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Version: Update 3.2.2

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The Company
by Westane

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The Company is an open-ended erotic text-heavy adventure game. Enjoy an overarching story spanning multiple chapters, while deciding if, when and how you'll interact with various characters to help shape your own story! How will you choose to experience this tale of corporate espionage, mind control, and transformation?

None of this would be possible without the support and feedback of my patrons, and I can't possibly thank you all enough. Seriously. Thank you all. 

The Company will always be a free game, with the latest public version available both here and at Patreon. Patrons will receive early access to releases, as well as regular development blogs at least once a week. 

Thank you all for your interest and support!

The Company - Image Packs

Playing this game locally with images requires Image Pack Base. The HTML file needs to be in the same directory as the pics folder. If you're updating from an existing version of the game, you can download an update pack. For more information, see HERE.

The Company – Update 3.2.2 (And 3.2.1)

Update Summary

  • This post was two updates behind, so patch notes are for Update 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 combined. Additionally, this update has introduced a new naming scheme for version numbers, as outlined HERE.
  • Update 3.2.2 focuses on opening up interactions between the player and John himself, including more options during his early scenes, as well as a special repeatable ISS after being fully trained by Diana if going down the Dom John route. This update expands on John’s Dom route after Tasha’s initial corruption and focuses on how Diana becomes affected by John. Key features include Diana’s return to The Company after Chapter 3 ends, new scenes involving her “training” the MC for John, and major improvements to the interactive scenes.

Content Updates

  • New event on November 6th featuring Diana’s return
    • Save games from after November 6th will reset to the evening of Saturday, November 4th. This may lead to some unusual scenarios depending on when the game was saved, but shouldn’t cause any playability issues
  • Diana’s interactive sex scene (ISS) has been completely overhauled
    • It is still accessed in her office the same before, but now provides a more fluid experience rather than repetitive button clicking
  • John’s Dom Route has been expanded
    • After witnessing Tasha’s scene in the Records Office, the next phase of the route will begin
    • Diana, if she’s available, will call you for a meeting which will trigger subsequent training scenes
    • This will also unlock the new escorting system
    • Finishing Diana’s training course will open up interactive scenes with Dom John in the next update!
  • John’s Dom Route will now continue to progress once finishing training with Diana!
    • This will kick off with a timed scene that will lead to some drastic changes for the MC
    • After witnessing that scene, you’ll get to experience a brand new ISS with John… In your room!
  • Updated character generation to allow for quick gender templates
    • You can still choose to customize your character as in the past
  • Added new dream sequence on September 3rd to allow player to choose their starting dominance level
    • Former dream about Dakota has been moved to September 5th with a 50/50 chance to be about Dakota or Ava
  • Converted John’s bathroom scenes to new ISS format
    • New options and new dialogues for familiar scenes
    • Much of the dialogue has been reworked to feel more natural and change the tone slightly for players who might actually want to take John up on his offer
    • Can now choose to intimidate John with larger… assets… as a female wearing a strapon
    • Scene is accessible by following John to bathroom after drinks
  • Merged all of John’s office bathroom scenes into new ISS
    • This includes bathroom visits triggered from random events, the serum backfire event, and visiting the bathroom on your own at any point following the serum backfire event
  • A new ISS for John has been added after completing all of Diana’s training events
    • A scene will commence resulting in a possibly major change to your character
    • John’s ISS will occur automatically once every weekend, and can be triggered manually by using your phone
  • Updated Diana’s office ISS to allow non-submissive players to choose to offer themselves to Diana in the initial node
  • Several new player images have been added
  • Introduction scene has been touched up
  • Complete image pack support is in place for Player, John (Male), and Diana

System Updates

  • New Player Escort system
    • Find new work as an independent escort!
    • This feature is being added in Update 3.2.1 as part of Diana’s “Dom John” content branch
    • The next content update will allow the player to unlock the option of their own free will
    • This feature can be accessed either when going home from work, or through your phone in your room at night or in the evening
    • Clients are generated randomly and the dialogue and payout you get is based on your skills in various actions
  • “Skill” is a new hidden value based on how many times you have performed a specified action, and can be used for various checks
  • First pass at sidebar cleanup
    • Save button moved to top of sidebar
    • Passive character information moved to new “Player Info”, replaces the Wardrobe button
    • Tasks and Items sections won’t appear unless there is an active task or held item
    • Debug Menu and Report Issue buttons moved up
  • Adjusted activation of Dom John route
    • Backfire event now only triggers if MC is submissive, rather than “not dominant”
    • Backfire event requires going down on John in bathroom, whether willingly or otherwise
  • Adjusted Penny’s Dom John route flow
    • These changes have been made to try to better direct players towards this content after initiating the Dom John route
    • You can go looking for Penny in the morning, early afternoon, or afternoon now, but only once a day
    • After seeing the Penny/John event for the first time in a day, the dialogue will revert back to Penny simply being uninterested in helping out
    • After witnessing the Penny/John event at least once, the followup event will now occur automatically after a few days in the Late Morning if no other events are taking place
  • Once you’ve completed all events with Tasha and Diana on John’s Dom route, they will occur less frequently
  • Adjusted skill scales to gain skill quicker in the beginning based on action tracking
    • Expert – was 20 times, still 20 times
    • Great – was 15 times, now 13 times
    • Good – was 10 times, now 7 times
    • Okay – was 5 times, now 2 times
    • New – was 0 times, still 0 times
  • Integrated new way of handling event cooldowns to free up memory

