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Version: 0.7.1

Version: 0.6


FIXED 0.7 being unplayable. You should start at the right place now. Sorry Posed the game while half asleep.


//0.7 UPDATE\\

I am not gonna really work on this game much anymore. I have another game I will release later this week that is a bit better put together.


-Werewolf TF was rewritten by born2beagator on furaffinity. Thank you so much!

 -Started on the witch quests which you cannot complete yet

-The wolf den short quest is done

-small other bug fixes and other small updates



// 0.6 UPDATE\\

Thanks again for the feedback! I got all the bugs I could find fixed so things should now work as intended. Many new things were added but I still did not redo the dialogue and descriptions.

I really need someone who can write those parts especially the sexy parts which I know I suck at writing. If anyone is interested in writing descriptions or the sexy scenes which are currently just placeholders Email me at [email protected]  Also if you have ideas or suggestions for the game you can email me also. I also might make a discussion thread.

Change log:

-Farm Area

-Town Area

-Battles rebalenced

-Start for human witch quest 

-You CAN defeat the witch now and go on to Farm area

- After Kovich lets you through gate you can go to the town

-You can meet Phillip at the town in any form and be directed from there 


In the next update, I will finish the first part completely before adding to the story on the road where there will be more enemies and stuff to transform into. 




Hi, thank you so much for the feedback!  I wanted to fix some of the bugs in the game as I continue to work on content for the next update.

-Skunk TF Log fixed walking into log with trigger prompt (log by pong with path)

-Fixed a little bit of the dialogue but still working on adding more TF descriptions 

-Map has changed a little bit to make way for next update

-You can now walk on the farm after the witch defeats you and you are TFed (can't do anything there yet)

-witch still will defeat you as there is nothing after her but a nice furry tf (until next update)

-werewolf tf fixed and werewolf mechanic changed a bit

     -werewolf only attacks until under you are under 50% HP then he will try to bite and infect you (planned for other enemies too)

-added Phillip the fox to the game he will be useful later in the story




Hey, everyone! I just wanted to share a project I have been working on for a while. 

The game is in its early stages and has a lot missing and maybe some bugs but it is playable and depending on how you play you can be transformed into multiple different anthro animals.

The game currently ends at the witch fight but next update will open new zones such as the farm and the beach with more enemies and things to get transformed into.

All the visuals for the main character were made by me as he progresses through his changes.

I know the dialogue is pretty garbage right now but I'm hoping to redo it sometime soon.


Currently, you can get transformed into a werewolf, cheetah girl, and a skunk.

I plan to add: Fox, Tiger, Minotaur(cow) (maybe female idk), deer, hawk, dragon, bat girl, shark, horse, and dog. 


I just wanted to post this to see what people thought before I started doing much more.


You are a teen traveling through the woods on their way home. You come across many different types of monsters along the way. 

These monsters can infect you with a virus that will make you like them.

Calvin - dumb teen

Phillip - dumb fox

Monsters have a 30% chance of biting you per round if you get bit you are infected and will turn into a monster like them.

As you progress through the map if you are infected changes will arise.

Entering wolf den = werewolf tf

getting nipped by wolf = werewolf tf

sitting on log = skunk tf

getting nipped by cheetah girl= cheetah girl tf

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by tiru

Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 07/16/2017

Oh the game still early, but has a lot of promises and pretty probably will grow well.

Couldnt find skunk tf the creator appointed on walkthrough tab.

edit: After Patch i saw skunk and its pretty interesting but too fast.


Version 0.6

Interesting horsey, wanna see him fucking u and turning into horse too.

Wanna see the quest.



Version 0.7


Works fine, and got pretty interesting. Waiting for more content.

Review by darkestlink

Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 06/20/2017


after the tf room got fixed it was pretty rad. though there's still a big where you can't leave the barn or the farm.


I can't wait until future updates considering the species that have been hinted at like deer.


even as early in development as it is, its a pretty nice game.

Review by Sairus323

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 06/19/2017

V 0.7 is unplayable. you're starting in a room with 3 TF bottles and a reset button and not being able to leave...

Review by bot

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 05/26/2017

I didnt see a link for the disscusion, page so I guess i will leave this here. So far the game while early shows promise and im glad it avoided the often game over cutseens for the tfs. they add something to the gameplay too and arnt just there for story purpouses but now for the gripes. First the battles towrd the begining, did you mean for the werewolf to be fought twice or is that a bug? Secound tfs take theyre time. Not really a bad thing, but I did notice a pentagram or pentacle sorry hard to tell with the light boarder that claims if you step on it it will complete a tf. Welll it cant be stept on like its an actor. Also I dont know what caused it but the witch lets out a big noooooo ala darth vader when defeted. Im mentioning this cus I think you said witch was supossed to be undefeatable. Well its the player whos undefeatable in my case at least, man I feel like gualf from FFV fight contuined with 0 hp.

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 05/25/2017

Found a bug.


You can defeat the werewolf but he respawns and now there are two of you. You then have to fight again. The you can go to the witch and defeat her but you gain no experience. 


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