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Version: 0.12

Princess & Conquest

Princess & Conquest is a hybrid RPG-Strategical game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a kingdom, plunged in war after the sudden disappearance of the former ruler, the Dragon Princess.

That's the spring for a series of events that will bring chaos to the Kingdom, and these girls won't hold back from messing your plans up! (Most of the events in game aren't scripted, but generated depending on what’s happening in the game's world!) 


The world is split in two big regions, with everything a RPG needs: there are cities, hidden dungeons, events laying around, and a lot of NPCs... Each region is home to the reigns of 10 different princesses, adding up to the grand total of 20 different, and unique ones! 

Every reign has a Princess at its head and all of them (and many NPCs) can be recruited in the Knight's team! 
This will boost your fighting power, as usual, but will also permit you to get more ''intimate'' with the princess you saved! 

The 20 regents!

The colored ones are already in the game, the grey ones are the next ones that will get in. You don’t see your favorite princess on the list? Pledge $20 and your princess can be nominated to show up in game in some way! (list of princesses here)


20 reigns are no big deal, you say? Let me explain how the game works then. 
At the beginning of the game all the reigns will be at peace with each other, but as time passes (there's a day/night cycle), even if the player decides to just sit on the map, some of them will grow stronger than other ones (depending on racial attributes, their wealth accumulating and other random factors to spice things up). 
If the gap reaches critical levels war ensues. 

Of course the Player can help maintain peace, outright favor one of the 20 princesses (directly or not), or just watch the world burn from afar. 


The combat is action-packed, there are unique skills for every party member, there are sieges, boss-battles, traps and everything you need to get your blood running. 

There's also Battle Rape and dedicated lewd stats that will help you manage your party members! 
You want a Princess to be a slut? Boost her Lust score as she gains levels. 
You want to protect her smile? Stay away from Lust points and shove them in Power if you want to make her stronger in battle, 
If you want her to have eyes only for you, invest her points into Love.


With a bunch of quests that you can get at the Guild you will always be busy doing something! 

There are lewd ones, asking you to gather specific cum samples, crazy ones, like betting on cow races, or more gameplay oriented ones, like the Tea Party, where the Princesses negotiate amongst themselves or declare war against each other after a fight! 



There's a story going on in the background, but the game itself remains completely open-ended
Every faction has some winning conditions to satisfy in order to win the game and when it happens, there's a NG+ where you'll be able to carry (soon) special items and bonuses you got in the game that just ended! 

Needless to say there are a lot of Visual Novel sections in the game, in which we are investing our energies as much as with the RP/strategical ones! 
The player will be able to interact with princesses and NPCs, gaining Affinity Points with them, that will eventually permit you to access the fluff 'n lewds.
In these we go for top quality, the art is made by professionals and the writer is really talented, I hope you all enjoy what they're creating. 
NSFW image


As of July 2016 we started working with a Japanese pixel-art animator, Akai, to add animated cut-ins to play during the fights in the game!
Both SFW and NSFW animations are in the works, the first bunch (11 SFW + 17 NSFW animations with climaxes) have been included in version 0.12.2!


The game also has an ingame gallery, consisting of a sheep-gril witch that transforms in the girl you choose!

NSFW image


Since v0.12.1 we started working on a new feature we planned to implement since a long time ago. 
The Princesses can now get pregnant!
All of them have different fertility cycles, regulated by an ingame calendar or other factors and they will (soon) be able to bear children!
Said children will have an important role in the game, make sure you check the blog for more informations!

NSFW image



The Towergirls Kingdom Team, as of now, is composed of:

  • Towerfag, that's me, working on the gameplay and programming of the game!
  • Gats, the Lead Artist, working on portraits, concepts, doing some writing, and more... also he's one of the guys behind the whole Towergirls concept.
  • TAGM, the music-guy, currently working on the OST of the game!
  • KARMA, our writer, currently busy writing events and questlines for the massive cast of the game!
  • KAIJIRAour new spriter, will be remaking most of the sprites in the game, adding new ones for new characters and Patron-NPCs, while making new BIG sprites for the bosses!


We also have 2 great artists that are lending us a hand, doing artworks and such:


These are just some examples of the artworks that we're using in the game. 
The spritesCGstilesets and portraits* are all being made just for the game.    

*As of Gats joining in march 2017, in an effort to keep a consistent art style, default portraits will now be Gats portraits, but there is the option to use the Nekofy and Boogie portraits instead. 


If you decide to support the project you'll gain early access to the releases of the game (I have no free time so they're all really content-heavy) and each month you'll get a bunch of new pictures, sketches, music tracks and PSD files!

You'll also be able to participate in the polls we use to decide most things during development (like who's going to be the next Princess that will jump in)! 

"What do I need to play?"

Download the RPG Maker libraries here!

Latest Public Version (v0.12)

Game's website

Patreon site

Thank you for your support! 


Test Releases are also out for $5+ Patrons once every 2 weeks, to test things out before anyone else! 

Princesses!Never enough!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: 0.12 on 07/05/2017

Good game, Needs some serious polish where its currently at. I have found bugs that break the game. Ex: Infinite battles, Invisible Sprites(related to story/quests), this also includes glitches that circumvent scripts and quests. either making you able to complete quests you don't even have, or even losing characters permanently.

I lost Kobold-chan at one glitch and was never able to get her back.  Yet she was still "there" when i had scenes that required her to be there in certain dialogue LOL.

So concept is great, I think you need some serious testers right now. It is filled with bugs, some good/some Game breaking bad! LOL best bug I have seen so far that made me laugh was the Ejaculation explosion one. ofcourse it combined with the infinite battles one so I guess it's one bug?

I like your Open ended-ish game. I have yet to "beat" the game once, due to all the bugs in it. since i have to start over every single time, since some saves had already come across the bugs and i didnt even notice until after the fact LOL.

Thanks for the great Beta, Good luck

Review by Bluts

Version reviewed: 0.11 on 06/19/2017

Great game, a discussion thread should be opened :)

I already found an interesting bug. At the farm I could play the cow race without choco and won when my cow was second by a small margin :D

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