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The Company
by Westane

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The Company is an open-ended erotic text-heavy adventure game. Enjoy an overarching story spanning multiple chapters, while deciding if, when and how you'll interact with various characters to help shape your own story! How will you choose to experience this tale of corporate espionage, mind control, and transformation?

None of this would be possible without the support and feedback of my patrons, and I can't possibly thank you all enough. Seriously. Thank you all. 

The Company will always be a free game, with the latest public version available both here and at Patreon. Patrons will receive early access to releases, as well as regular development blogs at least once a week. 

Thank you all for your interest and support!

The Company – Update 5.3

Update Summary

Update 5.3 adds Tasha’s redesigned serum route to the game. This update allows players to explore the “Loving” path of her route.

General Updates

  • Tasha’s serum routes have been completely remade
    • Currently, she only has a single route
    • You can also choose to interact with her without using serums. Her no-dose route will trigger after 14 days of game time with an event after work. You will have had to trigger her gender reveal event first.
  • Tasha’s gender reveal event now happens the first time you try to use a serum on her, and will not consume the serum
  • Tasha’s Apartment has been added to the game
    • Once unlocked, you can choose to go there in the evening when leaving work once every three days
  • Several new events added to the game, including a number of naughty office encounters, and the ability to invite Tasha over to your home for the day
  • New conversations added for Tasha
  • Once Tasha’s Affection is above 1, you can give her headpats in her office
  • You can now call and text Tasha

System Updates

  • Added new/updated images for Tasha
  • Added new playtime tracking


  • Several syntax and grammar fixes

Cheats: Cheats can be entered via the Additional Notes field during character creation. You can enter multiple cheats be separating them with a space. Cheats are not case sensative.

  • CHANELNUMBER5 - Start the game with John already turned into Chanel
  • XYZZYSPOON - Start the game at 20 maximum stamina
  • IDCLIP - Start the game with 9,999 days of birth control
  • GLITTERINGPRIZES - Start the game with $500,000
  • BLACKSHEEPWALL - Start the game with 30x MCS-1, MCS-2, and MCS-3
  • WHORUNBARTERTOWN - Start the game with 5,000x all lab materials
  • ZZTOP - Start the game with all clothing and toys unlocked

Complete detailed release notes can be found HERE.

Beta Builds

  • 2022/11/03 - Update 5.3.0: Tasha Update - Part I
  • 2022/09/01 - Update 5.2.0: Ava's MCSX Endings - Maniacal Matriarch
  • 2022/07/14 - Update 5.1.0: Ava's MCSX Endings - Part II
  • 2022/05/05 - Update 5.0.0: Ava's MCSX Endings - Part I
  • 2022/03/03 - Update 4.3.0: Chapter 4 Conclusion
  • 2021/12/30 - Update 4.2.0: Christmas Update
  • 2021/10/14 - Update 4.1.0: Free Play Update
  • 2021/08/09 - Update 4.0.3: Thanksgiving Update
  • 2021/06/03 - Update 4.0.2: The Update Update
  • 2021/04/02 - Update 4.0.1: Chapter 4 - Part I
  • 2021/01/06 - Update 4.0.0: Chapter 4 Prep
  • 2020/10/07 - Update 3.3.3: Dakota Update
  • 2020/09/04 - Update 3.3.2: Ava Update
  • 2020/07/28 - Update 3.3.1: Home Content Update
  • 2020/07/06 - Update 3.3.0: Wardrobe Update
  • 2020/05/25 - Update 3.2.5: Romantic John Update
  • 2020/04/29 - Update 3.2.4: Submissive John Update
  • 2020/03/30 - Update 3.2.3: Bimbo John Update
  • 2020/02/26 - Update 3.2.2: Dom John Update III
  • 2020/01/30 - Update 3.2.1: Dom John Update II

Alpha Builds

  • 2019/12/04 - Update 6.2.1: Dom John Update 
  • 2019/09/19 - Update 6.2.0: John Update 
  • 2019/08/28 - Update 6.1.3: Penny Update 
  • 2019/07/09 - Update 6.1.2: Infrastructure Update

