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Version: v1.0

Reborn App

Reborn App is a Twine based game about a mysterious smartphone app called Reborn. This strange app allows the user to change and even control the appearence of themselves and those around them. Inspired by Student Transfer, Press Switch and one of my previous works. 

I'm looking for feedback and suggestions so feel free to drop them in the comments. 

Joe - The main character, a senior highschool student on the road to recovery after his parents divorce. 

Dave - Joe's best friend and wingman. 

Yumi - A girl who likes mobile games and knows a lot about smartphones.

Mei - A sporty girl who doesn't know when to back down.

To play just download and click the html file to launch in browser.

Full Story Walkthrough included in game.

Added Week 2 Version 1.0


Note - This is a sequel that takes place after the original.

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Review by cjchess

Version reviewed: v1.0 on 11/10/2018

This game is still being updated, its just that everything except the 1.0 version is patreon exclusive for now it seems. version 1.3.9 (the latest version) has a few text lines missing. but otherwise it is good.

Review by alicebunny

Version reviewed: v1.0 on 05/29/2018

love the game but cant find the imune flag that is listed as needed for  one of the paths in the walkthough

Review by LenioTG

Version reviewed: v1.0 on 02/27/2018

This game has good potential! I'd prefer to be able to download it. Another thing I don't like is that when I scroll down, I ofter go over the game portion.

There's not much content right now.

Review by Aelxer

Version reviewed: v1.0 on 02/01/2018

This doesn't work on iPad anymore since a few versions ago. If I use the play now link the right end of the text is cut off but the page is static so I can't even slide to see it. If I download it and run that version then the left side of the text is covered by the menu bar which cannot be hidden and, again, I cannot slide it to see what's cut off.


I did play it before whatever changes were made that made text being cut off and there were some passages (at least online) that would be cut off but vertically (the text would continue but I wasn't able to scroll down any further).


Besides technical problems, though, this was pretty engaging. Otherwise I wouldn't even have bothered writing this.

Review by faggyanna

Version reviewed: V0.8 on 01/28/2018

Wow, this might be one of the best games I've played on here.

I think the MSpaint style art is kinda charming, and there's SO MANY options and choices you can make!

Well done!

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