Dialogue System Updates

  • Added variable dialogue return based on Vagina Size
  • Added variable dialogue return based on MC’s skill in actions
    • Allows for custom NPC comments as well
  • Added functionality to Thought function for random returns
  • Updated preference dialogue return to handle in-message thought bubbles

Interactive Sex System Updates

  • Added new ISS structure to Diana’s default office scene
  • Created function to return preferred action influenced by NPC’s preferences
  • Created function to easily update stats during ISS sequences

Function Updates

  • Moved ‘canFuck’ check off of player and into JS to free memory
  • Created new function to check for character’s skill at an action based on how many times an action has been performed
  • Created new function to call random names from a list based on masculine or feminine values


  • Fixed SEVERAL grammar/spelling/context errors
  • Fixed preference initialize function to set to starting preference for new actions to “Neutral” instead of “Hate”
  • Fixed John message display during Chris scene
  • Fixed issue that allowed you to skip past Late Morning on weekdays
  • Fixed a boatload of dialogue errors
  • Image check now only flags invalid image versions if the version of the found image pack is LOWER than the expected one
    • Image version mismatches are still noted silently, but will not cause a check fail
  • Fixed errors loading “-GEN” named images
  • Fixed “she” macro errors
  • Fixed incorrect image calls in Penny’s image manifest
  • Fixed incorrect image calls in Diana’s image manifest


Cheats: Cheats can be entered via the Additional Notes field during character creation. You can enter multiple cheats be separating them with a space. Cheats are not case sensative.

  • CHANELNUMBER5 - Start the game with John already turned into Chanel
  • XYZZYSPOON - Start the game at 20 maximum stamina
  • IDCLIP - Start the game with 9,999 days of birth control
  • GLITTERINGPRIZES - Start the game with $500,000
  • BLACKSHEEPWALL - Start the game with 30x MCS-1, MCS-2, and MCS-3
  • WHORUNBARTERTOWN - Start the game with 5,000x all lab materials
  • ZZTOP - Start the game with all clothing and toys unlocked

The Company - Alpha 5.1.11 - Dakota

System Changes

  • Alpha 5.1.0 focuses on Dakota, who has received:
    • 21 conversation events
    • 15 room exploration events
    • 10 random events
    • 2 "bad end" events, each with multiple sub-events
    • 1 MCS-3 event
  • Dakota will react to player's gender and chastity state, comment on clothing in the morning and react to new (or missing) genitals
  • Stats have been removed. This includes relationship, arousal, willpower, corruption,  intelligence, masculinity, and femininity
    • Arousal has been redesigned and can increase based both on events and passive effects, such as clothing or gender
    • At maximum arousal (Uncontrollably Horny) you will no longer be able to select any non-sexual options when given the choice
    • Masturbating will reset your arousal level, though passive effects will remain
  • Player transformation now occurs more fluidly, and you'll be notified of changes as they happen. Each transformation comes with an event that will trigger overnight
    • Your family and coworkers will react to transformations as they occur
    • You can easily shift between the "male" end of the gender spectrum (male, trans, sissy) or the "female" end (female, shemale, bimbo), though it's more difficult to bridge the gaps between trans and shemale, though it is possible
    • As more content gets added to the game, more avenues for transformations will be added as well
    • It is possible to toggle forced transformations, which are enabled by default
    • It is possible to permanently become a sissy or a bimbo, thus disabling the transformation system
  • Wardrobe system added. You can now change your clothing in your bedroom. Clothing will affect your transformation direction, arousal level, and dialogue in some scenes
    • Clothing and reactions to what you're wearing are constantly expanding. Note that this update is only the first pass
  • New dialogue system
    • New dialogue system allows for player choice in conversation topics with character
    • Conversation topics can be unlocked in various ways and can unlock other events and conversations themselves
    • This patch only introduces the system to Dakota, though in the future it will be expanded game-wide
  • New exploration system
    • New exploration system lets you spend time exploring rooms and objects, which may unlock other events, objects or conversations
    • Rooms and objects can be unlocked via conversations, exploration, events, and just about anything else
    • This patch only introduces the system to Dakota, though in the future it will be expanded game-wide
  • A new location, Shopping Mall!
    • The mall can be visited on the weekend
    • You'll meet four new characters here who will all get more interactions in the future. For now they're just here to sell you clothing
    • At the mall, you can buy men's, women's, and intimate clothing, as well as adult toys. Intimate Apparel and Women's Boutique are locked from Male players until they've begun trending towards a feminine gender state
    • The adult toy store also offers a chastity device removal service
    • Walking around the mall will cause time to pass
    • The mall will be expanded in the future with its own set of events and additional locations!
  • Random events!
    • Random events have a chance to occur at certain times and days at home and work
    • These events will provide various bonuses, unlocks, and content, and themselves can be unlocked in various ways
    • Alpha 5.1 ships with 10 office events and 15 home events, for a total of 25 random events
    • New events will be added regularly, this system is designed to be constantly expanded
  • Over 85 new images
  • Several improvements in dialogue formatting
  • Improved masturbation scene can affect player transformation
  • Characters now have relationships (Mom, Sister, Co-Worker, Boss, etc) as well as statuses that will change based on your interactions with them. These statuses can be viewed from the sidebar.
  • Image pack check added to beginning of game
  • Added option to play game without images
  • Time/date system now progresses properly, even outside of game's limits

