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by xax

HELL GAME is a web-based porn game, featuring m/m demon porn and transformation into a monster, or more generally pc/unspeakable otherworldly horrors with some dicklike appendages. There's a more detailed index of content on the game's site, here. You begin as a freshly-dead soul in hell, and you have to assemble yourself a body and set out to explore the strange new world you've found yourself in.

Current content is a small playable demo, featuring the basics of the body/transformation system and about a dozen branching encounters with different demons.


  • Nightmare encounter now has a sex scene
  • mine and library map areas have their generation tweaked so that it's actually possible to get inside them
  • new swamp thicket location
  • cave locations now have a tiny mini-dungeon inside them
  • new zombie variants (including shop) at skull locations
  • added some new minor variations for some monster types
  • misc. fixes and changes


  • new map code, with larger maps and improved graphics
  • added a lot of new, currently-filler encounters (alphabetically: amduscias, asakku, crystal golem, feral hellhound, humbaba, nature spirit, nightmare, paper rook, shadow, shadow mage, suited demon, tarpit demon, umu-demon, unicorn, will-o-wisp, zombie, zombie hierophant)
  • added a bunch of new locations too


  • expanded several sex scenes
  • better savegames
  • misc. bugfixes


  • added a new "crystal dragonoid" encounter
  • added a new variation for the flame demon encounter
  • added talk options for dryads
  • misc. bugfixes

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Ventrego

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 01/07/2018

The game already has some seriously woofy writing and an innovative body-customization system. Well worth playing through for the sex scenes with different creatures.

Review by SwedishDragon

Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 10/02/2017

I really like this one, M/M focus with beasts and fantasy creatures is always nice. I love the intensity in the sex scenes, like oral with the hellhound, and how it is described that the PC actually goes under their belly and legs are just two things with this game that really pushes all the right buttons for me!


I will keep a close watch on this one :)

Review by saradorie

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 06/19/2017

Not into m/m, but this game has an amazing body customization system, hope to see more of it.

Review by LiberachiUnveiled

Version reviewed: - on 04/02/2017

very well done so far. it isnt complete yet but its well on its way. never seen a transformation system quite like this and i really like it, hope to see more. 

well worth playing. sex scenes really hot and just a little over the top lol.

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: - on 04/02/2017

I got a laugh when I read some of the descriptions when "Creating" my character. It would help if you gave an Idea on what needs to be done. I stumbled quite a bit in the begining trying to figure out what to do.


Good game.

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