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Version: 0.0.5

Version: 0.0.4

Version: 0.0.3

Employee Benefits
by Zealot

Employee Benefits is a game about a new employee who slowly gets feminized by his coworkers.

I'm looking to take criticism/advice/suggestions.

It currently contains:






 0.5a - You should actually be able to play the game now

Version 0.5 [strikethrough]Beta[/strikethrough] Blowjobs
-So this update was a lesson in making goals. What I wanted to do for this update was way too large and vague in scope and I ended up not really getting anything done. So instead I focused on blowjobs.
-After week 5, if your appearance is high enough, you can ask Callie to teach you how to give a blowjob.
-You can apply that skill with Mr. Emerson.
-There's another dream you should be able to find through normal playthrough.
-You can now see clothes before you buy them.


Plans for next update: Daily Grind

-Add some events to the normal work activity, hopefully making it a little less tedious.
-Experiment with different CSS styles.

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Review by moominbradley

Version reviewed: 0.0.5a on 05/18/2022

This is nicely written and I got into the world of it and the progression was nice and smooth

But there is the problem that it has been abandoned, it becomes a slow loop of working, sucking off your boss and slowly building enough money to get bigger boobs and ass. But that's the end of it.


It's a game that showed promise but the ironic thing is once you start earning money the game is pretty much over.

Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: 0.0.5a on 09/24/2019

This game is awesome. It fulfilled my own fetishes perfectly and fuels my fantasies well. The characters are great and interacting with them feels fulfilling and nerve racking at the same time. The gameplay of moving through the story gives you a decent amount of choice, and lets you explore your small office to the point of getting in trouble and moving through the story. It does sadden me this game seems to be dead in the water in terms of updates but I hope one day the author comes back and continues to improve on this great game. 9/10.

Review by Demento56

Version reviewed: 0.0.5a on 12/12/2017

This is a decent game that hopefully hasn't been abandoned.

Review by luchoxzx

Version reviewed: 0.0.5a on 10/01/2017

quick fix. nice work, i like the latest update.

 found a bug/mistake. if you don´t smack her later on you will still be given the "friend" 

keep up the good work.

some suggestions, i would make more than one storyline, the way it is you have to make some decitions but overall the storyline is the same with a few changes.


also i would like to see more weekend interactions and story chaps. 

Review by Kalon

Version reviewed: 0.0.5a on 10/01/2017

The game is progressing quite well and I look forward to each installment.

As for ADIDAS post....be patient, you act as those the things you state should be in the game already.  Framework and functionality are the hardest and most challenging thing for a developer to get right and your worried and very specific detail based on several conditionals that I'm feel quite certain will be taken into account when the version is closer to 1.0 and not 0.0.1 like it is.  Kudos to having content developed enough that we all see the concept of what's taken place even though some think all possibilities should be there already.

Keep up the good work.

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