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Version: 0.901


You're a doctor taking a break in the mountains with your girlfriends

You come to your hotel and things rapidly go downhill from there

A demo of a game that went silent in 2015

A doctor investigates patient zero of a mind controlling, body changing, parasite outbreak. Only her first patients are her friends.

PC: Dr Melissa Abernathy

Emily: Receptionist

Kelsey: A guest

Sabrina: Security guard

Jennifer: Patient Zero

McKenzie: One of your friends

Some locations automatically increase Lust. Some items decrease Infection when used.

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Review by CreoErgoEst

Version reviewed: 0.901 on 05/07/2017

Author here.    Couple notes:  This was made for RAGS 3 and should be less wonky there.   The HTML fuckup is mostly on RAGS.

I appreciate the helpful reviews, I definitely cop to not being a great writer and being a worse photoshopper.  

Also, game shouldn't be password protected, for those who actually want to look at the code.


Feel free to PM me with any constructive/helpful feedback, I'd love some solid examples, particularly for the 'show don't tell' critique


Review by cgiAlexis

Version reviewed: 0.901 on 04/26/2017

This is a hot game from years ago that was dropped. At the time RAGS 3.0 beta had just been released so everyone was trying that on for size. Unfortunately the game is password locked so we can't redo it for older Rags versions.

It's a fairly simple game that has a demo-ish amount of content, it's got poor scenes and is obviously not finished, but the content is hot as is the concept. I have a feeling this maybe helped inspire a wave of squick-related content that followed shortly after.

Review by asdfgb

Version reviewed: 0.901 on 04/24/2017

Just FYI but the html encoding that other reviews are mentioning are due to running a game made in RAGS 3 in RAGS 2. It mostly works but leaves the text formatting stuffed up. 

Review by Perri

Version reviewed: 0.901 on 04/23/2017

What's here is solid. There are problems, but in terms of raw game infrastructure it's already far and beyond what most submissions have. There are currently 3 endings and two or three optional interactions. There's also a rather lengthy story embedded into the game, and 3 DVD's filled with porn vaguly relevant to the story.  Everything takes about 10-15 minutes to find in total. There's only two simple stats to manage, Arousal and Corruption, and the player profile updates accordingly as these  stats change, which is a nice touch. There's a short string of "Bring item X to location Y" encounters to complete the game, and from there you are able to achieve whichever ending you'd like. Every room has an appropriate image, as well as each character, so in that regard it's fleshed out. The basic Rags commands flow organically, so it's not like there are any obtuse actions you have to do, everything makes sense. I haven't found any glitches, except perhaps being able to taze a certain character repeatedly. Otherwise commands, and paths open and close when they should relative to the story. 

So let me clarify, no, the code is not a hot mess. The code is solid. What's a hot mess is the text formatting. I'm not sure what format RAGS uses, but all of the text is formated according to html, which isn't displaying properly in this game. 

The photoshoping isn't great, but it's not bad either. It's about on par with the older RAGS games found on this site and stuff from Hypno Collective. 

The descriptions could be more extensive, and do suffer from telling rather than showing. Generally speaking there's not much depth of content right now, but all in all it's a fun little game. If you have the free time it's worth the play. 

Here's to hoping this is fleshed out with more content in the future! 

(As usual there's some ungrateful git complaining about FREE games created by Hobby/Amatuer developers. Learn to offer constructive criticism, not just insults, especially when dealing with content that has potential.)

Review by Smut_Peddler

Version reviewed: 0.901 on 04/23/2017

Like the OP said, it's just a demo and it's for a game that died years ago. 0/10, completely pointless waste of time.

Edit: Unfortunately my curiousity got the better of me and I actually tried it. I'm revising my score to a -9/10. Creator is incompetent at Rags and HTML despite both being incredibly simple. I've seen more verbose pop-up books, and good god is the writing terribad. Show, don't tell motherfucker. Literally the first conversation you have with the first character you meet consists entirely of an exposition dump. This happens within seconds of starting. During the same conversation by far the worst Photoshop job in human history is inflicted on you. It was at that point I had to stop because it was making me depressed and embarassed. The only area where this game could possibly get worse is the English. 

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