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The Company
by Westane

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The Company is an open-ended erotic text-heavy adventure game. Enjoy an overarching story spanning multiple chapters, while deciding if, when and how you'll interact with various characters to help shape your own story! How will you choose to experience this tale of corporate espionage, mind control, and transformation?

None of this would be possible without the support and feedback of my patrons, and I can't possibly thank you all enough. Seriously. Thank you all. 

The Company will always be a free game, with the latest public version available both here and at Patreon. Patrons will receive early access to releases, as well as regular development blogs at least once a week. 

Thank you all for your interest and support!

The Company – Update 5.1

Update Summary

Update 5.1 focuses on Ava’s more loving MCSX endings, while also adding some new content to her existing routes.

General Updates

  • Added “Mommy Bride” MCSX ending events. These events adhere to the normal MCSX cooldown timer, and the second event will trigger when you try to leave for work in the morning
  • Added “Tightest Family” MCSX ending content to the game. All events will unlock naturally through gameplay culminating in a new sleeping arrangement
  • New morning event “Filling In” when Ava dosed for Threesome content
  • New daytrip options when Ava and Dakota are dosed for threesomes
  • On Ava’s “Mommy Bride” route, you can now choose to sleep in Ava’s bed after sex
  • If bringing lunch to work from Ava, your meal will be reflected when having lunch with Penny, Tasha, or Sophie at work
  • Updated Ava and Dakota ISS structure for “Tightest Family”
  • Updated various scene descriptions for “Tightest Family”
  • Added new day trip after Ava’s “Mother Lover” MCS3 dose
  • Added new Friday breakfast sequence when Ava is MC’s bride
  • Added new Friday breakfast sequence when Ava is dosed for Oral
  • Update passive content for “Mommy Bride” MCSX ending
  • Add “Dakota’s Musing” random event
  • Add alternative wakeup events when Ava’s dosed to be your lover
  • Add option to request wakeup method on Ava’s “lover” route
  • Added Ava’s “Maid Massage” event to non-futa maid route
  • Added “Playing Hooky” event if Ava’s dosed for threesomes with Dakota. Will trigger on occasion when leaving for work
  • Added new ISS routing to start events from room when on Tightest Family ending
  • New random event: Ava’s Movie Night
  • New random event: Peeping Neighbor
  • New random event: Risky Business
  • New night event: A Little Privacy?

System Updates

  • You can now toggle autosave from the sidebar, potentially speeding up gameplay
  • Ava’s “Sell to Company” MCSX ending will now also trigger if you’ve dosed Ava to be an escort


  • Fixed formatting errors in several scenes
  • Fixed several broken flag checks
  • Fixed several macro errors
  • Fixed typo in surname pool
  • Fixed issue preventing Tasha from resetting after resetting John’s Dom route
  • Fixed issue with Ava’s “Wedding Night” event not flowing correctly
  • Fixed issue with events being incorrectly added to active event database
  • Fixed broken profile images
  • Fixed consistency issues with Dakota’s living room event with her friend
  • Fixed cooldown issue preventing certain scenes from playing out during Ava’s “Morning Coffee” event
  • Fixed issue causing Ava’s “Sell to Company” ending to not trigger with the correct timing
  • Fixed issue potentially removing MC’s ability to not wear underwear
  • Dialogue updated for Ava’s ISS on “Ava’s Bride” ending
  • Ava’s “Broken Home” ending should now route correctly
  • Ava’s “Ava’s Bride” ending should now still trigger the “Clothing Break” event
  • Added failsafe to Christmas event to prevent possible broken passage
  • The CMD1 “Lenny” scene will no longer trigger in Free Play mode
  • Free Play mode now correctly unlocks the hair growth enhancement serum
  • Fixed location error for Dakota
  • Fixed ISS flow issue for Sophie
  • Fixed broken images during morning events
  • Fixed broken artwork call for Tasha event
  • Fixed issue that would cause coworkers not to acknowledge MC transformations
  • Fixed dialogue flow for Penny’s ISS event
  • Fixed various formatting errors
  • Fixed AvaMaid events not unlocking correctly
  • Fixed Kagney’s broken display in Character menu
  • Fixed commentPenis widget
  • Fixed Ava-related pregnancy discrepancies
  • Fixed event flow for Dakota’s Friend event
  • Fixed dialogue flow for Dakota room sex event
  • Fixed gender recognition in “May the Best Win” event
  • Fixed Julia’s outfit not properly updating after BMB1 dose
  • (local) – Fixed imgKagney.js and imgElsa.js not being imported into game

Cheats: Cheats can be entered via the Additional Notes field during character creation. You can enter multiple cheats be separating them with a space. Cheats are not case sensative.

