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Version: .3.99.05

Version: .3.99.04

Version: .3.99.03

Version: .3.99.02

Version: .3.99.01

Version: .3.75.16

Version: .3.75.01

Version: .3.5.0

Version: .3.25

Monsters of the Forest

 .3.99.05: kitsune 1 f/m scene done, post sex scenes, worked on kitsune 0 nest approach. word count: 197,298

Formerly A TF Forest Adventure

You are an adventurer who was guarding a caravan. Then your party was captured by monster girls. You need to decide if you should rescue your friends or escape. As you pursue your goal you find yourself changing. How much are you willing to change to accomplish your goal?

The game focuses on transformation into a monster girl, you control the degree of transformation and how transformed you are influences how the story plays out.

This is my first twine game so I would appreciate feedback on how to make it better.

You play as an adventurer whose party has been captured. Your first meaningful choice is whether to try to escape or if you should attempt a desperate rescue.

You: I assume you know yourself; (the author apologizes but this games assumes you are a male)

Alonso: the leader of your group

Frederick: the thief

Anton: the mage

Cohen: a senior adventurer who watches over your group



Ant-girls: A mysterious silent people, they don't talk but you might be able to work with them.

Spider-girls: Fierce hunters, they will relentless hunt down anything that enters their domain.

The Kitsune: Motherly yet arrogant, she might help you but expect her to want something in return.

Hit the blue words

Also this game is mostly an interactive short story, so it's mostly reading as opposed to gameplay.

If the game is ever complete there will be five larger paths with deviation within them. Right now it only has one complete with work progressing on two more.


There are three paths:

Ant-girls: eat the mushrooms

Spider-girls: eat the rabbit

Kitsune: eat the riceballs


.3.99.05: kitsune 1 f/m scene done, post sex scenes, worked on kitsune 0 nest approach. word count: 197,298

.3.99.04: Kitsune 1 f/f scene done, worked on kitsune 1 sober and kitsune 0,

.3.99.03: Progress on kitsune 1, mostly with the kitsune scenes. Stay safe everyone!

.3.99.02: Progress on kitsune 1, Mostly added to the cohen bathhouse scenes

.3.99.01: Finished ant 3 status screen, got two kitsune 0 sex scenes dones

.3.75.16: Lots of progress on kitsune 0 bath house.

.3.5.0: finished ant 1 path,

3.25: finished ant 0 path and endings, finished bad ends, introduced all other planned paths, more polish than between russia and germany in 1938,

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by imercenary

Version reviewed: .3.75.15 on 12/31/2019

Neat but still early and falls into the common problem of uneven path writing. Most options put you on the ant path, which is fine since thats the most developed path. But because of the dead ends and false options, even when you play a second or third time, its hard to find the other paths.

Review by prismgoy

Version reviewed: .3.75.12 on 07/21/2019

Keeps getting better with each word count addition. I'm personally not all into Antgirls, but I'm eagerly awaiting the end of the Kitsune route. If *you* are into ants, that route is finished. Dunno why you'd be into a hivemind, but I won't judge.

Review by pifpafpouf

Version reviewed: .3.75.1 on 03/25/2019

"Let me tell you of the days of high adventure" This reference made my day. 10/10 game

Review by core_nxt

Version reviewed: .3.75.05 on 07/20/2018

Became an all antgirl party, was great, but i had to rechoose choices because there is no back button when you read up on the queen spider.

Review by Huntermun

Version reviewed: .3.75.03 on 04/05/2018

I'm sorry I've not gone through this game before... I rather enjoyed it.

The most negative thing I can say about it is that it really hurts when I reach an unfinished branch... and when you're biggest complaint about something is that you want more and there isn't any more, well... that's pretty good.

Otherwise, as a critique, I would say my biggest problem functionally is that there's not much game to this game.  By that, I mean that though your actions and alterations do change what happens later—and that is awesome, keep it up!—there should probably be more than there is.

For example, making it more clear what's in the character's inventory and then being put in situations where choices open up or fall away based upon what items you've used up or aquired.  The same could be true for any abilities that might "fool them once, but not twice" or something, given you a feeling of tactics upon when to finally use them.

As only the Ants appear to have endings, more variations in the endings would be nice... again, based on earlier choices as well as choices in that moment.  For example, going human, staying a woman, or remaining as is might have variations where you're given short options of what you'd try to do rather than just one split for each.  Maybe encourage your friends to change into monsters too, or stay as women?  Just a thought.

Additionally, it would be interesting if more of the monster types showed up in any one path of the story and give you unique interactions based upon what creature you're turning into an how much.  What I mean is, there's really only Ants and Spiders down that Ant path... and I didn't see either of those down the Kitsune stuff.

I'd love to request another canine to change into... perhaps a werewolf or a cerberus?  But that's just my personal tastes.  I already like the choices there seem'll be in here.

For the unfinished Ant chain where you're queen and save your friends, might I request an ending in which you treat your friends to a meal which makes them into ants as well.  Ant Adventurers!  Or, you know, have the option to abandon the friends once you are queen and get one of those insatiable sessions with the male and female ants?  Or make that part of the victory ending of that line?  Or with your friends who are also ants!

...for anyone wondering about my review, I said I rather enjoyed it.  I'll "play" again with more updates, to be sure... Bookmarked it.  I simply enjoyed what "little" was there—and I use that word loosely—that I badly want more.  Again, I think that's a good sign that the main negative I have about the story is that there's not more of it.

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