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TL;DR: This game is about a virus that turns people into voluptuous sex zombies against their will.

You're in control of a highly sophisticated virus capable of turning any man into a sex starved beast and any woman into a cock hungry slut within a matter of seconds. You will start of small, corrupting anything you can get your hands on but as your horde of oversexed servants grow you will move onto taking over small towns, cities, countries, continents and eventually the entire world and repopulate it with nothing but mindless slaves who can think of nothing but sex. The game mostly focuses on transforming other people around you against their will but does have some self transformation as well.

This game is a spinoff of the story "Cracking" over on CHYOA. If you would like to read it then head over here for more mass corruption goodness.




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Main Art by Kruth666 - His Twitter

UI Maps by Iggy-Bomb - His Twitter

Currently working on:

Adding new locations to chapter 2

Adding alternate routes to in chapter 2

Finishing up and polishing the last of chapter 2 in preparation to transition over to chapter 3

Working on adding in the base systems of chapter 3

Replacing placeholder text, adding new scenes and refining chapter 3

Can include spoilers!

Chapter 1

Go through the intro

Go through gas station to regain your strength

Go to the hotel via the park

Enter the hotel room and find the viagra to learn aphrodisiac

Go to the kitchen and infect the food

Go to the park and infect the woman using the spores and the aphrodisiac (NOT the normal "infect" ability)

Go back to the hotel and go to the dining room to infect everyone in there

Proceed to fully conquer the hotel and claim it as HQ

End of chapter 1

Chapter 2



New Imagery:

  •  Added new imagery depicting the Kitchen in the Hotel in Chapter 1.

Chapter 3:

  • When sending out units for Raids and Scouts, the distance to the target town will be taken into consideration and dictate how long it will take until completion. The amount of time taken is dictated by the slowest unit type sent on the mission.
  • Added a speed variable to all infected types. 
  • Added a new sex scene with Sarah (Dominant)
  • Security and Panic dropping over time is now vissible highlighted through notifications in the sidebar.
  • Updated the Scouting screen to use the same format as the Raid screen.
  • Rewards are now properly separated by commas for more clarity.


  • Fixed hyperagility and spores displaying as "wounded" even after healing.
  • Added Subscribestar link to the credits section.
  • Fixed a bug causing a "phantom save" to sometime appear upon starting the game.
  • Added clarification to the save menu noting that Chapter 3 is not supported yet.
  • Temporarily disabled the options menu as it wasn't working properly except in rare cases.
  • Updated the formating for the various save states.


Added a save feature for Chapter 1 and 2:

  • Can currently save up to 15 different save files at once.
  • Currently limited to Chapter 1 and 2. Support for Chapter 3 will be added in a future patch (not the next one, currently undecided when).
  • Feedback greatly appreciated in case of bugs.

New Imagery:

  • Added new imagery depicting the Restaurant in the Hotel.

Chapter 3:

  • Raids found through scouting will now be growing gradually harder as your horde grows. This should increase the amount of raids possible to pass and hopefully prevent you from getting stuck with tons of raids too hard to pass.
  • Improved the rewards listings so they are easier to read.
  • Raids can now change town panic and security as part of their rewards.
  • Improved the layout of the Raid Deployment window.
  • Units can now be lost during raids (both failed and successful). The amount lost is based on the difficulty rating of the raid in relation to the total strength of the units sent. Some raids are naturally more dangerous than others.

Chapter 1:

  • Updated the Restaurant scene to better match the new imagery.


  • Added an options menu allowing you to switch between full screen and windowed mode as well as altering the FPS limit if needed (default 60). (NOTE: This edition of the options menu seems to be bugged for most PC's. It's been fixed in 0.3.11, sorry for the inconvenience :S) 


  • Fixed a bug causing raids to always fail when the raiding strength was lower than the stated difficulty, it's now always possible to succeed a raid if you send units whose total strength are at least 50% of the target raid's difficulty rating (albeit at a low chance), which gradually goes up the closer you get to 100%).
  • Fixed a bug causing the Raid Window to occasionally close down when modifying the amount of infected/forcers sent.



