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Version: 0.2

Little Bitch Academia
by edna schafer

it's a pretty standard RPG, it does feature bad ends that contain transformation, but the gameplay doesn't focus on it. Just to be clear, since many people (including me sometimes) often look for a game that just throws sexy pics at their faces and that's it, this is NOT a game for those situations I'm afraid. It's slow paced, heavily focused on dialogues and on constucting a nice, vibrant world in which to play (I hope). The first part of the game will indeed revolve around a slow M2F transformation, but that might not appeal to everybody, because of the time it'll take for the character to change.

Latest version is chapter 2 BUGFIX, it fixes most issues vanilla ch. 2 had, and adds a bad end which previously only led to a game over.

Saves from Chapter 1 and Chapter 1 BUGFIX are not compatible, but those from Chapter 2 are fine, I will upload a 'standard' save file that will have you start from right before the end of cChapter 1, in case you don't feel like playing it from the beginning.


KO-FI - I now have a Ko-Fi account, so... even if I still don't feel comfortable asking for money, some people told me they'd have wanted a way to support me. Well, here it is (tfgamessite labels it as a patreon link... but whatever)



Discord Server -> https://discord.gg/ySYqJqu

NOTE FOR RE-UPLOADERS: I know you exist, and I can't stop you, but please just link my file in whatever porn site you fancy, so I can have an idea of how many people actually download the game, don't re-upload on MEGA or whatever, ok?


Our protagonist is a rather depressed 22 years old guy, who dropped out of college and is now stuck in a shitty job.
That changes when he falls asleep in the bus on the way home, and wakes up in a strange forest...

I won't spoil anything more, since as I said the plot is a key feature of the game (even if right now there's not much to be amazed about, I think).

Will add them later.

I don't think there's a need for a real Walkthrough, since the game usually tells you where to go and what to do. Also I feel the battles are pretty easy right now, so I won't add one unless people ask for it, in which case I'll gladly comply, given the time.

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Review by AliceLPie

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 10/21/2019

So, let me start by saying that I played this game for 8 hours straight. I rather enjoyed myself, but it did take some expectation shifting for me to get to that point.


The game starts out feeling rather sombre, with subject matter that for me hit pretty close to home. Now keep in mind, I entered the game with zero expectations as I only heard it mentioned in relation to Magical Camp, which I had finished the day before. The opening created the expectation of a more serious and emotionally driven story, but that was quickly broken within moments when you were asked to set the main character's surname, and the portrait turned into a meme-face of the character, with the surname Peepee.


So, my only advice for enjoying this game is to go in with zero expectations and remain that way. There are some genuinely hilarious moments that had me laughing, and when the game wanted to it could get serious. My only problem from the perspective was the seemingly indecisive nature of the writing, going between serious and memes/references every other scene. It was a touch jarring to be completely honest. I personally had a few instances of wanting the scene to be over already, as they dragged a joke out a bit too far, or memed a bit too hard for my tastes.


With that out of the way, I'd like to talk about the art. I'm not one for furry content personally, and I likely would have avoided the game had I noticed the tag, but it's easily avoided and I only saw three scenes of it happening. The art was high quality and quite good, though it created a bit of a disconnect between the art styles of the character as a human, and the character as whatever anthropomorphic animal the scene called for. The two qualities were quite separate, and while I can't say for sure, if they're both done by the same artist then it's understandable that one particular style would be more well refined. Not to say that either one was bad, they certainly were quite a lot better than I could manage, but the human art definitely lacked the same quality as the furry art.


For gameplay, it's about what you'd expect from an RPG Maker game, using only mana rather than mana and TP. In the current state of the game the main character only gets one ability, at least from what I played that was the case. The characters that acted as party members were competent in their writing, if a bit samey in the abilities they had. Eris in particular was not a character that I fancied, and seemed to me to be one of those "lolrandom" types. I also didn't find much use for her in combat as her healing was fairly underwhelming compared to the amount of health my characters were amassing, with no discernible upgrade coming to the spell. I personally didn't enjoy that chosen actions in combat were carried out immediately after they were selected, as I prefer the slightly more tactical feeling of queueing your party's actions then executing. I believe the method used in this game is most similar to active-turn-based combat, so if that's your cup of tea then you certainly won't be disappointed. However, be aware that this game contains random encounters as well as "avoidable" ones. When there are encounters in the wild that you're capable of avoiding, you can freely do so, but don't expect to complete your objective in that case. Orcs specifically were entities that you could avoid in the world, but doing so was entirely pointless as it didn't let you complete the objective until they were all dead. I am personally not at all a fan of random encounters, as I don't believe it creates compelling gameplay. I will say however that despite the random encounters, they're not useless, as you do have a leveling system with experience gains. I was able to escape quite a few battles but that's also a random chance, and not succeeding can be very annoying, just as it was in any other game with a similar mechanic to the escape system. 