  • CHANELNUMBER5 - Start the game with John already turned into Chanel
  • XYZZYSPOON - Start the game at 20 maximum stamina
  • IDCLIP - Start the game with 9,999 days of birth control
  • GLITTERINGPRIZES - Start the game with $500,000
  • BLACKSHEEPWALL - Start the game with 30x MCS-1, MCS-2, and MCS-3
  • WHORUNBARTERTOWN - Start the game with 5,000x all lab materials
  • ZZTOP - Start the game with all clothing and toys unlocked

Complete detailed release notes can be found HERE.

Beta Builds

  • 2022/07/14 - Update 5.1.0: Ava's MCSX Endings - Part II
  • 2022/05/05 - Update 5.0.0: Ava's MCSX Endings - Part I
  • 2022/03/03 - Update 4.3.0: Chapter 4 Conclusion
  • 2021/12/30 - Update 4.2.0: Christmas Update
  • 2021/10/14 - Update 4.1.0: Free Play Update
  • 2021/08/09 - Update 4.0.3: Thanksgiving Update
  • 2021/06/03 - Update 4.0.2: The Update Update
  • 2021/04/02 - Update 4.0.1: Chapter 4 - Part I
  • 2021/01/06 - Update 4.0.0: Chapter 4 Prep
  • 2020/10/07 - Update 3.3.3: Dakota Update
  • 2020/09/04 - Update 3.3.2: Ava Update
  • 2020/07/28 - Update 3.3.1: Home Content Update
  • 2020/07/06 - Update 3.3.0: Wardrobe Update
  • 2020/05/25 - Update 3.2.5: Romantic John Update
  • 2020/04/29 - Update 3.2.4: Submissive John Update
  • 2020/03/30 - Update 3.2.3: Bimbo John Update
  • 2020/02/26 - Update 3.2.2: Dom John Update III
  • 2020/01/30 - Update 3.2.1: Dom John Update II

Alpha Builds

  • 2019/12/04 - Update 6.2.1: Dom John Update 
  • 2019/09/19 - Update 6.2.0: John Update 
  • 2019/08/28 - Update 6.1.3: Penny Update 
  • 2019/07/09 - Update 6.1.2: Infrastructure Update

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by mally01

Version reviewed: Update 4.3 on 03/03/2022

Anyone else having issues with changing clothes in the latest update.

Review by goemunn

Version reviewed: Update 4.1 on 11/08/2021

one of the best games on this site. tons of content, maintained for years, always evolving. it is excellent and everyone should give it a go. it's sexy and fun, will keep you busy for hours and hours if you let it.

my one critique: once you figure out how everything works in the game, it becomes far too easy to avoid any pitfalls/"bad" events and just engineer whatever outcomes you want. I like it when a game pushes back or trips you up; unfortunately I have a hard time replaying this one these days because I know its systems too well! ^_^

Review by renee98

Version reviewed: Update 4.1 on 10/14/2021

While I enjoy this game a lot, it being one of the best on this site, it has one major flaw.


There's no walkthrough. 


When a new path is released for any character, I don't know how to access it. This is very annoying.

Review by Starlight08

Version reviewed: Update 4.0.2 on 07/12/2021

the first HTML game that I played had real porn in it! I don't usually like the grind factor but after playing this I started liking it coz it drives you towards a goal! the writing is good, characters are really well detailed, I would love some more of ava (mom) but overall a brilliant game! I'm not too much into TG stuff so can't really have a say on that but I would suggest playing this!

Review by Feylamia

Version reviewed: Update 4.0.2 on 06/11/2021

I have really liked the game at beginning and also supported it in past, but the protagonist does not seem to get new TFs, they only come for others, so I lost interest. It is still a good game, but went out of my fetish (TF of protagonist) and rather focusses new stuff on change of others.

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