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Version: 0.05

Bad Dreams

Hi. This is my first game, but I have huge plans for Bad Dreams. I've always had so many ideas for a game, so expect plenty of themes as the game progresses. I will be updating the transformation themes as they are added.

After being exposed to something, everything your character knows and was has been erased. What will become of your future? Every choice you make will decide that.

Version 0.05

- I was hoping to have the entire 2nd day completed by now, but I fell behind due to switching over from Harlowe to Sugarcube in Twine. This adds more options, and fixes the issue with Chrome not playing the videos.

- Re-wrote the entire story so it is more streamlined and informative, also removed sketch effects from images.

- Added the first part of Day 2, up until the Landlord visit.

- Added a simple test version of the battle system. Yes, that's right, battle system. This is just to test out the mechanics, for now, but it will be replaced with images, sound and better experience overall.

- There is now an Incest scene available, but it is completely optional. You actually need to work at it for it to happen.

- Added a new hair colour - Brown. There are now 4 models in the game. You can change your hair color with use of the jug in the dream.

- With so many choices, in order to experience all the content made so far, different playthroughs will be required.


Version 0.02

- Finished 2nd Dream.
- Much more adult content.
- Animation and a few videos now included. (You may want to check your sound, especially when watching TV.)
- Lots of options to choose from, some change how the dream plays out, but all will impact the coming Day 2 - coming in next release.

Version 0.01

- Up to the end of Day 1 has been completed.

- So far only one soft-core event is available, but that will change in the later versions. This version is only a taste of what is to come.

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Review by harry

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 05/27/2017

Very promising update, I lie whee this goin, keep up the good work!


Review by newport_georgeg

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 05/21/2017

I liked what was there.  

I found the font was too big, so I unconsciously hit <cntl><Minus> a few times.  

For that reviewer who didn't like the font size, I suggest <cntl>+.  Or on the browser there's a settings and Zoom to adjust such things.

Review by SU2AR

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 05/21/2017

The begining of story is full of cliche and HORRIBLY poor written, that I even decide to write a review. Current content is so small that it can't even interest, I don't understand, why people upload these. Image effect is just ugly, you better use original photo. Something about different dimensions sounds interesting, but poor text gave expression so bad, that I can't believe author will make this game good. Will you proove me you can? (although sorry for bad english, that's not even close to my native one) 

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 05/21/2017

Hi review time:

A short begining of a STORY NOT a game but a well made one.

If you continue this quality it WILL be recommended.

Right now its nothing more than a TEASER. :)>

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