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Version: 0.0.2a

Version: 0.0.2

Version: 0.0.1a

Version: 0.0.1


This game is called "Cohabitation" and it's primarily a feminization-femdom & M2F/TG sissification game about a college student and his relationship with his girlfriend.

The game is written in Twine/SugarCube and is currently in the concept/alpha stage with most of the story outlined, but only about half of the passages in a play-ready state. I'm not a particularly good writer, so don't expect anything award-winning out of my prose. This is my first attempt at a game and it is mostly intended to be a fun little foray into TF game authoring.

The game's concept/system are highly inspired/influenced by my personal favorite game on this site, "Perverted Education". Any place where the game veers too close to PE are honestly meant as an homage and no disrespect is intended. That game does so much stuff right it's hard to not take inspiration from it where possible.

Cohabitation works on the fixed timeline of 36 weeks which represents your sophomore year in college. At the end of this timeline, the game ends regardless of where you are progress wise so each week is critical to the game progression (though you can be expelled before the end of the year if you mess up too badly). All of the events in the game are "gated" by 3 primary stats - money, femininity & submission. Femininity is raised by spending money on sissy things, while money is raised by working various jobs. Submission is a separate stat that is tracked for each of the PC's potential partners and is only raised based on decisions the player makes during the game. The game also has a newly introduced fourth stat called orientation which tracks the partner gender preference of the PC.

The game will feature multiple endings based on how far you go to transform the PC and to what degree you have the PC submit to his/her various potential partners.

Here's a list of features/themes the game will have:

  • Heavy sissification, but no complete gender transformation (transwoman is the most female that the PC can become)
  • Emasculation/cuckoldry/light SPH (SPH elements can be toggled off by selecting an average-sized penis instead of a small one)
  • Inventory system (Increasingly girly levels of clothing, makeup & jewelry)
  • Job system (General rule is that as the nature of the job gets more degrading and subservient, the more money you can earn doing it)
  • Customizable character names
  • Multiple endings (Multiple good & bad endings, based on play-through decisions)

Below is a summary of changes in each public version:

Version 0.0.2 - Second public alpha (major systems changes, minor updates on the events/narrative front)

  • Word count: 29,975
  • Overhauled the escort profession to reduce the necessity to rush towards unlocking it. The player can now play through at a more leisurely pace and focus on unlocking escorting in the final stages of the game for the purpose of paying for surgical options required by the bull/trans endings. Escorting events can be performed multiple times in the same week based on a soreness mechanic.
  • Inventory images are in. All clothing has images. Makeup also has images, but they are not scripted into the game yet.
  • Makeup, perfume applications now persist from week to week. Deodorant has been removed. "Take a shower" option added to remove perfume. Makeup pads added to remove makeup.
  • Plastic surgeon & hairdresser are enabled
  • Unify store/item formats consistently across equipment and store pages
  • Connect the maid/master profession side-story
  • Connect the events/ending for the cuckold scenario
  • Connect the events/ending for the bull scenario
  • Connect the events/ending for the gay scenario
  • Enabled more weekend events
  • Added dressing room to department store
  • Item changes: Some items now are consume-on-use and have charges when purchased
  • New item: Lotion (usable) - used to enable hand jobs & nuru massages when working as an escort
  • New item: Lube (usable) - used to reduce soreness gain various forms of anal sex when working as an escort. Also required to enable certain forms of sex like DAP.
  • Changed item: Mouthwash (usable) - cures the "Cum-breath" status ailment caused by drinking cum & sucking cocks when working as an escort.
  • Changed item: Enema/Douche (usable) - cures the "Creampied" status ailment caused by some bareback sex encounters and grants the "Douched" status effect enabling
  • Changed item: Condoms - level 2 triggers automatically and enables anonymous sex when working as an escort.
  • New status effects & ailments which temporarily reduce femininity and block other actions such as work & key events.
  • Minor story change: The second resident advisor is now the older brother of a former childhood friend.

Version 0.0.1a - Some quality of life bug fixes, no additional content aside from one weekend passage to reflect a minor story change.

