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Inform 7
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003 Alpha
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Version: 003 Alpha

The Lust Wars (Inform 7)

Two long-warring factions battle it our for supremacy. Who will win? Only time will tell.

Escape the city or kill all the monsters as a human, or join the succubi or satyresses and eliminate the opposition while converting all humans to your side.

It started out like any other day.

You had just finished your morning shower and were getting ready to go off to your job at the city library when the TV interrupted with a special bulletin. The local reporter, a blonde bimbo who most likely screwed her way into the position, reported from the street on the strange turn of events.

"Monsters have shown up, demons and goat people and women with, with male genitals. They all seem to... aaaahhhh!"
The cameraman catches her being tackled and violated by a pair of succubi; moments later, a hermaphrodite knocks over the camera, all the while groaning about sex.

Seeing a woman being assaulted like that makes you very frightened. You make up your mind right there and then to get the hell out of town, before hell comes to find you!

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Review by ShadesOfCascades

Version reviewed: 003 Alpha on 03/30/2015

Built basically like Gynoid Conversion, which is a definite plus. In some ways it's a tad thinner than GC as there simply aren't as many things to interact with and stuff to do in the world, but then there are a few more endings within end states which adds a ton of replay value. It still has the same issue of having to do some real trial and error with your commands, but that's expected based on what I've played of I7 games. It's a tight and fun experience all together. 

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 003 Alpha on 05/01/2014

Same interface with Gynoid Conversion. So that alone win a 4 star.

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