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Prized Possession
by Fae

This is a little fantasy story about submission and being different. You'll be put in very compromising situations as both a pet and a living, customizable 'trophy.'


So far the story goes up to the third day and since numbers are confusing versions will be incremental "revisions," although I'm hoping to add a fair bit of content between releases so the story doesn't stagnate!

I'm investing a lot (maybe too much) into diversity of options, so you might find there's a little content for a lot of paths. Let me know if you think it's too much, nothing's really set in stone yet!


Save warning: I'm still working out the basics, so I might still have a few variables to add that'll mess up your saves later. Just a heads up in case you're a stickler for save files. The ending data (which ones you've found) won't change, though!


Please tell me what you think! ♥

Prized Possession is an interactive story about you, a Shifter. Your kind is both feared and... 'treasured' by humans for your unique properties, namely the ability to slowly change to adapt to certain circumstances.

You'll find yourself as a trophy for eccentric owners who might try to change you in various ways. Whether you're a good pet or defiant, you escape or accept your fate, get captured again or make it on your own is all (somewhat) up to you.

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Review by mattkev89

Version reviewed: Revision 0 on 06/12/2017

This has great potential. Hope you continue with it.

Review by zxc

Version reviewed: Revision 0 on 06/09/2017

will be watching this, hope there's more.

Review by bigdongschlong

Version reviewed: Revision 0 on 06/07/2017

The story is really good so far, with lots of potential. I can't wait to see more from this author. They have a very good understanding on what makes stories like this so engaging.

Review by chickenking17

Version reviewed: Revision 0 on 06/06/2017

There isn't a whole lot there yet but it has a lot of potential and I hope it continues to be updated. 

Review by luck4you

Version reviewed: Revision 0 on 06/06/2017

There isn't much so far, but there's a lot of potential. I really like the way it's written and the story. After being captured and made into someones pet you'd expect to be leading a hellish life. I was glad that it turned out that your owner actually cares for you. it was really refressing to see this kind of story. i just hope there will be some more updates because so far you can only play the intro and day 1. Good luck finishing this game. 


(for the joke book: how do you turn a greedy person insane? put him in a round room and tell him there's money in the corner.)


ps. I'd also appreciate it if you could pm me or something with your email so i can send you more jokes and puns to add to the book.

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