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Version: 1.1.1

Version: 1.1.0

Version: 1.0.0

My Life
by boss12


MY LIFE is more of visual novel than a game. It is story of Alex who gets into crossdressing and faces various consequences of his decision.

The aim is to make a diverse open world game with many consequences, inventory and stats etc. but due to lack of time and knowledge about coding I made it into a story format rather than a game format. Hope you like it. And if anyone is interested in  helping in development or taking over the game, PM me.

https://mega.nz/#!dAIyiBgK!xuXXKARZVgspHwJGIUY7LpSOTVTYOdvl5EyPWEBPrBs (Link to the first attempt of developing open world game.)


  • Made some changes in the story of first part
  • Added new photos and videos
  • Added new chapters

 Download link for the full game (V3):

Download link for the updated game (Requires V2):


Feedback are welcomed.

It would be really helpful if you could post the suggestions in the discussion thread so as to discuss the possibilities.

PS: Its my first time writing so kindly bear with errors and limited vocab.

Thanks for liking the concept. I wont be able to release further updates due to lack of time and content. I repeat, the story/concept is open to be taken over and continued. It would be amazing to have a more interactive story with diverse thought and writing. 

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Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 12/12/2017

There is no choice making in this game.  All you do is click on next and read.  I would not call this a "game" but a story with pictures.

Review by ftbd

Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 07/07/2017

It gonna be a very very beatiful story. Pretty straightforward but in pleasant way. Everything is so cute - thoughts, images, events and story line. Everybody will love this one piece of art!

Review by digdog2222

Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 06/24/2017

What I like about this is the story, along with the pictures/gifs. As a secret crossdresser myself, I found the story to be very relatable, especially with the way the thoughts of the player are described. In fact, this is probably the only game on this site so far that I have read word for word.

Now, what I don't like about this is that it is on a game site, and it is definitely not a game at all. The story is great, but that's all it is, a story. Also there are parts where the timeline of the story jumps ahead without warning and leaves the reader confused. For example, at the part where the player character is sucking on the dildo and finishes and cums in his panties, and on the next page it seems like he was caught sucking a dildo up until the sentence "If she had caught me blowing his boy or with cum on my face, I had no explanation for that." How did the character go from being caught right after sucking a dildo to almost being caught sucking an actual cock?

There are also a few parts where the grammer is not so great, but it is still bearable (unlike some games on this site).


Another thing that I dislike is that the last update was so long ago. I am really looking forward to another update to this game.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 04/23/2017


I am of a split opinion on this one.

On one hand, after going through the game I thought that I was just reading a story with one single interactive choice to make. The writing was okay, but the color coding of the text when they were written in solid paragraphs started to get a bit much and I found myself becoming disinterested in the story. It actually reached the point where I honestly hit the Eight Deadly Words of story telling: "I don't care what happens to these people."

There were just too few points of interaction.

Now on the other hand, the writing about the sexual exploits were alright and the psychological dilemma that went with it as the main character fell more into their personal fantasies and letting their sexual desires become a full-blown addiction was intriguing to read when I could fight past the color-coded text and understand the situation as I, the player/reader, am expected to (as I am to believe?). The images that have been included to go with those scenes do fit the story and draw the reader in. But they do overshadow it when combined with the previous comment that there were just too few points of interaction and choice, so the reader instead finds themselves speeding through the railroaded "page turning option" that they have to simply see what pornography is next.

When the main story is finished I would love it if the game designer went back and started creating branching story pathways from the obvious key moments of choice (e.g. medical test one, medical test two, family discovery one, family discovery two, friend discovery one, friend discovery two, etc... they are very obvious and look ready to go) to greatly enhance the game elements and choose-your-own adventure aspect of this HTML game.

Right now I can only cautiously recommend this as a story to read and not a game to play, with some pornography thrown in to keep you amused. But if you're seeking a game here this current release is not it.

I hope for so much more with this game. So as Blauz. has pointed out to me in the past, I'll head to the discussion thread for this game next following this review.


Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 04/16/2017

Review 2.0

The main attraction to many now is the porn pictures and gif.

In this context the story itself is pale and mostly does not come through. (the thing above oversadows it)

Color codeing is sometimes a mess the conversation is hard to folow. Suggestion: list the person with its color on the left.


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