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Version: 0.0.3

Version: 0.0.2

The Hidden Church

The Hidden Church is a standard non-linear RPG Maker TF game, examine objects to find new forms, use those forms to find new things, and save often so you dont get set too far back by a frequent game over.

This is a very early build, in fact it was only made and uploaded on a whim, though I do truly intend on finishing it given time.

0.0.3: The second build is up, and with it another Two endings and a new area!

Both the whole Plant sequence, second the whole Vampire sequence.

Some of the more major issues with the faces have been fixed, as well as some minor text fixes here and there.

Most of the Library is still not there, but there is 1 TF and the base for the area's puzzle with the stairs. Still to come are some more TF's to the area and dialouge for everything in it I.E. The books (Why did I put so many books It was an awful idea.) 

As can be expected I would love to be told about any issues you may have, bugs you can find, suggestions on what you'd like to see in the game and any tricks or tips you know about making a well working RPG Maker TF game!

Known Bugs:

  • Some inconsistent art with the FeMc
  • Possibly some minor bugs with the Maid TF

The List of content for the next update (0.0.4) is:

  • Finish the Girly Girl TF
  • Fail state for the library puzzle
  • Start work on the puzzle to unlock the dungeons, and the dungeons themselves.
  • Finish Library
  • Bug Fixes

And Long term plans (0.1.0):

  • Map the Library
  • Map the Dungeon

Please leave a review and tell me what you think, even negative feedback is better than no feedback at all.

And Don't forget to drop by the forum through the discussion link if you want to ask me question, or give me suggestions or tips, directly!

( Update: Sorry everyone, I slightly extended the length of the main hall and the Kitchen and forgot to change the coordinates back!

Hidden deep in the mountains is the hidden church of the Goddes Hos.

People have become frightend as followers and heretics of Hos alike have all begun vanishing without a trace.

Now the adventure "Hero" has journeyed to the hidden church, to seek answers.

But he does not know that Hos is the Goddess of change, nor does he know wait awaits him inside...


Hero The Hero: A young adventurer setting out to make a name for himself, he has no idea the power that lies within the church.

The Goddess Hos: The Goddess of change, she was fairly popular with the religious community, but with both her supporters, and her naysayers disapearing one after another, could there be a more sinister side to her?

The game is better explored blind, but I will include a small guide for those who want to cut straight to the meat of the game.

For the Naked Female MC TF

  1. Enter the church
  2. Enter the Kitchen to the Left
  3. Check the shelf with the potions on it along the top wall
  4. Drink the Pink one

For the Preistess TF

  1. Enter the Church
  2. Check the altar to the front
  3. Take the Pamphlet
  4. Go to your Key Items
  5. Select the Pamphlet
  6. Say "I will"
  7. (If this is done while already Female the sequence will change very very slightly.)

To get past the curtains

  1. Enter Church
  2. Enter Kitchen
  3. Check the fire place in the upper left
  4. Press the button
  5. You can now go past the curtains

To get the FeMc's clothes

  1. Follow steps for Naked
  2. Follow steps for Curtains
  3. Examine first box on the right.

To get the Dryad TF

  1. In Mc, FeMc or Naked FeMc smell the flower.

To get the Vampiress TF

  1. As FeMc drink the wine in the library.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: on 05/09/2017

glitches: can walk on some wall panals, esptially when you fall into dungion, using rose head ordiment after already girl has a femal form following you, and agreeing to the pamflet freezes game after short scean.

Review by wending10

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 05/09/2017


Maid stuck on wall, and when you become a girl, wear normal clothes, get out, you will also get stuck on wall 


In summary once enter kitchen, and intending to exit, you will get stuck on the wall


Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 05/09/2017

there are too many places where the character gets stuck. If you take the note from the altar and read it. You can't move.

You go to the kitchen on the upper side of the hall you, you get stuck.

If you exit the kitchen even on the lower squares you get stuck.



Review by Kei-chan

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 05/08/2017

Picking up a "maid uniform" dresses the protagonist in a school uniform, and afterwards every sentence has The Beginning Of Every Word Capitalized Like This.

Usually I don't even bother commenting on these 1-2 minute "alphas" that are constantly flooding the site, but come on.

Review by Dactylos

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 05/06/2017

After you drink the pink potion, if you try and read something on the bookshelf next to it, it crashes (or it does for me). Looks like it's to do with the graphic for the nude female face missing.


Error message is: Graphics/Faces/FeMcNaked

Otherwise promising so far.

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