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Version: 1.0.7

The Exile of Aphrodisia

March 28, 2020: Version 1.0.7 is released! See Changelog for details!

Patreon backers can find the Debug version of the game from Patreon.

Join the guest Discord channel here.

I will work on creating a working Linux release later, and with any luck, a Mac version as well.

This game is a downloaded Windows executable for 64 and 32 bit operating systems (Windows 7 and newer).

Exile of Aphrodisia is an adult transformation-themed game inspired by the Oregon Trail and the Odyssey.  Your task is to lead a party of humans across the fantasy continent of Aphrodisia, pursued by demons who seek to enslave the remnants of humanity.

The game is largely revolved around the concept of transformation of many sorts, including TG (transgender), anthro, animal, bizarre body modifications, inanimate, and more.  As a new species to the continent, humans are prime targets for transformations from forces of nature and other sentient races, as well as the gods and goddesses who watch over the lands, imposing their will and (often unjust) sense of justice.  As an elf hired to guide the party, it is your job to keep as many of the humans safe as you can to guide them to the dimensional rift in Niu Heym, the City of the Gate where humanity first arrived a thousand years ago.  You must keep your party healthy and happy, and keep their lust under control to stop them from surrendering their freedom to the demons.



Changes to 1.0.7

New game features:

New encounters:
- Burning Bright in a Desert Night (tf/tg into a phoenix) by Duhad
- A Shadow Over Dark Water (player transformation from female elf into lovecraftian sea witch) by Duhad
- The Very Hungry Human (tf/tg into butterfly woman) by Duhad
- A Sticky Situation (tf/tg into jungle slug girl) by Duhad
- A Family Which Could have Been (mtf and ftm into elven parents) by Duhad
- The Charcoal Burner's Secret Admirer (tf into hulder) by Duhad
- The Good Queen (player transformation from female elf into bee queen)
- (Re-enabled without artwork) Date with a Dragon (player transformation from male elf into dragoness)
- Flaming Hot Jungle Springs (tf into flaming salamander girl) by Duhad
- Wicked Desires (tg into green-skinned witch) by Duhad

New art:
- Female elf to sea witch player transformation sequence by Vjeol
- Jungle slug girl by Balile
- Bee Queen player transformation sequence by Balile
- Dark Goddess wither her slaves scene graphic by Vjeol
- Dark Goddess avatar by Vjeol
- Dark Goddess slaves by Vjeol
- Flaming Salamander Girl by Balile
- Green-Skinned Witch by Balile

- Many spelling and grammar corrections graciously provided by Amenephis
- Rare bug fix for loaded games breaking upon the first encounter triggered


Changes to 1.0.6:

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by imercenary

Version reviewed: 1.0.7 on 03/31/2020

Oregon Trail with transforming humans-to-monsters. Sounds great on paper, but obtuse design choices and an unnecessarily long play time ruins the experience.

Remember how in Oregon Trail you needed to carry food or your people would die? Now imagine if that food rotted so you HAD to buy food at every opportunity.

Remember how in Oregon Trail the game would funnel you through key locations so you could plan and anticipate those goals? Now imagine if those locations had randomly generated shops/resources.

Remember how in Oregon Trail you could blitz through the game by whipping your oxen to death because you just wanted to see the ending? Well I hope you're ready to cough up some cash cause there is literally no way to go faster.

Review by MGP

Version reviewed: 1.0.7 on 03/29/2020

One thing you should know to get the most out of this game: you need to have the patience to read a lot. I had tried getting into this some time ago but was scared away by the large amount of exposition and setups for encounters. However, I gave it another go recently and have been pleasantly surprised. The writing quality is very commendable with a good variety of encounters, though with repeated play you do start seeing repeats. The gameplay is actually quite challenging, I've probably had about 10 playthroughs so far and I've only actually made it to the end twice. That said, you are still rewarded with the same summary as a win, and there are various 'bad ends' to look out for anyway, so this isn't an issue. The artwork is high quality and fairly consistent through the game, and I'm hoping to see more thorough coverage of the total TFs in the future. I'm also very grateful for the setting that blocks player transformations you've already seen before, because those are some of the rewarding surprises with each playthrough and it's good that you can fast track your way through them.

Review by Jondei

Version reviewed: 1.0.4 on 12/03/2019

Easily one of the better games on a site filled with unfinished garbage, low effort patreon scams and so on. Can safely say that this is neither of those and isn't even among the abundance of abandoned games either as this obe seems to be getting regular updates and everything. A pleasant, somewhat nostalgic feeling lewd game that's easy to play and enjoy for a good few dozen hours even with all the content that's in it at the time of this "review"

Play it bois.

Review by BlueMoon

Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on 10/22/2019

Easily one of the best games on the site. Very fun and, for this site, unique gameplay (easiest comparison to make is Oregon Trail), lots of interesting transformations, and high-quality writing and art. If you haven't tried it yet, then you should; this game's a real treat.

Review by prismgoy

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 09/07/2019

If you enjoy Oregon Trail and enjoy monstergirls, then this game is for you. Sometimes the game can be frustrating as all hell, but it can still be fun. Just prepare accordingly when going through the frozen mountains.

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