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Fleshcult is a sex-themed RPG where the player takes the role of a succubus or incubus. You can seduce mortals into perverse servitude and subject them to monstrous transformations.


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Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 1.00 on 04/07/2019

This game is on an outside site, has advertising, etc, but the game is a nice idea and quite well presented. You play a succubus/incubus who is seducing people to your lair, the people provide power, and you spend the power buying upgrades that improve your seduction skills. It is certainly worth a visit even if the replay value is limited. It has body TF in the game but it is rather impersonal and without images.

Review by Lix

Version reviewed: 0.99 on 07/24/2017

My biggest only complaint is that the game is too simple. This is a very fun little game. Unfortunately it has low replay value. But! It's about the most amazing "start" of a game that I've ever seen! I only wish it had a proper budget thrown at it. Too few games let you play on the side of the succubus, and this one had the potential to be genre-defining if it could have received the same level of attention as Slave Maker 3.

Review by stickandjab

Version reviewed: 0.99 on 05/03/2016

This game is beyond the norm. If you have ever wanted the most indepth experience (in more ways than one teehee) of being a sex demon, you can't go wrong with this. You start out on your own, with only your humble underground lair and your meager pile of resources, and build an evergrowing den of carnal depravity. Seduce whoever you want with a wide array of tactics and body parts, customize almost every facet of yourself and your minions, and expand your harem while at the same time fending off angry demon hunters, dealing with various chance events, and making sure you can pay your energy bill (with more fucking). Well worth your time, and perhaps a much deserved donation.

Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: 0.99 on 01/02/2015

Haven't played this in quite a while so I may be missing some updates since then, though the blog suggests otherwise.  I was really excited about this game, and I would recommend that anyone from this board give it a spin - it is a cool and inspirational idea.  The number and variety of transformations is awesome too, there were qutie a few 'out there ones' that made me very happy to imagine.  Sex scenes are exciting to read the first time or two.  

At the time when I played it the main failing was that after that initial flash-and-awesomeness the game slows down.. the transformations had some numerical effects, but I personally don't play games like this to compare numbers.  At that point I'll play a full-fledged strategy / tactical / collection game off of Steam.  The changes don't really trigger any interesting changes in scenes where 'X does Y to the enemy using Z'..  At least not more than just an oucome sentence.  The more detailed out scenes also (while nice the first few times) eventually get repetitive..

So yea, I'll totally try this again when I see blog posts about content added, it was a fun spin the first time around - and I really hope eventually it builds up to enough content that people will go out of their way to donate to and support the game more (I donated a bit and I don't regret it, the groundwork done on this is awesome and the idea is fantastic.. though now I'm holding off till there is a significant increase)

Review by Shoggoth on the Roof

Version reviewed: 0.39 on 08/28/2014

Fun but badly in need of more content.  A year and a half after the game's release, it's still possible to unlock every building and transformation in the course of a few hours of play.  After that, it just becomes something of a time waster.

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