Lab and Serum Changes

  • Serums no longer cost money to make
    • The player now starts with less money and earns less weekly
    • "Money" is no longer "Budget", and now represents the player's actual money
  • Serums now require various amounts of material components
    • These components can be prepared in the lab, and doing so causes time to pass
    • Various events can reward the player with additional components
    • Penny's assistance in the lab will either increase material yield or remove the time cost of producing serum
  • The lab can be upgraded up to 10 times
    • Each upgrade increases material yields by 50%
    • Upgrade costs increase with each upgrade
    • Upgrade costs come out of the player's pocket
  • During the game, the player will unlock the ability to sell excess serums as an additional way to earn money
  • Due to the new time required to make serums, dose cooldowns have been reduced to 1 day across the board, and no longer increase
  • New serum has been added to the game which can trigger a character's "bad end"
    • Once administered, that character can no longer be otherwise dosed
    • Effects will trigger gradually, culminating in a major change in that character
    • This effect will likely lock out most if not all future normal interactions with that character, so be careful!
    • This system currently only applies to Dakota but will be added to more characters over future patches

Story and Events

  • For comparison, 5.0.2 released with 87,026 words. 5.1.0 clocks in at 151,018
  • New dream sequences have been added to the beginning of the game which act as a way for the player to change various settings in the game
  • New story events involving The Company have been added, revealing some background (and raising more questions) surrounding the game's overarching story
  • Penny has received two new dose events, for a total of 4
  • All events have been updated to account for variance in player gender and chastity status, though not all to the same extent
    • Events involving Dakota and John have received the most attention, while others will all get additional passes through future updates
  • Weekend all-day events no longer have a cooldown, and now cost money instead
  • As part of the new crafting system, players will be asked to craft a vial of CMD-1 themselves for the end of Chapter 1 event
  • As part of the new crafting system, players will need to craft a vial of TFM-1 themselves for John's TF event
  • Reaction events to John's TF have been added
  • A transition scene on the way to work to accommodate morning events has been added
  • An extra week has been added to Chapter 1 to accommodate new crafting system
  • Events added to "Bad Ends" in Chapter 2 to make do-overs cleaner


The Company - Alpha 5.0.2

  • Fixed character location display issues at home
  • Fixed character location display issues at work
  • Fixed time checks for October, which should resolve the inability to leave for work early after Chapter 2
  • Julia should no longer be appearing in the office after Chapter 2
  • You should no longer be able to bring Julia tea after Chapter 2
  • Fixed Sales macro error on certain passages
  • John and Tasha will now be in the same place at the same time in the Early Afternoon after dosing Tasha to dom John
  • Fixed some notes showing outdated information
  • Added time passing to initial Chapter 2 event to make Penny's early arrival make more sense
  • Fixed issue with Dakota's route prevented handjob events from triggering, which in turn prevented oral events from becoming available
  • Fixed various spelling/grammar/formatting errors

The Company - Alpha 5.0.1

  • Download HTML file and replace existing one in Alpha 5.0.0 directory to update
  • Fixed issue with events between Penny and John triggering incorrectly

