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Version: 0.1.6c

Version: 0.1.5a

The Device

This story is about a high school student who finds a device that allows him to change the body and mind of both himself, and people around him. Currently the story is wider than it is deep with 11 different branching paths leading to the meeting. There are a few XXX scenes implemented, alongside one transformation, and the story is currently 7000 words long and I expect to update it every few weeks with a lot more content.

Please leave reviews if you have the time! It's my first experience writing anything, and also using twine, so I would definitely appreciate any advice or comments. If you find any bugs or spelling mistakes, please mention them!

If you enjoy the game, please consider checking out my patreon, any support would be a huge incentive to continue writing. Although I probably will anyway. Any patreon donaters will get to play the next updates early!

I hope you enjoy :)

Update 0.1.6c: 5000 words of extra content, and CSS changes

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Review by latexkhaleesi

Version reviewed: 0.1.6c on 11/27/2017

This game seems really promising, I couldn't find too many different paths.

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: 0.1.6c on 09/17/2017

I like the story so far.  Hope we'll get to find out more about the Device.  I've got tons of questions that I'm hoping will get answered in future updates.

Those flashing indicators on the Device screen seem to beg me to touch them.  It'd be super cool if clicking on them actually caused the changes.  

The first time I read through the story I quit when I got to the first PLACEHOLDER tag as I mistakenly thought that was the end of content.  I'm guessing those are meant to be Image Placeholders.

Review by fortifel

Version reviewed: 0.1.6c on 06/24/2017

Nice writing, waiting for more to come.

Review by LuluLemon

Version reviewed: 0.1.6c on 06/22/2017


I'm so glad someone's mentioned them, it took quite a lot of work and I was quite pleased with how they looked! 

Review by Denkkar

Version reviewed: 0.1.6c on 06/21/2017

Nice story so far. Like where it's going. The CSS tables are lovely.

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