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Version: 0.0.11

World of Porn

World of Porn is a realtime Managment Sim with RPG Elements, where you can build up your own erotic empire.

This is only a a proof of concept version, with minimal placeholder grafics and basic functionality (playable in 16:9 only, only 1 safegame and you have to quit with "Alt" + "F4"), which is explained in the Walkthrough. English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse if some things may be confusing^^ I`m uploading the game in this stage, cause i want some feedback on some ideas i`m posting in the forums and maybe find some help with writing and grafics. :-) The game is done in Unity, but only uses 2D grafics, i`m aiming for a anime look.

You can manage a brothel, a stripclub and other establisments, hire girls and boys and send them to the streets, your establishments or keep them in your house for your entertainment, later in the game you can make fotosets and movies and sell them or publish on your own. Be the star in your own movies or the regiseur or just sit back and order peole around. You can build up your own porn empire or become the worlds best gigolo, or both.

I took inspiration from games like "Wet - The sexy Empire", "Sweet State" and "Free Citys", which can be found on this site.

Actual Features:

  • managable Brothel with interactable whores
  • 3 social places where you can meet new person to hire or fuck
  • character development over time or based on actions
  • basic game functionality like dialogs, time control, loading and saving

Planed Features:

  • Upgradeable Brothel, so more whores can be hired. Also useable cellar for sauna or other "uses".
  • useable street walkers patch
  • buy- and upgradeable stripclub
  • buy- and upgradeable foto studio
  • buy- and upgradeable magazine, so you can publish fotos and other things
  • buy- and upgradeable film studio, so you can make your own professional porn
  • more citys around the globe, with different favors in theyr porns
  • buy- and upgradeable mansion, so you can life your own perveted dreams, trow partys and enslave your employes
  • more managment features like insurances and bank credits
  • more possibilities to "enhance" your employes like operations and implants, tatoos and a beauty saloon
  • random events
  • customizable player
  • pregnancy and std
  • drugs
  • buy- and upgradeable factory for your own sextoys
  • portraits for every person
  • quests
  • limits and progression (you will have to pay for a lot of services (entry fee for casino) or be famous enough or it justs needs to be the right year)
  • scince and development, invent new toys and ways to make customers happy
  • your own bang bus and "casting studio"

Maybe Features that may come later or not:

  • full body portraits
  • animated sex scenes
  • hostile pimps
  • hostile film studios and magazines
  • awards and awards shows (avn award)
  • crime and corruption
  • droids (modable to make futas and other things)
  • partys where you can meet new people or take care of relationships

You just finished school, took your last money, bought a ticket to the big city, rent a small flat and there you are with all the oportunities lying before you.
Meet girls or boys in bars and clubs and offer yourself.
Buy a brothel and other establishments, hire girls/boys and start your erotic empire.

At the moment only the Brothel works and you can meet girls in the bar, the disco and the casino.

Also you can upgrade some abilitys in your flat.

The Notebook can be used to hire and fire personal or just call them to have a "good time". There are only Texts for Blowjobs in the Brothel and the upper dialog path.

All Actions cost no money at the moment, but require time.



When you enter the brothel you have the options to talk to 4 whores and buy theyr services (only the blowjob option has text based on whores skillset), also you can talk to the madame and get a more detailed view of the options for your brothel. You can give aprodisiaks to your whores, so theyr sex drive will rise over time, you can give hormones, which have no function atm and you can allow the use of drugs at the workplace, which has no function atm too. What option is choosen and an information on what the customers demand and wanna pay more for is shown in the text in the upper left side of the screen. On the lower site of the menu there are two buttons, one to replace the actual madame and one to show her stats. The more experienced and intelligent a madam is, the better she can train your whores in the erotic arts. On the right side is a list with informations about your actual whores, what they cost, theyr income for you and theyr relation towards you. You have buttons to show theyr stats and to the replace them.

To fire or replace somenone, you need a employee without a job. Hiring and firing is done in the Notebook.

In the brothel screen you are also able to enter the rooms and upgrade them individually, atm all upgrades give a income bonus of 5% and cost $50 maintenance. The Boni are multiplying each other like Basevalue * 1.05 * 1.05 * 1.05, so the more Upgrades you have, the more they will influence your income.


Social Places (Bar, Disco, Casino)

All 3 Places are really equal at the moment, you can enter them and start talking to 2 girls and 2 boys. The girls in the bar are more ugly and lower skilled and easier to lay, the girls in the casino are ther opposite. Clicking on one options, opens the Dialog menu. Every day a new set of random partners is generated for the social places.

Dialog Menu

The Dialog menu can be opend from a social place or the Notebook. You will be shown a portrait of yourself and your partner, his relation towards you, and his answers are shown to you in the upper box. In the lower part of the screen you have many buttons to control the dialog. The highest is only shown, when your relation is high enough and allows you to engage in sex, but this button has no function atm. The first button you might see when engaging a new person is the "Offer yourself" button, which allows you to earn money by prostituting yourself. If your partner says yes or no is dependant on many factors, like your attractivness, your attributes, your partners sexdrive and favor towards your gender and your relation.
To raise your relation you can then use the 3 dialog options below, each based on different attributes and skills of yours, or you can buy a drink for your partner. The present button has no function atm. After some time your partner has to go only leaving you with the last two options. To simply leave your partner or note his number to your notebook so you can call him later or even hire him.

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