The Company - Alpha 5.0.0

  • Saves from previous versions of The Company are not compatible with Alpha 5.0.0
    • Alpha 5.0.0 adds support for save file updates, meaning save breaks should become less common moving forward, though updates that make any major system or story path changes will still require a reset
  • New web-hosted version of the game available
    • This version will be updated with all public releases and can be played directly in your browser. No need to download or extract any files
    • There will be a special Patreon link to the game for early access incremental builds as well for all patrons in the $5 tier or higher
  • Chapter 2 has been added to the game and will take the player through the end of September to see to completion
    • Several “bad ends” have been added to the end of this chapter, but they are short and easy to back out of, and fairly obvious. Check them out, if you dare! MWAHAHAHA!!!
    • Completing Chapter 2 marks the end of current story content, though the game can still be played normally
  • The sidebar will now tell you what chapter you’re currently on
  • New events have been added to John’s dom route!
    • This route is triggered by submitting to John in the bathroom before attempting to dose his drink
    • Some events conflict with other events in a continuity sense. These won’t break the game but might seem a little weird if you’re pursuing a route with Penny. Expect much better integration moving forward
    • John’s events on this route work slightly differently and are time locked. After a new milestone, it will take a few days before he finds a new way to “surprise” you

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: Update 6.2.1 on 02/17/2020

This game is brilliant! Not only does it have a good amount of content, it also has a decent amount of choice!

The media is great, the story is very good, the characters are powerful and corrupting them is fun, the sex scenes are great, and the general mechanics are very easy to understand! There's even a wide amount of choice at the start of the game with how long you want it to take for the story to progress or your transformation to happen. Certain elements of the story relating to choice are really well done too, without being spoilery.

My main constructive criticisms would be to work a little on repetetive scenes and happenings such as random encounters and daily events. There is already infastructure here like locking your door to avoid scenes but it can still feel repetetive when every sex encounter with a character has identical text and certain things like the state of your genitals or chastity or sudden change in gender feel glossed over. Also characters like chris and certain shop attendants feel like more will happen but nothing ever does - maybe this is planned for future updates. But this is very nitpicky, and overall it is difficult to find big faults in the game. Well done author! 9/10 - lets see what is to come!

Review by mimi69

Version reviewed: Update 6.2.1 on 12/19/2019

I like this game! Maybe that says bad things about me, because some of this game is really bad like raping people and incest (or if you do not want... step-incest)

The idea is super good. 

The story is super good and still working on.

The story and images are all very good. How you do sex is changing and makes more choices, and you can be creative. 

The best things in the story seem to happen when you are mostly a bad person.



There are two things in the sex toy store that you can only use in one place. If you are saving lots of money to get those, you should be able to use them on other people too. That would be wow cool!!

you can maye cool potions to grow cock or pussy, or grow your hair. Then you can only use them on you. It is the same, it would be super cool if you could use them on other people at home or in the Company. Maybe even on your drivers.

You can be girlfriend with your lab assistant, but only go to her house or out to town. It would be good to bring her home to meet your family.


Good stuff

This game has cheats so you do not have to grind as much.



Review by ManAger

Version reviewed: Update 6.2.0 on 11/27/2019

Amazing !

The plot is very linear but how you interract with the various NPC is totally up to you leading to various possibilities.

This freedom without any big bug is rare.

One of the BEST game here.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: Update 6.2.0 on 10/04/2019

I think chapter 3 is really nice and chapter 4 could be even better, from the look of it.

The Company is truely one of the better game on tfgamesite. Storywise it bends in well with the reality, that is after taking the scientific background into account. I really like the hint of detective element in it. looking for the traitor, figuring out the sabotage and all that. I like the dark element, too. It is really really... really dark after certain point. if you like novels about parents eating their children, this is the game for you. btw, no, that is not a spoiler because you are not seeing that in the game. Expect something worse.

Gameplay-wise, The Company is fixing up things. It used to be very broken, not making too much sense, right at the early stages of development. Now, I am getting the feeling that I might be seeing another Lilith's throne at the end. There is an understandable game machanism which you can beat once you figure it out, say, doing certain thing would give you one stat, which would end up turning you into certain thing after repeatable tries. My character was shifting between dom and sub and dom and sub, male and sissy and then trans then back to male, eventually settled as a sissy. Good fun doing all that, and it is fun to see how people react to the changes.

Well, grinding is a bit heavy, talking about the CON side of the story. Events are date based, meaning that easy mode or not you still have to grind past the game to see an event. Yes, I know there is a skip day button, but who is going to use that until they are absolutely sure? That said, it is nothing but an ignorable issue. There is enough story to drive you through to the current end of development, which is early Chapter Four.

All in all, I think The Company is an excellent game sitting side by side with Secretary, Lilith's Throne, Hornstown or Perverted Education.

Review by hotwifeygames

Version reviewed: Update 6.1.2 on 09/04/2019

Great game. Crazy amount of options. Its a lot of fun using the various drugs. I always use the cheats tho.

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