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Wicked Choices

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Wicked Choices

Wicked Choices is primarily a “Mind Control/Supernatural Power” Visual Novel [Interactive Story] with lots of in-depth story, adult graphical images, choice branches with endless clicking and reading Eroge (adult) game.
In this monthly, episodic game you will assume the role of the two major characters… Michael Preston (or name of your choice) and Princess Lynara.

As Michael Preston, aided by Syrina the Demon Princess, you will find yourself trying to weave your way through a chaotic world filled with magic, dark desires, fetishes and pleasures of the flesh when it is revealed that you are the prophesied ‘Antichrist’ that has long been foretold about.

Meanwhile, as Princess Lynara and an angel, you discover that you are somehow tied to the ‘Antichrist’ and set yourself on a quest to locate and find him in the hopes of discovering what your connection to him might be… will you try and stop him from setting free and releasing the demons that have long been held prisoner?

Or, will you aid him in his mission?



As you progress through this game, trying to uncover the secrets and reveal the truth behind centuries of deceit, lies and rumors, that you face, you will also be faced with such subjects and fetishes as: Corruption, NTR, Incest, Bondage/BDSM, Humiliation, Mind Control, M2F Transformation Gender-bending, Futa, Trap, Orgies and Demon/Monster sex…

Only you can decide the path you take and the side you’ll choose… but will it be the ‘right’ one?

FULL VERSION PROLOGUE NOW RELEASED and contains 775 dialogue blocks, containing 19,167 words and 292 images!!

Chapter One contains 962 dialogue blocks, containing 23,625 words and 339 (new) images.

Chapter Two contains 421 dialogue blocks, containing 8,738 words and 192 (new) images.

Links to the "Wicked Choices: Prologue" PC or MAC version can be found on the Patreon Site or on the side bar.

Thank you for your time and interest!

Michael Preston (or name of your choice) thought that he had married into a normal family… but, with the recent death of this father-in-law, he will soon learn that it really isn’t the case!

As a husband and father of four, Michael must balance his family life and new role in the large family, while also coming to grips with the knowledge that he is the prophesized ‘Antichrist’, complete with new powers and thrown into a war between demons and angels…

Playing as the angel princess, Princess Lynara, you learn that you are in some way ‘bonded’ to the ‘Antichrist’ and must work your way towards and find them, while being hunted and suspected as being a ‘heretic’ by the rest of the angels…

Will you be able to locate and find the ‘Antichrist’ before he fully rises to power… or before your own people find you?

And if you do… what side are you going to take? Will you allow yourself to be corrupted… or set free?

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Review by slitherhence

Version reviewed: Prologue on 09/27/2018

This review is for the current full version (thru chapter 5).

A lot of the other reviews deal only with the demo... And I can tell you the demo is barely even the tip of the iceburg.

First, let's talk about the story. It's good. Better than anything else I've seen on this site. There are two stories happening concurently. The story of the "Antichrist" and the story of an "elven/angel princess." The stories are intertwined, though each has limited impact on the other currently. As of Chapter 5 the two still have not yet met but are on a definite colission course. If I were to summerize the two stories in broad strokes the antichrist section is your stock standard incest+corruption story: married man is seduced by neice, starts lusting after his daughters, and a succubus shows up to egg things along. The princess section is more fantasy+corruption: inocent and naive elfin girl awakens long burried desires and begins to explore her sexuality, slowly becoming more and more lustful in the process.

So where do I get off calling this the best story on the site? Well... the devil, as they say, is in the details. It's the way the way the characters are relatable and believable and each have their own clear pernsonalities, the way the stories intertwine and build off each other, and the world building with it's own take on mythology. And unlike most other incest/corruption stories there is not a wiff of anything arbitrary. Normally the daughter/neice/mother/sister inexplicably just happens to be lusting after the father as much as he is her... or the she happens to be so naive and innocent that she doesn't realise her father/uncle/son/brother is trying to seduce her... or she's just such a total slut that she's happy to jump on any cock regardless of who it belongs to. There's none of that here. All the perversity has explanations that are reasonable in the context of the story. The neice is incestuous because she was raised by her parents that way... because her entire family was raised that way going back generations. They were raised that way because of their responcibilities to the trapped succubus... using their perverse sexual escapades to feed her trapped soul generation after generation while they awaited a time when she would be freed. This is a story that could be read and enjoyed as a story... even without the sexual themes.

