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Lost Will

This is just a side project for learning Twine, but its open worlded so it can grow once ive gotten to the point that i consider it done enough, but once that happens, ill be working on building my older game Breakdown with it, but ill probly still update this one.


0.0.2 (2017-05-14) (The Tutorial Story Milestone)

- Finished the story base for the tutorial zone

- plenty of mechanic changes/fixs

- 1 job for tutorial bit (Not Balanced)

- 2 small placeholder events for random events

- 1 small placeholder event for the job

- 1 minor (Small) placeholder masturbation scene

- hunger/thirst system finalized (Might still need balancing, but i think my inital setup should work)

- Arousal System (Deals with 1/minor ticks)
- Start of the cleanliness stuff, not much there yet, but will be hooked in over the course of the next update

- Day/Night/Date System (Uses a non-realistic time basis, Major Ticks - minor ticks (atm 30 minor ticks = 1 major tick, every action uses 1 minor tick, some can take 1 major tick)

- Character Creation (Will be delt with in terms of character description/and in terms of interactiveness in sexual content, it MAY be worked into the story, alot of back and forth from people hating the idea and wanting the idea, but it was already somthing i was thinking about on terms of having it around in specific situations, like sex or npc interactions.

- Theres alot of other stuff but most of it is codebase, so not worth talking about in the long run.


Anyways, as content gets added in ill update the themes, atm i have Male/Female as a reference of what will be in it more then likly, but atm it only has story content, and the main story will not be based around Sexual content, the open world however will, and other story arcs from the main one, can and probly will at some point be based on sexual content as a main.


Currently in the alpha/demo:

- Start of the Story, which ill be adding too every day or 2 depending how much time it needs, least till its been finished to the Larger open world area

- The "Intro/Tutorialish" open world area, which will be opened again later on through story based content, but at the start will act as a way to see how certain aspects work, till your plunked into a harsher environment, this area has a small bit of content atm, to see what is to be expected, and as it is a alpha things are liable to change up till its at a point i consider it playable enough to be a beta.

- Some examples of side content, which once the story has reached the larger open world area i will be working on more.

- Majority of the player stats and so on have been setup, however as its still being worked on for story content, needs are not hooked up to be lethal, but it will be in a soon update once the story reaches a point, and majority of the stats have been finalized.

- Story wise the main arc that will be the first to be finished, will follow a mix of suspense/drama/lite mystery with a slight splash of living life, and follows along a cyberpunkish universe, also this game is intended to be Non-linear in story, however for the first arc it will be fairly linear, and for the first open world area when you start, it will be linear in general, once you reach the larger open world area the story can lead off in any direction that can be established.



Just a note on how ill be doing versioning - if it goes up it means major enough content has been added, but if i add in small ammounts like sections of a story, it wont be updated, as i work on this every day for at least 2 hours, and once i get something working it goes up, but if its just minor stuff in general i rather not have to explain what all got added in public, since it may involve just coding, or fixes that may be unvisible to the player, if its major enough a change or fix, then i will probly say so in discussion, and if i add in somthing that completes a milestone before i go to a different aspect, i will explain as much as i can remember from what all got fixed, as well as the content that would be considered major, like additions of locations and event counts, and so on, however my times limited for all my project work, and i rather not burn myself out so i can get this game finished, as well as Breakdown once i feel good with HTML/Javascript.

Will update this synopsis when i get things more organized.

You enter into the life of a young woman of the age of 18-29, like most of my idea's it will probly have BDSM-esk content, but most of anything i add in aside from story content (which i dont have a plan on how many story arcs can happen so some of that stuff will probly be avoidable later on too) can be avoided, game will be dark as most of my story idea's are.

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Review by jjars898

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/05/2017

As of right now, the game is quite linear and has very little content. There are several areas to explore, but only two of them have buildings that can be entered, and I'm not sure how to get the guard out of my way and get into the office building. Random events occur that either increase or decrease your Will by 1, but this seems to have no effect on the gameplay. Hunger and thirst are also stats, but I let them both fall to zero and nothing happened.


As far as I can tell, there are no physical transformations; the only thing that changes is the Will stat, so I'm guessing mind-control will be a major theme. Unfortunately, it's the kind of mind-control that the person being controlled shouldn't notice, which makes going through day-to-day events extremely dull.

The main character's appearance can be customized, but it won't affect anything about the gameplay and your gender is always female, so it seems like a wasted step to even have the customization tools in there.

I got lots and lots of Credits at the only available part-time job -- more than 5000 per day -- but the only thing to spend them on is food packets to restore my Hunger stat, which as noted previously, doesn't do anything anyway.

Overall, there's a solid framework to make SOMETHING here, but until some more content is added, I can't tell what kind of game this is going to be, which makes it a poor demo. Once a new version is posted, I may come back, but right now it's not worth the half-hour I spent on it.

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