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Version: 0.0.3 beta

by Seke

Foxquest is a game wich is mostly about Bodypart Transformation, also known as FTP.

For these, who don't know this kink:

The general idea is, that the pred absorbs the prey, add it's mass to a specific part of their own body to improve it (bigger, less sagging boobs, a longer and thicker dick, a tighter pussy, etc)

But the prey isn't dying. It remains conscious and feels the part of it's predator's body that s/he had become, because it is now her/his new body.

The way I handle this, the prey can't do anything besides talk to the pred via a mental connection.


So, what is this game now like?

Foxquest has a big world and will have a nice, long story, wich is a WiP at the moment.

You can play it like a normal RPG. It has a story, places to explore, hidden things to discover and will get more enemies to fight.


But if you loose certain battles or do certain things, the Main Character will get turned into a part of another person's body. When this happens, it is kinda a game over, but you can lean back and enjoy a loong Cutscene and watch, what the Pred does with the main character's new form.

Until now, every transformation has one scene before you will be directed back to the title screen. But they will become bigger in later versions and I will add one scene per new Version Number (0.0.3 has Three transformations and 0.0.4 will have one more)


Besides that is the fact that Lyhra, the Main Character, is a Kitsune, who has the ability to transform into different Forms. She will do that in certain situations.

By now she has four:

Anthro Fox (main form in this Game)

Feral Fox (Her true form)

Human Form (To walk around undercover)

Demi Fox Form (The human form with Fox ears and tail)


The temporary titlescreen of the game

A part of the temporary intro

The room in wich the player starts after the intro


 A waterfall in the first Area

The main thing of the game~ If you do certain things...

...then the poor vixie...

... will meet a very sexy fate...

And endure it helplessy

And there are various preds who have various fates for our heroine~

Days look in this game like this

While nights look like this

In Item Shops, you can't just buy thing the normal way.

You also can buy things directly from the tables!

And of course they will disappear from the table then ;)

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Review by AACMIV

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 alpha on 03/16/2018

This is game is good and all, however I am still waiting for a sort of update with some new content. It is good so far for a sort of demo, but I am wondering if there is a sort of absorbation spell thing that you could get at some part of the game? This shows a lot of promise, but I would hate it if Foxquest goes vapor because of the creator's lack of time and motivation. Seke, if you were to at least update the game every now and then (Like new areas and tfs) I would be happy to support you. You can do this Seke, never give up!

Review by Shayoko

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 alpha on 12/20/2017

good mapping and unique plot. has potential. grammar needs improvement.

only content availible in the current version was the first toen after leaving the forest.

Review by matioux

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 alpha on 09/24/2017

It's a very good game. I can't wait to have a new version with the other village.

It is normal that i can't find the "absorption spell"?

Review by TwistedChaotic

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 beta on 03/07/2017

This is an interesting game. I'm curious to see how this game develops. During the first fight, I was really hoping my character had access to the magic ability to be able to absorb the enemy into me. I hope that is a plan for the game! If so that farm to the southeast will be much, much more interesting to me.

Mechanically, the game seems to be working well. My only concern at this time is combat. Not sure if it's intended, but in the 1 fight I was able to have, the enemy's attack power was way overpowered. I was easily 2 shot if I didn't drink potions every other turn.

Review by Seke

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 beta on 03/03/2017

Thank you for these tips ^^

Imust have copied the wrong link by accident (I had several tabs open in my browser) I fixed the link. Now it leads directly to the discussion threat of the game and not to the "in development" section, where the thread is.


I will add a description of the game later. I was pretty tired as I posted the game here and now I have to prepare for work.

But I planned to fill this description of my game out more~



By the way:

Could anyone tell me please what the meanings of the letters in "Rated" are?

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