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Version: 0.8.31

Version: 0.8.30

Version: 0.8.22

Version: 0.8.16

Version: 0.8.11

Version: 0.7.50

Version: 0.7.10

Version: 0.7.06

Version: 0.6.62

Version: 0.6.60

Who Wanna Be a Bimbo?

Welcome to the awesomest game show on the air - Who Wanna Be a Bimbo? Will our contestants win a large amount of money or will they end up turned into busty bimbos? Let's find out!


A quiz game made to test possibilities of Dynamic Avatar Drawer.


- 65 transformations 
- 72 categories and over 3000 questions 
- 11 characters 
- 15 major branches of epilogues with multiple subbranches   





Version 0.8.1 (18/1/20)

  • Bugfixes


Version 0.8.30 (30/12/19)

  • High heels
  • Genital related transformations (penis shrinking, vagina, experimental shemales)
  • Transformations zoomed on detail
  • Age regression, Purple hair
  • Some branches of epilogues expanded
  • Rerolling of epilogues
  • 7 New categories of questions



You can adjust the probability of transformations or nearly all other things in Settings. 

All backers on Patreon get access to a version with cheatmenu and testing tools. 

Various bimbofication sequences could be played in a Sandbox without being bothered by the gameplay

You can play online, no need to download. 

Deepest gratitude for all reviews and feedback. 


Version 0.8.1 (18/1/20)

  • bugfixes


Version 0.8.30 (30/12/19)

  • High heels
  • Genital related transformations (penis shrinking, vagina, experimental shemales)
  • Transformations zoomed on detail
  • Age regression, Purple hair
  • Some branches of epilogues expanded
  • Rerolling of epilogues
  • 7 New categories of questions


Version 0.8.22 (28/9/19)

  • maps 
  • 9 new categories with them
  • many bugs and typos fixed


Version 0.8.16 (25/8/19)

  • new questions fetched from the Open Trivia Database 
  • new type of game - Bimbofication guaranteed 
  • new archetype Policewoman
  • Secretary expanded a little
  • several new experimental settings
  • six new categories of questions
  • many bugs fixed

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Tafuri

Version reviewed: 0.8.22 on 12/19/2019

Here I go.  New character.  New questions.  New transformations.

This game is well designed.  It's actually a game, and not slow-moving porn story.  You can actually get better at it and figure out strategies to victory.  Who Wanna Be a Bimbo (WWBB) is kind of a roguelike quiz show.  There's not 'permadeath' so to speak, but each time you play you start with a new avatar with a new look, name, and history.  During the game you get to make statements to the crowd which an have an impact on the ending you receive.  The transformations themselves have an impact on that ending.  All the while the transformations are inflicted on the avatar, which morphs while you watch.  The general rule is 'answer questions correctly to avoid being transformed'.  The questions are numerous, and the ability to choose categories lends a layer of strategy.

Of course, if we're playing these games we *want* to be transformed.  So the main game falls into the trap where winning the game loses the point.  The developer seems aware of this, though, and provides two other ways to play.  My favorite is 'Bimbofication Guaranteed' which circles much closer to what we're really looking for.  Correct answers don't prevent transformation in this mode, but instead give you a degree of control over what transformations are inflicted on you.  Suddenly 'winning' and 'losing' become two sides of the same coin, and to my surprise added a level of immersion.  I found myself genuinely creating characters with goals for their transformation and trying to meet those goals through the show.  One criticism, though, is that this mode removes the prize money round, which I think should stay in.  It is a work in progress, though, so maybe it'll make a re-appearance.

The graphics are simple, and sometimes a little ugly (just a little) but given the versatility of transformations they can support it's easy to forgive.  Some transformations have no visual component (Bisexuality, Submissiveness, and Mental drain are depicted by symbols) and some are needlessly subtle (male and female genitalia look alarmingly similar).  I would also like to see more interactions between the contestant and the host.  These interactions have an impact on the ending and lend the game a CYOA-lite feel that helps immersion.

Try this one out.  It's good, quick, fun.

Review by MagPie

Version reviewed: 0.8.11 on 06/16/2019

This is one of those games you don't think you'd ever play. However, you do. You repeat it and come back. You try and get the correct answers the first few times. Then, you try hard to NOT get them. The questions are really nice and informative IRL. The ability to completely customize the settings is what really makes this replayable. Quick, easy, and fun.

Review by Witoli

Version reviewed: 0.8.11 on 05/26/2019

A concise transformation focused game with imense replayability, that doesn't rely on real-porn gifs or stolen art.

+ Gameplay focus

+ Replayability

+ Entertaining transformations


The negatives are mostly due to the choice of development focus, and that is in a sense not negatives but rather the price you ned to pay to get something above the norm in the positive aspects.


A great game for what it sets out to be.

Review by CowTits

Version reviewed: 0.8.11 on 05/25/2019

Pretty good game. The only complaint is I seem to either have rounds filled with stuff I know nothing about or rounds where I know almost everything, leading to some very lopsided playthroughs. As there's no way for the game to know your knowledge base I guess I'm just very unlucky some playthroughs. Just kinda sucks.


The avatar engine is pretty neat and would like to see it support some more extreme proportions and maybe be implemented into a text adventure or something at some point. (Since it's said this game is kind of a beta test for it)

Review by Fallon

Version reviewed: 0.8.11 on 05/25/2019

This is a great game, only improved by the most recent update. There are a few typos here and there but there is allot of text! The only thing one might be able to add is an actual increase in difficulty as your mentally drained and/or distracted by other transformation. Still its a great game and lots of fun to watch yourself slowly become a giggling bimbo.

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