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Dance Dance Hypno

Download the Game (around 80Mb):

Windows x64: Download the Game for Windows x64

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Mac x64: Download the Game for Mac x64


Dance Dance Hypno

A simple DDR minigame with a Twist!

Dance Dance Hypno was designed to provide you with a personalized Training experience, of many kinds.



  • Select your music (or a training audio file if you wish so).
  • A Dynamic Avatar is available, which slowly feminizes as you make mistakes.
  • Custom Pictures Folders can be set, which will make images appear if you mix up.
  • 3 difficulty levels, to provide you with a challenge if you feel like it.

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Review by CutieFur

Version reviewed: 17.02.28 on 04/15/2018

I am not sure if you are continuing this or not.

If you are, i have some things that can help you.

For one the idea is fun but needs work.

Lets break it down into its components and analyze them one by one.

First the "DDR" aspect is very lacking as its simply Simon says rather then actually pressing buttons to the beat of music.

This is further compounded by the odd way you have to keep pushing buttons 2-5 seconds after the music ends, or in the case of some of the songs i put through it has a fade out and blank space for about 30 seconds, and yet more arrows came. You may not have the full capacity to make such a thing but i am sure you could find help on it. IT will be better for the immersion factor, which leads to my next point.

The "hypnosis", Hypnosis is all about putting oneself into a trance and calm state of mind so that it is ready to receive out side stimuli with low or no input from the effected. And is best done as repetitive subliminal’s and entrancing modus. Sadly what you have is closer to just being a distraction while you play the game, if i had done this i would have made the image flash on the screen for a second with some neuron exciting flashes of colour or even some subliminal message. And considering this is a feminizing program, go with that aspect. Not sure why you even have the Female avatar, it neither does anything nor do i think is really needed, as everything about this program screams Feminizing; the logo, the music, the colours the pretty graphics that fact that the "hypno pic" is surrounded by a pink glow. Its all feminine.
 The avatar in it self is pretty bad, maybe find an artist that can help?

Control, it is PARAMOUNT whether you are trying to arm wrestle a bear, influence a politicians mind through MK-Ultra or just playing a game. And this game well... Easy works, Normal is okay, Hard? Don't even attempt this game on hard it is not fast enough on receiving input so it will lag or just drop inputs altogether. You want to feel awesome striking those "notes in time and rapidly but this game chews inputs up pretty badly when there is too much action going on, if you are to fix ANY of what i am telling fix that first.

Thirdly the programming in this game seem a bit on the anemic side, almost like this was template. Nothing, in starting this is easy. For many it would be a bit too much work esspecialy for those who are not really tech savvy. I expected at least two things when starting this, that there would be a "default" List of Songs And a Default set of "feminizing" pics.  Now on to the next point your program has the damnedest time imputing custom pics, it has to be exact, to an absurd degree. It must be all JPEG's no PNG's no BMP's no PDN's hell not even .gifs work, and while you do state that in the readme all this info, its seems strange. The program is not able to detect the pictures if they are not specifically numbered, while at the same time gets caught up on 0's. In other words when you set your custom pics they must be 1,2,3.... ect. not 01,02,03, or 001 ect. I would have added a simple up loader instead of manually inputting the folder destination. The next part is your program is not able to auto-scale pics so if they are bigger then 750X750 they will bleed off screen, but i really don't want to do that as that ruins pictures man. Then there is the fact that selecting music is a bit of a chore as it requires you to browse through you entire music folder to select the song you want every time, you can not upload them to the program and scroll through it why not? There are no other songs except the one that plays if you have no music selected.

All in all i was able to work around these handicaps, that really shouldn't be there in the first place but the idea is there it just needs a lot of love and care put in the development, and maybe a few artists to really seal the deal.

Play it if you want, but sadly there is a lot of polish and care needed for this rough and tumble of a gem.

Look forward to this continued, if you do. Love Ya all ~CutieFur

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 17.02.28 on 03/03/2017

The game and its idea is not bad, but it has heavy balance isues and no suitable content.

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