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Version: 1.0.0

New Perils of Rosella

First game that I'm uploading onto here! First, it's less a game than a CYOA-style interactive story. Second, it's heavily inspired (and, indeed, is fanfiction of) Sierra graphic adventure games of the 80s/90s, so a huge emphasis is on a wide variety of humorous bad endings. 

This started out as pre-twine series-of-linked-web-pages put together as an act of fandom for King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella. That iteration was written and created by a writer variously known as Daphne Blake, Rosella Fan, and Perils of Dawn. Their DeviantArt page can be found here: http://perilsofdawn.deviantart.com . 

With the original author's permission, guidance, and editing, I have completed the story with a Chapter Four. I also converted the entire thing to twine and put in a launch page that lets the reader skip to any chapter, including the new material in Chapter Four. If you enjoy the general theme of a peril-prone princess having deadly adventures, you'll enjoy the whole thing. If, however, your interest is strictly limited to transformation themes, you'll find very little of that in Chapters 1-3 and a veritable plethora, a virtual cornucopia of game-ending transformations in Chapter 4.

The story follows on fairly directly from the ending of King's Quest IV, with Princess Rosella of Daventry being summoned back to the land of Tamir by the fairy Genesta and given the task of putting a stop to the evil fairy queen Lolotte's plans for conquest. 

Spoilers for the first three chapters, for those that wish to skip to Chapter Four: Rosella has fought her way deep into Lolotte's castle, where she has learned that Lolotte has converted her castle into a giant mechanical juggernaut that she intends to use to conquer both Tamir and Rosella's homeland of Daventry. Now, armed with Cupid's Arrow, the only weapon she knows of that can kill the fairy queen, Rosella seeks a confrontation with Lolotte.

I hate when people post partially-finished games on here, so this game is 100% complete. I do, however, reserve the right to make minor edits going forward for content and clarity. Also, some additional illustrations may pop up over time, depending on whether some artists who contributed work to the original version get back to me with permission to include their stuff.

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