, F/F, F-Solo, M-Solo, FDom, MDom, BDSM, Corruption

This game is inspired by,
Rough Landing 1&2, Bodywerks, Tales of the Drunken Cowboy, and Corruption of Champions.  

 RAGS Version:

I'd like to thank Selectivepaperclip for putting together the .html file.

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Review by porknbeans

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 12/12/2018

I love this game! I like the writing style so much, ofc i prefer m/m contents indeed. And there's a lot. 

I didn't like the engine, exploring the game with RAGS interface was my only problem, would have appreciated some animation too, another engine limot... but i appreciate the concept and storytelling so much, this deserves 8/10 in my opinion!

Review by Midnight_Omni

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 09/19/2018

Great game, there needs to be more games with M/M content.

Review by mitori

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 09/04/2018

10/10 This is the only game on this site at this moment with good quality AND QUANTITY M/M STUFF. Frankly it's a TRULY bisexual game. And the best one I've come accross to this time that uses html. Deffinetly try it. And DON'T EAT ALL THE PICLES . 

Review by nyophant69

Version reviewed: .9 on 07/18/2018

i love this game but you need to add a walkthrough or something because i keep going back and forth between the same scenes and getting stuck alot.

Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: .9 on 07/17/2018

I have really been enjoying this game. It's clever, with lots of excellent transformation and Corrutption content. The dialogue is hilarious, too. Very extensive game with a lot of excellent visual content. Some of the puzzles are hard to figure out, but it has lots of replay value for those wanting to explore different sexualities, transformations and character development. Kudos.

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