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Version: A0.1a

The Ancient Relic

After seeing both large and small projects, which I have enjoyed. I ended up deciding to do something myself. With the sole intention of having fun doing it and entertaining who enjoys it.
English is not my natural language, I'm aware that there will be many grammatical errors.
What I post is just an intro more than anything. The idea is that when it's finished it's like a "sandbox", where you explore and unravel the story. With a certain freedom of action.

Thank you all for your advice and kind words both here in the reviews and in the forum. 

Anything you want to ask or share any errors you find will be welcome.

Thanks again!

Due to the recent death of your grandfather, you discover a letter written by him. In it you hardly understand words written in a language that you do not know. But you vividly remember the drawings that are drawn in it. Old tales that he told you about an old relic. Knowing your grandfather, serious person and not given to fantasies, you are curious to unravel this mystery.

Right now I can not make two parallel lines in the story so the protagonist, at least initially, will be male gender at the moment.

(20/08/2017) Every time I update, I will replace the update with the new date. So that it is not too long. After this version with the "finished" prologue, the next update will take a long time, until have enough content.

- The prologue is finished, I have had to redo a lot, but now I understand this system better.

- Some new npcs.

- Some fixed and some more pics.

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Review by kuzkito

Version reviewed: A0.1a on 08/21/2017

There is not much difference between versions. I'll wait for more content, it seems interesting though.

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: A0.1 on 08/10/2017


nice test run

1 good advice: at the left status bar do not use link in link->back buton/command will give you a loop

Have fun

Review by MandyZane

Version reviewed: A0.1 on 08/09/2017

Way to go! Making games is a lot of fun and incredibly challenging. I hope you have a great time with your game.

You do need to work on some more content before sharing. There's not a lot people can say about your game, at this stage, so their feedback won't be too helpful. Also, as a kindness to the players who take the time to play your game, offering them something that's within the community guidelines and rules (https://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/app.php/rules) goes a long way. You already have a lil something sexy going in your game, so flush out some of the other basic necessities and you'll be in great shape!

And if you create a dicussion board on the forums we can leave you feedback helping with the grammar and technical issues we come across. You're able to directly link between the the forum and the TFGS as well.



Review by demosen

Version reviewed: A0.1 on 08/09/2017

Really really basic. I love seeing more content on here, but this is really just a tech demo from learning Sugarcube at this point.

Review by darknessunited

Version reviewed: A0.1 on 08/09/2017

Interesting for what is there. i look forward for more. also you should add a discuss page.

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