Remade the Tactical Overview screen to an interactive overhead map with better visual clarity:

  • All Scout and Raid reports are now displayed through the sidebar notifications rather than through their own separate menus.
  • Removed the "Risk Rating" from available raids, risk is now only calculated using the "Difficulty" value of each raid.
  • Raids will now always succeed if you send units with higher total combined strength than the difficulty indicates, no more failures when sending 10000 strength hordes against missions with 8000 difficulty rating. Note that there's still a chance to fail when sending less units than required which exponentially goes up the lower the total strength is in relation to the raid difficulty rating.
  • Difficulty is now calculated using the raids basic difficulty rating, the town's panic, the towns security and the towns population .
  • Negente and the new Town Gatlingburg can now both be Scouted and Raided just like Tanisava.
  • Added notifications for when you send out Scouts and Raids with information about what you units were sent and to where.
  • Notifications will now show up in different colors to indicate success or failure.
  • Named all raids, no more "Temp Raid X"

New Scenes:

  • Added a new sex scene with Sarah in Ch 3, it can be accessed by talking to him and selecting "Submissive".


  • Various optimization and spell checking.


  • Fixed a bug causing the "Total Intel" to display incorrectly if the player had max intel.
  • Fixed a game breaking bug causing raids to not generate rewards properly



New Imagery:

  • Added new imagery for the Hotel
  • Added new imagery for the Hotel Room
  • Added new imagery for the Hotel Entrance

New Scenes:

  • Added a new sex scene with Lucas in Ch 3, it can be accessed by talking to him and selecting "Dominant". There will be a submissive scene as well as one of each for Sarah as well.
  • Rewrote and restructured the Hotel in Ch 1 to go better with the new images, further changes to the area will be added as more images are finished.


  • Added a notification sidebar that highlights things such as changes during the night, upgrading buildings/research and rewards from raids
  • Added a new tooltip which will be used to clarify what stuff does. Input on what people would like to see it used on is appreciated
  • Added a visible number for the base strength values of various types of infected in the Encyclopedia (visible after said unit has been upgraded)
  • Smoothed out the scrolling effects to make the game look less choppy


  • Fixed bug causing the rewards of a raid to be revealed even on a failed raid



Fully implemented an updated Research System with the following features:
  • Improve your various types of Infected (including yourself!) and even unlock new types in the future. The current research  available are the following:
  • Experimental Research - Produce scientific materials in exchange for a handful of infected (Sarah is spooky at times :O)
  • Guidance Pheromones - Improve increase the amount of units you're able to send on raids
  • Infected Muscle Density - Improve the combat power of the Infected during raids
  • Infected DNA Manipulation - Increases Forcer birthrate
  • Forcer Cell Structure -  Improve the combat power of Forcers during raids 
  • Forcer Deductive Reasoning -  Improve the  reconnaissance  capabilities of Forcers during scouting missions
  • Broodmother Fertility -  Increases Infected birthrate 
  • Broodmother Scent Glands -  Improve the combat power of Broodmothers during raids
  • As more units are added a bit down the line you will be able to unlock and improve those as well. (The coding is already done, they just need to be properly implemented through the story)


  • Limited game framerate to 60fps to prevent the game from spiking on certain machines
  • Fixed bug allowing you to enter negative numbers when scouting, raiding or modifying breeding
  • Fixed a bug causing max leveled buildings to read as "not enough materials" rather than "MAX"


  • A notable change in this patch is the change to Raiding as the amount of units are now tied to your guidance pheromones levels, be sure to keep upgrading it in order to be able to tackle the higher difficulty raids.

Finally, thanks to everyone for being so patient with the start of chapter 3. This release marks the full implementation of all core systems into the game (Raiding, Scouting, Building, Researching) and as such starting from next patch I'm going to be focusing more on adding more lewd stuff which I know is the main reason you're here! ^^



Fully implemented a Town Overview/Buildings system with the following features:

  • Upgrade and construct new buildings in order to expand the infected town of Axilton, providing you with new tools and passive bonuses. The current buildings are the following:
  • Headquarters - Your main building, upgrade to increase the max level of all other buildings.
  • Laboratory - Improve and unlock new research projects and units (Laboratory functionality will be added in 0.3.6)
  • Storage Facility - Increases the maximum amount of materials you can hoard.
  • Breeding Chambers - Increases the amount of Broodmothers you can house.
  • Scavenging Post - Generates passive Raw materials every day.
  • Milking Facility -  Generates passive Organic materials every day.