The art is also very well done. Much better than even the better 3d CG art typical of these games. The textures used could stand to be more detailed, particularly for skin. But they are already far and away better than most other games. The models are very well done with quite believable and even enticing. There are no rediculous endowments. Dicks, boobs, hips, and biceps all have reasonable popotions for the characters... even if they are consistently "too" perfect in form. But no one likes saggy boobs or a bent penis... so we'll let that slide.

The sex scenes are also good. Well writen and quite erotic. The pacing, however, may not be to eceryone's tastes. Each sex scene takes much longer to play out than most other games on this site. Normally these games have a rapid escalation to climax that focuses heavily on the physical... what objects are being stuck in which holes and the like. Instead, the scenes in this game involve more of a slow burn of growing lust that spends as much time exploring what the characters are thinking as it does what they are doing to each other physically. I find myself wondering if, perhaps, this is a story writen by a woman for women. It certainly reminds me a great deal more of main-stream erotic novels than it does of the typically erotic fiction found online. Certainly, if you are a woman and find yourself disapointed in the short length of many sex scenes in erotic games you should give Wicked Choices a try. If you are a man, don't be discouraged by what I've said, the art is plenty enjoyable on it's own and, as a man myself, only once did I find myself growing impatient.

Outside that, the game is very much what it says on the tin. It's an interactive novel. Don't expect complex mechanics or sandbox environments. Every so often you will be presented with a choice and will have to face the consequences, for good or ill. It's the name of the game, after all.


Story: 8

Sex: 7

Gameplay: 3

Art: 8

(ranked 1-10, 5 = average, 10 = perfect, 1 = unforgivable)

Review by rakgi1

Version reviewed: Prologue on 09/20/2017

Unfortunately with the demo, I saw 0 m/m so defintiely not something im gonna try out going forward. 

Review by ASLPro3D

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/05/2017

@Megaduck sorry it took so long to get back to you and appreciate your thoughts and review, please let me try and address your concerns...

About the small size of the demo:  

We never considered that no one would be willing to pledge to us, without seeing something first (IE: a demo) and the prologue was much too big to just give away as a demo, so rather than just whipping up a quick [undeveloped] story for that purpose, we ended up taking a very small snippet from the prologue to make a demo from… So, part of the first release: ‘Wicked Choices: The Prologue’ will contain the small part of what you just played through with a whole lot more.

Due to the story, we can't reveal the Demon Princess, straight away... the way that she is introduced to both the character and players is... unique and her appearance comes at a very... erm... 'unusual' time and way! ;)

I think the best thing that I can do to give a bit more satisfaction to those interested in trying the demo, is to release the entire 'Wicked Choices: Prologue' to the public after it has been already released to those that have already signed up as my patrons... this way people will get a better sense of the game, its story and artwork and doesn't punish or upset those who've already committed to me. So will update this demo with the entire first prologue from which this demo was taken from at the end of September/Beginning of October to provide a more fleshed out feel for those who might be interested.

Thank you for taking the time to offer your thoughts and advice, it is much appreciated!

Sorry that you felt that way, fixsxd, while mine may not have been to your liking, I cerntainly hope you find one that does.

@LiaoHua currently for the demo that is pretty much it... the full version has much more to it...

Review by Megaduck

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/03/2017

The description of the game is better then the demo.  This looks like it will be a fun game to play based on the description, I do enjoy succubusses and demons and corruption but none of that is in the demo which is more like a very slow introduction.  


The renders are well done, but as another poster states this comes off as a little generic.  My advice to the maker would be to get the Demo at least touching the plot of the game, give us something to look forward to and anticipate.  Perhaps end the Demo by introducing the Demon Princess?  Give us a hint of the game options between being wicked or not?    What are the consequences of the decisions?


How does the georgeous cover art relate to the game?  

Review by LiaoHua

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/02/2017

As the current free "demo" stands there really is not much content outside of masturbating to your niece.  Personally incest does absolutely nothing for me and I really hope therer is more that I am missing.

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