  • I added a "freshen up" button to the sidebar which can be used at the start of the week to re-applies the PC's makeup/hygiene & shaving decisions from the previous week
  • Added "Take a shower & eat garlic" button to the hygiene menu which removes the following bonuses from the PC - "douched, mouthwashed, perfumed, deodorized & made-up"
  • Removed the "generic" weekend event since in the current build there are so few "special" weekend events with the gf/cuckold/gay scenario events disabled. If there is no "special" weekend event for that weekend, the link just skips the player to the next week.
  • Minor backstory change: the second advisor is now the older brother of the PC's childhood friend
  • Fixed bug with condoms in the drug store being a black-hole for the PC's money

Version 0.0.1 - Initial public alpha release

  • Word count: 23,200
  • Known bug: Hair salon store is not functional, visiting it once will grant the player all hairstyles for now
  • Known bug: Plastic surgeon store is not functional. No surgical procedures are currently possible in this release
  • Known bug: "Look in the Mirror" page is not implemented. This page will contain text descriptions of the PC as well as sex statistics tracking their depravity
  • Known bug: Cuckold scenarios - all scenes featuring the PC's girlfriend and the bull are currently not wired in this release. It is not possible to progress towards the bull ending and the girlfriend ending is almost impossible to obtain as a result.
  • Known bug: Gay scenario - all scenes involved in the gay scenario are not currently wired in this release. It is not possible to progress towards the gay ending.
  • Known bug: Trans scenario - because the plastic surgeon is not implemented, the trans scenario is not possible at this time. If you reach the end of the game, you can optionally view the ending of the trans scenario for now.
  • Known bug: Maid profession gift scenes - all scenes between the PC and the master of the estate home are not wired, so the gifts of Jewelry/Perfume are not obtainable
  • Known bug: "countless" scenes with placeholder text, grammatical errors, typos, spelling errors and probably worse
  • Known bug: No consistency to store & item formats throughout the game - I'm still deciding on which format I like the best.

You play as a submissive male university student who is just starting their sophomore year in college which you attend with your domineering girlfriend. Your girlfriend learns of a newly renovated dormitory at the school with apartment style rooms & much more luxurious facilities than the other dorms. The only catch is that the only floor with dorm vacancies is set aside for lesbian couples. She hatches a scheme to have the two of you pose as a lesbian couple in order to qualify for these nice apartment style dorms. Things get complicated when you learn that living in this dorm is contingent on being part of a monthly interview with a resident advisor who will record your experiences as a same-sex couple on campus.

The story unfolds from there with you trying to retain what semblance of control you can over your masculinity while your girlfriend increasingly attempts to exert her dominance over you. You will need to teeter the fine line of maintaining your relationship with your girlfriend and feminizing yourself just enough to deceive a group of advisors who are growing more and more suspicious of your chicanery. Will you make it through the year together, drift apart, or will your secret be discovered and both of you expelled?

I'm adding a short walkthrough up to the first interview for the "Curvy" body type, since multiple folks have pointed out that getting the sundress is not very intuitive when it's not gifted to you at the start:

  1. Go to work (+$35)
  2. Wait until the weekend
  3. Open the Hygiene menu on the left sidebar, then apply deodorant/perfume/mouthwash & shave your face
  4. Go to work (+$35)
  5. You should now have $70 and 20 femininity. Go to the department store, then women's apparel section and buy the "Floral Sundress" for $50 and then go home and put it on

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: 0.0.2a on 09/24/2019

A greatly exciting game with a strong story and a wide variety of customization and choice. Even the way the game looks has been improved upon its base layout and I would reccomend this to anyone who enjoys the fetishes it offers. However the unfinished and drafty nature of the game is a letdown, and I would love to see it returned to. 7/10.

Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: 0.0.2a on 04/14/2018

I like this game a lot, but it really needs finishing. Most of the content seems to be present, but in outline form rather than actual ... y'know ... descriptive text. If the author would simply write up the actual story rather than relying on outlines, this would be one of the best games on the site.

As it stands, it's good but nowhere near as engaging as it could be.

Review by bobbyjoe789

Version reviewed: 0.0.2a on 12/13/2017

continue this goddammit

Review by chubrik

Version reviewed: 0.0.2a on 11/26/2017

Please continue this game, it has very good start!

Review by Naga

Version reviewed: 0.0.2a on 09/01/2017

Is great. Please more.

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