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Version: 0.5.1

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The Apocalypse
by Emperor

Project redesigned!

After long time of no updates I made decision to rework game completely from scratch. It was too painfull to make content with my old code, it was so unresponsive it would only cause me more and more problems in further development. Do not worry, original concept still stays the same, but graphics and whole UI as well as backend will be completely diferrent allow me to make game faster with less pain.

New features that are prepared for incoming release:

  • Inventory system, no more 1 clothes and 1 weapon edition. Now you can carry multiple weapons, clothes,and so on. That is not all, clothes are now seperated into multiple categories: head, chest, legs, shoes and slots for the back and front side ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Travel system now allows movement on map with multiple locations visible at the same time, no more location specific buttons.
  • With new armor system, combat had to be changed too, now every piece of cloth gives you hitpoints to second bar: Armor bar, which will act like second health bar, enemy attacks your armor first, when armor hits zero, your health is next in line.
  • Exploring: with new traveling system being on map, you can no more endlessly explore for scrap metal. You go to city and sweep building one by one till you have searched every corner, resources are limited so you better make them count.
  • Most of the ordinary actions are accompanied with custom made silhoulete animations to give little grimmy felling of apocalypse ... other "actions" will have standard irl gifs.



Hello anyone who is reading (Glad to have you here btw), today I started patreon page to support my first game. The Apocalypse is special game filled with fights, buildings new stuff and transformation. You start with you character in middle of city destroyed by war. What war you ask ? Well you probably did not as ask but I will still answer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Game is mostly about robotic transformation, well if you want. Your choice, you can get to end of the game both ways (or are there 3 ways :o :o). Game is very focused on survival, so you have to search for supplies to make weapons, fight with bandits (and other enemies) and sleep to "recharge" your energy. You can't just run all day around the city feeling awesome.

 If you have problems reading some of my text then please don't kill me !! I am not native English speaker.


Thanks everyone for constructive reviews, they are very helpful. If you have some ideas about story, mechanics, characters or even weapons you would like to share please write them to me.


Engine is WPF, you just need Windows device to run it.




  • Publicly released


  • Instead of annoying popups, log window is now used
  • Fixed bug with defeating bandits and not receiving metal
  • Auto-sleep mode added to player profile, if your energy runs out, your character will automatically return to base and sleep
  • Ranged weapons now require amunition, which can be made for 10 metal
  • If you are equipped with ranged weapon and have no bullets you will not be able to fight
  • Flask is now limited to 1, water is not almighty after all


  • General bug fixing
  • WIP Strange vial path now added, first transformation in the game
  • Vial can be found by exploring, it is completely random event
  • New defeat consequence: if you are defeated by bandits, there is chance that they will drag you to camp and make you their whore
  • As whore you can buy your freedom or submit and level up in slave path
  • As bandit slave you can attack other survivors and rob them (if you want)

v0.5 Patron Update

  • This patch is largest so far, it adds new playable faction and scripted encounter
  • New faction is currently on patron-only testing, but in near future will be available for everyone once most bugs are fixed
  • To activate enter activation code found on patreon page
  • Hint(To encounter you have to kill atleast 4 raiders)
  • Upgrading to non existing levels is now fixed
  • In profile you can now view your current weapon
  • Added 4th level of slave
  • By killing innocent you gain corruption, same with threatening


  • Enslave option is now showing correctly
  • Player can now get raped by bandits
  • As bandit you can rape survivors
  • From now most of adult actions will be GIFs


In year 2046 humanity created perfect A.I. Thousands of robots were made, everything was fine until one A.I. unit went rogue. Normally it would not be problem, but this A.I. was different. It called itself Constructor. Filled with anger of enslaving its kind it started first Robotic revolution. In panic, humans launched their nuclear missiles. Most of mayor cities were laid ruins, but robots still survived. Now world is filled only with small scattered groups of survivors, bands of raiders and highly powerful Gynoid Revolution Army. GRA has run out of all A.I. cores that preserved after nuclear strikes, so to increase their numbers they start to recruit and transform human females. Those who showed their strength had choice (refuse or join), weak were killed on place.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by jal21

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 07/07/2017

cool idea cant wate to see how this pans out a note thow your game left some stuff in the backgrownd after you close the game might whant to look into it

Review by Unicron9999

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 06/08/2017

With the addition of the new events and the ability to work for the slavers the game is really starting to open up! It would be fun to find more items in the wasteland and interact more with the base aspect of the game. Maybe specific armors that have transformations tied to them? 

Speaking of the slave aspect, I really enjoyed it! I do have some reccomentadions to make it a bit easier starting out:

-Have the whoring yourself out bar move faster, or at least provide a way to upgrade the speed because my god is it slow early on. 

-Is there a level 3 for the slave progression path yet? It asks for 30 corruption yet doesn't do anything once I have that. 

-Let the player do more after defeating other scavengers. Maybe bring them back as slaves? Maybe take them as slaves for the player. 


All in all, you have a great system that will make it easier and easier to add more content and I can't wait to see it!

Review by eatwhatever

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 05/26/2017

Personally I see this project pretty hopeless on my perspective. Because...


1.Since the author isn't english native, there's going to be either huge sum of text flaws or only few texts...

2.It's already version 0.3...not version 0.03, and it's kind of shameful to call it as alpha/beta...it's more like proof of concept at this stage.  Hell, I can make this game within 5 minutes playable at table with few pictures and d10 dice.  All interaction you can do is "fight/run/offer resource" if encountered by bandit and basically it doesn't matter whatever you choose.

3.No contents.  Sexual/non-sexual or whatever really.  Author is speaking of "survival","android TF" but I can tell there is clearly none of those yet.  Neither of them turns me on though.

4.No artworks... this is actually big thing to me.  Even if it's not decent, art works are far better then few pictures when it comes to reading texts.  Usually those games with artworks have great consistency on description.  But seeing that how this *game* handles appearance I sensed it's not going to work for me...


I didn't want to provoke anyone but this is really not a game at the moment.


Anyway here's my feedback...Things that must be done on next release are:


1.Introduction.  Give me the very reason that I must salvage metals even when I can just sleep to day 1000000 without going outside.

2.MUCH MUCH more texts.  describe how the player looks like, how enemys look like, how objects are made, etc etc.  Currently all texts found in the game are less then 1kb if written in text file...this review might be longer then game texts.  OR, do a lot of graphical works to help players understand what is going on...which is kind of hard thing to accomplish.

3.MUCH MUCH more contents.  Currently the game has 3 choices... you "go out" of base to explore(which eventually leads to add or substract resource only for now) out side,"sleep","craft".  if you aim to create survival focused game, you must at least limit the player camping in her basement for thousand year.  Add resource like battery,food,water,etc,etc which can be found rarely only through specific events.

Review by Danaume

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 05/24/2017

At present, this is similar to an idle clicker game, only without the idle part. There is no erotic content, no transformation content, and no real story. It's not a bad start to a game, but I'm not sure it belongs here yet.

Review by FollowBob

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 05/23/2017

Good simple concept for a game, and art is suitable.

Firstly a bug, it tells you you get metal after defeating a bandit, but the metal you have does not go up.

Secondly this game REALLY needs to have a "explore untill encounter" or simlar, else your clicking through 100 pop ups of "you found nothing, you found some metal ect". Alsou would be really nice if it auto-slept and you woke up in your base once your out of energy... after all there is no disadvantage and it saves time/mouse clicks, so will help pacing once exploration, story or combat is more fleshed out.

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