So, to the meat of the game and the reason I'm sure a lot of people are here, the transformation. As it stands right now, you don't get much. If I remember correctly you get 2 or 3 events where the character changes in mostly subtle ways. The most noticeable change is the first one, but it doesn't affect the player's sprite in any way. One issue I had was that every change contained two shots, one of the character with their uniform on, and one without. I would like to have been able to skip the one without clothing simply because of personal preference, but I was willing to tolerate it thanks to the scenes being spaced far enough apart. If you're looking for a game containing a full MtF transformation that you can experience in an hour or two though, this is not the one. Over the 7 hours I played I only saw 3 changes.


Overall, I would say that if you're fine with a -very- large amount of memes and fourth-wall breaks, then this is a game definitely worth the time to finish in its current state, and I dearly hope that the creator is able to continue working on it, as the last update was put out nearly a full year ago. You can't rush these sorts of things, but it is TFGS after all, and unfinished games are rather common. I hope that this won't be adding to that list, because I would love to see the conclusion and evolution of the story.

Review by Viser3

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 10/06/2019

Brilliant game! The amount of polish and love put into this really shows and imo has paid off immensly. I laughed so hard at this i woke up my girlfriend twice! Your art style if very cute and you have me hooked. Keep up the great work!

Review by gnomeseatmeat

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 06/25/2019

Just finished playing through chapter two and very excited for the future updates! Please keep working on the game :).



Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is fantastic compared to other free erotic games - the mini games are fun and challenging. Plus, for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY I can write that the combat in a tf rpgmaker game is actually engaging, it uses a mana system rather than a tp system as well as a pokemon style elemental weakness combat system - what is special about Academia is that the tuning is fantastic. Things are difficult enough to get your blood racing and the items such as status removal and healing potions are actually necessary to complete some sections of the game. In particular the Wacky Forest section was an excellent ballance between having some hair raising fights between checkpoints and avoiding becoming a grind. 

Characters: The characters in the game are sweet and loveable. A nice change of pace from other games on the site. 

Plot: The plot is simple and engaging - perfect for this style of game. It also looks as though the plot is set to rumble into some fun antics and mysteries. 

Art: The erotic content in the game is mostly based on anthropomorphic tfs which isn't my cup of tea although the mtf storyline exactly is, which made it worth playing through based on my personal prefs. However, objectively speaking the art is lovely and from what I know all done by the creator. So a big thumbs up there.

Secrets: Fun secrets throughout. 

Humor: Take it or leave it depending on your prefference, but the game is actually quite funny or at the very least amusingly cringey throughout. 


End Games: I like the erotic content behind the end games, it is well done and rewarding enough to find and watch. However, I think that the gameplay systems are robust and challenging enough that there is a conflict of philosophy in the game design. When I am playing the game I want to win and continue through the game because the combat and puzzle systems are exciting and challenging enough that finishing them feels rewarding. Unfortunately all of the erotic content is behind game overs, which while fun to find, creates a conflict within the game between playing the game and intentionally losing the game. Having some erotic scenes rewarded by completing content or even completing content in a special way would go a long way to reward the player for playing the genuinely tricky game well. 


Food for thought: 

I like the creators philosophy to create a game that is more based on gameplay, story, and worldbuilding than just an erotic slideshow. However, I think that embewing a little more eroticism into the day to day actions would go a long way to make the game more compelling throughout. This can be done through dialogue alone, although more images are always welcome. Personally I think something that other games do well is to introduce a Dom character that is pulling the strings. Since this is a game where you inherently play a submissive character, having a character that is mentally dominating you and forcing you into embarrassing or (represented well in sissy girlfriend experement) financially dominating situations would make the game vastly more erotic. This doesn't mean you have to go full edgelord and lose sight of the games soul, but having a submissive MC without a clear manipulator or dominant causes the erotic plot of the game to feel more like scraps and less like a full experience that is integrated into the gameplay and game world.


Review by Kellianne

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 06/17/2019

The game is fun and amazing! I highly recomend it for anyone that likes the RPG maker games. One of my favorite games on the site!

Review by SPARTAN-141

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 06/16/2019

Not recommended !

It has its highs and its lows, the plot is intriguing but the characters don't feel organic at all, the world is vast/interesting but overly reliant on other popular/internet culture,...

But unfortunately, it's all overshadowed by one fatal flaw; the god awful "humor" that is omnipresent throughout the game, this made playing the game feel like a chore, which is really unfortunate since it has potential.


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