Each building can currently be upgraded to level 5 and additional structures will be added in the future. (Note that most of the numbers used for upgrade costs etc are preliminary only and will be tweaked over time)


  • The game now properly registers that you've  acquired  a second Symbiote after infecting Lucas.
  • The various input boxes now properly nulls/empties between screens, preventing the player from being able to send more Infected and Forcers than  available.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a black screen after entering the Gas Station from the front in Chapter 1.


  • Added a quit button
  • Added a restart button
  • Improved visual clarity of the Cracked Types Encyclopedia
  • Total Materials and Current Day can now be seen from the HQ in Chapter 3


  • Fixed a bug causing the game to sometimes start up in VR mode
  • Upgrading the storage now properly increases the Material Cap as intented
  • The Milking Facility now properly generates Organic Materials each day as intended



Fully implemented a raiding/mission system with the following features:

  • Successfully scouting towns will now generate raids

  • Raids can be initiated through the tactical overview

  • You can opt to send Infected and Forcers (more units will be added in the future) to each raid

  • Completing raids will reward you with resources such as materials and units and will in the future also be how you progress the story

  • Raids have varying difficulty noted by a risk and difficulty rating. Higher difficulty ratings will prove more challenging (and potentially very dangerous) but will also grant much larger rewards

  • Amount of raids in progress are noted in the tactical overview under each town

  • A new menu specifically for Raid Reports can be accessed from the HQ if one or more unread reports are available

Updated the scouting system with the following features:

  • Can now see how long since you last scouted each town

  • Getting discovered during scouting missions now has a chance to increase security and panic of target town and is displayed in the scout report if either got increased

  • Town security and panic will slowly decrease over time

  • Higher security will now make it harder to successfully scout target town


  • Changed inconsistent wording between several areas of the new menus

  • Changed scouting requirements to at least need 1 Forcer for each party (aka can no longer send "empty" scouting parties)


  • Added an option to skip the tutorial at the beginning of chapter 3 for people who have already played it

  • Sending infected away on raids now impacts forcer birth rate

Bit of a PSA which I would like to add as well is that the tutorial at the start of chapter 3 is just a placeholder and will be remade once the core mechanics are complete.



Fully implemented a scouting system with the following features:

  • Scout available towns (Currently only Tanisava) by deploying scouting parties to uncover intel
  • Send any amount of Forcers available for each mission to increase the chances of uncovering something juicy but also increases the chances of getting discovered
  • Town attributes which are -currently- in the game and can be uncovered are, Population, Town Leader, Security and Panic Level, more are likely to be added in future patches.
  • Being discovered during a scouting mission might cause a town to temporarily increase their security causing further scouting missions to have a harder time of success, however it might also increase the panic in the city which makes it more susceptible for raids
  • Each successful scout has a chance to uncover available raids for the scouted town which lets you send infected forces to spread the infection, gather resources, cause panic and/or progress the story.
    (NOTE: Raids are not actually in the game yet but will be added in the next patch (0.3.4) however the framework for them has been built already)

Re-implemented the Breeding Center with the following features:

  • See the amount of Broodmothers currently present in the facility
  • See how many Infected are allocated to breeding said Broodmothers as well as modifying the amount
  • See the estimated Infected birth rate each day
  • See the estimated Forcer birth rate each day
    (The birth rates are ESTIMATES only, meaning that during some days you will gain more than the estimate and sometimes less)
  • Fixed a bug causing the objectives tab to show instead of the horde tab while in chapter 3



Ch 2:

  • Added back the scent notifiers around town to help locate the Broodmother
  • It's now required to unlock the Broodmother before you can move onto infecting the town hall. An additional objective has been added.
  • Updated the Town Overview and added more intractability and information to it. Also made infected buildings more noticeable.
  • Re-implemented the minimap

Ch 3:

  • Added back some stuff that accidentally had been omitted from the chapter 3 introduction during the initial port
  • Fixed the text being cut of at the bottom during the Lab Tutorial
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Infected number to null when over the limit
  • Cleaned up the Breeding and Scout/Raid tutorials a bit
  • Fixed a bug that caused the tutorial to bug out if you pressed any of the sidebar buttons during the tutorial
  • Fixed some print string bugs



I would highly recommend reading the post that I made alongside this release in order to get the full picture of the changes this patch. You can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/33921158


  • The whole game has been ported from Twine 2 into Unreal Engine 4
  • A lot of minor changes during the porting process

 Ch 1:

  • Added images for the cashier in the gas station before and after infection
  • Rewritten parts of the gas station to better go along with the new pictures

Ch 2:

  • All locations in S2 now have one dedicated way to infect them, this is to make it easier to implement art and give every player a more consistent experience. 
  • The town overview has now been turned into an interactive image that allows the player to fast travel to any location in town at the click of a button. The old "move from building to building" system has been removed as it's become obsolete.
  • Infected buildings now have a purple outline on the Town Overview screen to easily be able to diffirentiate which buildings have been infected and which havn't.



Ch 1:

  • Added images for the customer in the gas station before and after infection
  • Rewritten parts of the gas station to better go along with the new pictures
  • Updated the minimap imagery

Ch 2:

  • Updated the minimap imagery
  • Restructured the town and moved several buildings around
  • The Mall is no longer present in chapter 2
  • Removed “Infected humans” counter as it’s now been made obsolete by the “Horde Overview” tab which keeps tracks of all infected under your command 

Ch 3:

  • Added two new towns to the game: Tanisava and Negente
  • Rebalanced the combat strength of most units
  • Added a skip that takes you to chapter 3 immediately from the start (However, it's worth noting that a large part of the game is
  • The player can now name their character 
  • Have added a large introductionary section to the begining of chapter 3 that introduces the player to the various new systems
  • Added R&D
  • Added Town Management
  • Added Breeding Center
  • Added Tactical Overview
  • Added Scouting missions
  • Added Raiding missions

Review by blehtastic

Version reviewed: 0.3.10 (Public) on 11/17/2020

It's okay, but it really needs some work. The beginning of the game is excellent, but then it sorta just stops being a game entirely as you settle into a singular loop. All the sex scenes are kinda reptitive too, and there's no images. Interested to see where it goes, though.

Review by AsteriskCGY

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 (Public) on 05/14/2020

Just gave the new unreal version a shot. Didn't see a way to save or a way to quit, the area images and text take up seem smaller than the actual screen's real estate. Like the new map and map navigation. Last time I played it was still moving house to house directionally. Still working through the first bits. 

Review by CowTits

Version reviewed: 0.2.21 (Public) on 07/25/2019

Pretty fun and entertaining game. Love a lot of the mechanics and the relative freedom of choice in how to tackle objectives in what order with areas being harder or easier depending on how you decide to tackle things. Actually, enjoy it more than Parasite Infection, a game with a similar theme, by a lot. The gameplay is solid and the art is top-notch. The writing gets a little monotonous at times, that I started skipping some scenes as they started blending together after a while. Another minor complaint is travelling back to HQ is tedious after each day. If I have to go back after doing one thing each day then at least make it fast and convenient. 


I'm usually not into 'mind-break' type stuff but I still rather enjoyed this. Hopefully, we get more options for symbiotes, later on, to kinda alleviate that at least a little. Micro-managing and checking in with more actual people would be both nice and more fun. I also hope, that with the end of chapter 2, that we can customize ourselves a bit somewhat. Even if it's just changing sizes of a few things.


Definitely give it a play.

Review by Cyanizzle

Version reviewed: 0.2.20 (Public) on 07/08/2019

The games theme and writing is decent, I like the hyper sexualised characters! I find that moving around the city during that phase is quite tedious, and having to go back tot he HQ to hibernate is also a bit of a pain and it could do with a quick travel button on the side. I feel like this game has a lot in common with parasite infection and if you like one, you'll like both

Review by Cadmea

Version reviewed: 0.2.10 (Public) on 04/06/2019

Game's literally got a big tiddy goth gf. Go play it.

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