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RPG Maker VX Ace
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0.3.1 (early Alpha)
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Version: 0.3.1 (early Alpha)

Dark Witch Rising
by Aryae

20 years ago or rather 22 years ago a dark witch came to power. she made almost everyone her slave... for some reason. two heroes defeated and captured her.
She was stripped of her memory and most of her power. however this power was too unstable and thus it was infused into 4 relics scattered in the Cloud World.
you play as this witch you will find allies and enemy\'s. Are you going to try take back your powers? or do you want to use your powers for the good?



a lot of witches!

it doesn\'t need one right now.

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Review by Observin

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 (early Alpha) on 06/14/2017

After I played this a bit, I decided to give it an review. Because the mistakes are really bad that I can't take an eye off.

Sorry, this might be harsh a bit. but please don't give up to make a game. 


1. Aimlessly Object

I don't even know which way I would go first. nothing on the note, or what this dark witch supposed to do.

so I go across a bridge fight slime and go back in the castle, talk to the king and get something from king which I don't know why I need this for.

after walk around aimlessly, I get Ally called 'General Aloyna' when I talk to him in Pub! he was a regular dude at first and he change after he get in my party! I walk randomly again, use a boat, meet weakening Lamia, get party member... and then walk aimlessly again, fight with High Resistance Lamia.. 

you can go almost everywhere, if you want? It's really a confusing story.

you have to give a lead to player what suppose to do.


2. Encounters

Regular monster are standing still, at least what I see so far. so I can walk around them or choose to fight to get to the boss. It also make it unnartual.

I met some Fixed fight, like Slime Magician and Weakening Lamia, which I feel weird about it, so random.. and then why are the High resistance one AREN'T a Fixed fight? she looks like one when they were fighting with Soldier Army. her minion didn't do a thing either, if I didn't interact with them, as well as the soldier army.

you have to give them some reaction like you do with Slime Magician. so it will make story more realistic, more interact with them.


3. Spites

Do you realize the sprites are changing when you interacted in another direction?

when you interacted any direction of the character, their sprite will be change by following the spriteset that they have. 


4. Misplaces 

the 20 years laters story should be after the dark witch flee or the event end, not during she is in fight. that will make player confusing.

Review by Geariah

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 (early Alpha) on 06/12/2017

way too early to release for the public honestly, I tried it out and there isn't much there. tile sets for characters switch off an on, the combat sprites for the characters suffers from phantom movement. the map is very incomplete and honestly I think a majority of the maps are just so there is more space you can really limit what is there to maybe 6 maps but yet there is about 20. sequence breaks happen randomly. the concept the the story is mildly interesting the tutorial is more of a joke then anything. if I was to suggest a few things it would be more enthusiasm on what the dark witch was doing because after you I guess are talking to her army it immediate cuts to some people assaulting her caste which you control them btw and then it cuts to her later. it also doesn't establish how she was treated after was she enslaved to do whatever kingdom that beat her did she just lose her memory and became a random adventure none of that actually is explained oh and in the intro it mentions her being the daughter of the witch again wtf? overall the story needs to be more cohesive followed by actual content. it's important to not be overwhelmed but make decisions that have a purpose instead of putting things in just to make more filler.

Review by terrone

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 (early Alpha) on 06/12/2017

I try this game but is so early for a get a review,

the castle aesthetics  is acceptable but the ciity nope, the game have some crash

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