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Monicatrav

Version reviewed: Update 5.3 on 11/18/2022

To you who start this game
I will tell you one piece of advice
Subscribe to the channel on discord.
Start playing without following the story.
And when the centuries have passed
and you will read on discord
that the story is complete.
Start over by following the story.
If you are still alive.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
The game is beautiful, wonderful story idea, very intriguing.
But unfortunately it has a flaw.
From 2017 (year of release of the game) to today November 2022 IT HAS NO END
It's like reading an endless spy book.
With the writer who does NOT care about the readers
They're focusing on the side stories.
Side stories, yes nice, but not as engaging as the main story.
I read on discord that maybe the end will come end 2024/2025.
Seven / eight years To release a full game.
For me it is incomprehensible
Or is there something else underneath? patreon?
Do they fatten their wallets on gullible gamblers?
You don't eat the goose that lays the golden eggs

Will he be able to buy the Ferrari SF90 Stradale?

Review by LurkingOwl

Version reviewed: Update 5.3 on 11/04/2022

This game is definitely better for playing a dom perspective.


There is an option for enabling forced transformation of the player, but quite frankly, its not given enough attention. You have to effectively pick it. And quite frankly its easy to miss. Its a good story, and whether it intends to or not, it makes you the player question your own morality for even following the story. For those reasons it can also make you uncomfortable. Its not an issue simply of non-con or the like. The entire premise of this game and its plot is basically taboo. Strangely, thats not a criticism, and i will credit the author for his boldness in that regard.


I will say however, that there needs to be significant improvements to the players own transformation and even the likelihood that the player is transformed at all. You have a custom paperdoll system that is pretty wasted here. Do more to take advantage of it.

Also, when the player starts to be feminised, its kind of like ripping off a bandaid. Which makes it not fun. After a time the player just decides welp, guess theres no hiding it now, and just broadcasts that this is what he is now, everyone accepts it in one way or another and then there is no mention of the change after that. A slow burn would work much better here even if it is more work. And since you have to give permission at the start more or less for the forced transformations, they dont need to be so obviously broadcasted when they are about to happen. Leave room for an element of surprise and the unexpected. 

Review by mally01

Version reviewed: Update 5.1 on 08/28/2022

This is an outstanding game and deserves the accolades it gets. One of the best things is that you can various paths from both being a dom or a sub. Also having the option to choose your start gender truely give the MC a choice. Then there is the option over images which yes ahve been used in other games but if you are bored seeing the same images from other games you have the option of playing without images. I have not seen another game with this option but i guess there are others out there. Yes there are some spelling issues but they are far and few betweeb so do not interfere to much with the story telling. The replayability is also a good plus for the game as you can chose different paths to either be curious or to be truely immersed. It is a game for anyone either dom or sub. Is there alot of repetitive clicking yes but if you can get around it if you now what your doing during game play. All in all an excellent game for the community.

Review by SnowCones

Version reviewed: Update 5.1 on 08/27/2022

Truely crazy that this is the highest liked game on the site. It's cool that the developers are updating it and adding more things but I feel like it's all extreamly well hidden. The first and immediate thing I noticed was how it uses images which are all very commonly used in other games on this site which make it feel dull right away. The game is also very tedious having the player click the same couple of buttons to get one or two new sections of dialog every about 3-10 minutes so you kind of stare at the same thing the entire time you read through this. Any transformations it has are very sudden and essentially a *poof* transformation followed by what feels like a never ending sex scene with a pornstar image you have most likely seen before. This is the entire game and I don't understand how games which much more work and effort put into them have much less.

Review by goemunn

Version reviewed: Update 4.1 on 11/08/2021

one of the best games on this site. tons of content, maintained for years, always evolving. it is excellent and everyone should give it a go. it's sexy and fun, will keep you busy for hours and hours if you let it.

my one critique: once you figure out how everything works in the game, it becomes far too easy to avoid any pitfalls/"bad" events and just engineer whatever outcomes you want. I like it when a game pushes back or trips you up; unfortunately I have a hard time replaying this one these days because I know its systems too well! ^_^

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