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A demo/alpha for a game I've been planning to do for a while: a full society/country transformation!

For now most of the content is placeholder, and there's very few images/videos, I'm curating more to put in there but to find relevant videos with enough quality is hard.

I'm putting here in this state because its relevant to the contest and I don't want to miss the deadline, If I find some time I'll fill the holes, but for now this is my submission.

All feedback is welcome!

Discussion thread on the forums

Changelog: See discussion on the forums

The once beautiful and free country of Slutonia fell for a evil missionaries of a repressive religion, do you have what it takes to free your brothers and sisters again?

Just be aware that many actions unlock more options in other areas, be sure to look at all them to find new content!

Most "extreme" options only show up after using the more vanilla ones.

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Review by kaofa

Version reviewed: 0.4a on 03/14/2017

The idea is interesting, it's a different kind of TF/Corruption game where you try to corrupt a city, a kind of a simulation, but the execution isn't planned very well.

You start choosing one of the 4 classes that gives your character bonuses, but those are static, starting bonuses. X money, Y influence, Z suspicion. Since you can earn money and influence later and you'll need a huge ammount of any of them to do anything, your starting class makes little difference. I think it'd make more sense if a class made you earn 80% money or 120% influence instead to give the starting choice more weight. That, or remove the choice at all.

Another problem is how monorailed everything is. You spend your money and influence to start stuff like music festivals and internet memes. But you can only gain influence points by having congresspeople "in your pocket" or by finding pedophiles in the church. There is no return of investment, you don't gain influence by influencing the city. You create porn stars, legalize drugs, incentive sex in schools, but none of that makes you influent. All it does is make the city more perverted, which would let you get the good end of the game instead of the bad end.

Money is another problem. You can invest money to build things like gyms and porn studios that make money per day, but the ROI is so small it's meaningless. It takes $60K to build certain things, but the money you get from a porn studio is $1000 a day after you've removed the taxes for porn. So you'd need to build 60 porn studios, which would cost you $120K, to get $60K a day. Or you can spend $20K building porn studios to get $10K a day, then you just have to wait 6 days without spending a dime waiting to save enough money to pay for a thing that doesn't even do anything important to begin with.

So how do you get money? Right now, you spend just $500 to spy on congress. Sometimes that gains you $10000 at once. You very literally keep clicking the same button a hundred times to milk that congress out of their cash. As long as you don't fail it 20 times in a row, you make a profit. It's abusrd.

But the worst thing is most things won't cost money, but influence. Now you have to spy on the clergy, because it gives you influence per day. Something costs 1300 influence, sometimes you get +2 influence / day from the clergy. If you clicked the same button 300 times, you'd get 600 influence per day, and then you can buy that one thing that costs 1300 influence after 3 days. Of course there are other things that cost 800 influence, 600, 400, etc. So good luck.

By the end of game you are really just praying that you find more pedos in the church because pedos give +10 influence instead of +2.

My advice: rely less on grinding, points per day, profit per day, etc. and more on random events that happen once a day or once each two days. Have random events give you influence or money or unlock things automatically and have the events and their outcomes vary according to what things you've already unlocked in the city. It's very boring to the player if nothing happens and a chore to grind, but it's also extremely frustrating to see your actions have no effect when you have legalized prostitution but porn is still illegal somehow.

Personally, I have no problem with it being text-only. I'd have a problem if you started using real life videos / images when you unlock things, because real life isn't Slutonia and you'd certainly run into trouble when you try to do that with unlocking cocaine or slavery. Focus on breaking monotony. Say stuff like "you saw a slave on your way to congress today" or "you caught a clergy buying slaves" whatever. It also makes no sense to have a depraved city where you can blackmail someone from having a sex tape.

Bright idea, but needs some polishing.

Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 0.4a on 03/08/2017

Version 0.4a is not a bad start and I prefer to think of it as the beginning of a much larger and more interesting game.  I'll be checking updates as they come out, for sure.  

This is a game where you assume control of a small country mired in authoritarian religion and your job is to turn it into a more "depraved" country.  You accomplish this by accumulating wealth and influence and by getting the support of the political body.

There are a few elements missing.  The game would be better with more options on how to influence the political process (perhaps by donating to political campaigns?) and more ways to undermine the religious organization that is your opponent in the game.  For example, by getting agents within the church or by destroying church assets (tangible or otherwise).

In any case, I look forward to the next iteration. 

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.4a on 03/02/2017

Decent idea, though could use A LOT MORE background description & pictures (it becomes monotonous & grindy just clicking buttons constantly), Spelling & Grammar needs A LOT of work.  A bug i found with the actions that are supposed to give influence (like Spy on Clergy)- ye do it & it says +10 but it doesn't actually give it to ye... so how the heck are ye supposed to have enough for the larger requirements if ye can't even get any??

2/10 Rating for the idea of the game, but it's pretty much lacking in everything else.

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 0.3a on 03/02/2017

Interesting idea. Basic bare game system. The programer is unskilled, did not hear about debug or playtest before release. Not even 1 part that not broken.

Advice : try an easyer platform first

Review by Unicron9999

Version reviewed: 0.2a on 03/02/2017

Love the concept, really hope you keep going with it because the setting you've created has a whole lot of potential, that said there are a few issues as is. The blackmail congressman option doesn't actually give you any money, just claiming it does while legalizing plastic surgury actually crashes the game.

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