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August 2020
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Version: August 2020

Reborn App

Reborn App is a Visual Novel based game about a mysterious smartphone app called Reborn. This strange app allows the user to change and even control the appearence of themselves and those around them. Contains a lot of various themes, most of them NSFW so you've been warned.


Joe - The main character, a senior highschool student on the road to recovery after his parents divorce. 

Dave - Joe's best friend and wingman. 

Yumi - A girl who likes mobile games and knows a lot about smartphones.

Mei - A sporty girl who doesn't know when to back down.

And many more.

Download, unzip and fire up the Reborn App file.

The Twine version has now been retired and the project moved onto a visual novel formet.

The Newest Version has been named Reborn App - Refunded Edition.

The Old Version has been renamed to Reborn App Legacy.

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Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: August 2020 on 09/03/2020

This is a mainly text based html game which is being ported to a low tech visual novel engine. The strength is in the original writing which gave you options to pursue a big variety of tranformations (you might need a walkthrough to find specific stuff). The art isn't glossy but it does add something. It's quite a good amateur TF game as long as you don't expect it to feel professional.

Review by Aggressive Zone

Version reviewed: August 2020 on 09/03/2020

Sooo i like smut part of the story,

Tho to mine oppinion the start is a little dragged out.

But that just means the dev takes care in to the story he takes. Even tho im not super interested in to the entire background of the app its good that he pays attention to it.


I have to agree that the big ass textbox over the charracters pictures is a bit hindering. 

But he has so much text writen down that i get why he did it like this. But you can put it in smaller dialog boxes for sure.

Making it a actual CG story where when a charracter speaks put that specific line in 1 small text box with the names above them save alot of confusion!!!

Tho the colors do really help with knowing who says what.


For people that dont know basic controls of these kind of games you can actually remove the GUI with Spacebar so you can see the art!

Review by cjchess

Version reviewed: v1.0 on 11/10/2018

This game is still being updated, its just that everything except the 1.0 version is patreon exclusive for now it seems. version 1.3.9 (the latest version) has a few text lines missing. but otherwise it is good.

Review by alicebunny

Version reviewed: v1.0 on 05/29/2018

love the game but cant find the imune flag that is listed as needed for  one of the paths in the walkthough

Review by LenioTG

Version reviewed: v1.0 on 02/27/2018

This game has good potential! I'd prefer to be able to download it. Another thing I don't like is that when I scroll down, I ofter go over the game portion.

There's not much content right now.

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