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Inform 7
$ 20.00
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Release 12 Version 3.0
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Trap Quest
by aika


There's just some unlockable additional content (and early access) if you support us, which due to TGFS rules means the game is flagged as costing $20. Go figure.

Join our community on Discord at: https://discord.gg/QtKEtdS

Visit trapquest.com for news, changelogs, and to download the most recent public version of the game.

Trap Quest is an erotic text-heavy turn-based clickable-text-input roguelike game which can be run in Windows, older versions of MacOS (newer versions have to use the glitchy Gargoyle or emulate Windows), Linux, and (to some lesser extent) Android and iOS. Its premise is that you're playing a very difficult virtual reality game and your body and mind are transformed in response to the events that happen in the game while you search for the exit.

The primary type of transformation in the game is 'bimbofication', a bimbo being a superficial person whose appearance, attire and behaviour is overtly sexually provocative. You can choose to play as male or female; for a male character this transformation can include sexual reorientation and/or actual biological transformation into a woman (depending on your game options selections) and will always include feminization, including the wearing of highly feminine and revealing clothing.

Other transformation content that can be enabled/disabled includes but is not limited to:

  •     Pregnancy
  •     Lactation
  •     Weight gain
  •     Extreme proportions
  •     Artificial enhancements (breast implants, lip augmentation, etc…)
  •     Air inflation

The game is built around a robust set of game mechanics that we’ve been working with the player community over 8 years (and counting) to perfect and balance, including:
  •     Traps
  •     Combat (with a large variety of non-player characters, each with their own unique traits and CG art by Icarus)
  •     Inventory management
  •     Humiliation level management
  •     Exhaustion/health/arousal management
  •     Hunger and thirst
  •     Potions, food, and drinks with positive/negative/transformative effects
  •     Crafting
  •     Uncursing/blessing/durability/transformation of clothing and items
  •     Cravings/obsessions that get reinforced when satisfied
  •     Themed character classes with their own mechanics
  •     Allies and bosses
  •     An NPC favor/hostility system
  •     A shop system
  •     Interactive environments
  •     Optional sub-quests
  •     A map display that’s revealed as you explore
  •     A character display that depicts your current body proportions, clothing, and surroundings, and information about your current state (with six variants you can choose from)

The level layouts, crafting recipes, and loot selection and enchantments are randomized in every playthrough, making the game infinitely replayable. Playthroughs typically last between 1 and 5 hours, but your first run will take a long time as you get used to everything.

The game is designed to be very difficult. While it’s possible for your character to successfully reach the exit as the same person they were when they started, in practice this never happens. The game is designed to overwhelm and disempower you, and punish you for the compromising choices you’ve had to make. The object is to, through its mechanics, immerse you in your character's feelings of submission. This is not a game that you’re supposed to win; it’s a game that’s supposed to beat you and make that experience enjoyable.

"Ignore all that, the game is easy and completely safe! Come and play!"

Two sexy bimbos hugging an uncertain woman.

For frequent updates on development, go to our Official Twitter page.

Support tiers (see here for details):
Beta Tester Patreon rate - $5 per month
Alpha Tester Patreon rate - $20 per month
Alpha Tester DISCOUNTED SubscribeStar rate - $18 per month
NPC Creator Patreon rate - $100 per month

Check out the wiki: http://trapquest.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page


Visit the website (warning NSFW landing page):



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by redwulfen

Version reviewed: Release 12 Version 2.0 on 08/01/2020

Haven't actually played this release yet, though this is one of the most enduring games on the site and it just keeps growing. In response to Ranma who is having trouble with the launcher due to AV false flagging, you don't have to use the launcher to play the game, click the link that goes to trapquest.com rather than area57 and download the game file from there, then open it with either WinGit or Gluxe - Inform7 game readers that can also be downloaded from the trapquest.com page. I've played previous versions both ways, the main advantage of the launcher is that it checks for updates automatically.

Thank you for the continued excellence Aika,

Review by RanmaS2040

Version reviewed: Release 12 Version 2.0 on 07/31/2020

I want to say I really like this game. I used to play it during its earlier iterations. But with this latest launcher I haven't been able to get it past my virus protection filters. I'm not saying this has a virus attached to it, just that my cpu thinks that it does. Keep up the great work, I am glad to see this game is still around.

Review by Cptn Spalding

Version reviewed: Release 11 Version 2.0 on 12/22/2019

I love the character screen the TF's on the avatar or on point and having several flavors to chose from  for the character screen just makes it that much better.

The game play is good. I mean it's a sandbox so some repitition is expected, but it doesn't get old.

I only have 2 complaints. I actually got stuck on the turtorial and found it faster to get into the game by just jumping into it. The ability to skip parts of the tutorial would be benefical. My second complaint is more a matter of personal choice. M2F transformation is more my jam. I appreciate sissification and feminization content if it leads to M2F transformation but as best as I can tell from looking it up online, actual F2M transformation doesn't actually come until nearly the end of the game. it would be nice to see an earlier method of becoming female. Otherwise I love the game and am going to try to play it through a few times



Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: Release 10 Version 6.0 on 09/05/2019

Trap Quest is one of a kind. It is surely an iconic tf game earning it own place in the tf game history, just like Cursed for Rag or CoC.


The main theme of the game is MtF and sissification. However the game does offer a lot more than that. You will find the setting page very long with a lot of choices. You can disable whatever you do not want.

The sad news. The game has far exceeded what the inform7 engine can offer after a decade of work putting into it. With little formating and graphic support and a performance issue, the very active creater has to go around the engine for solutions. The result turns out to be acceptable, but far from perfection.

Inform 7 is a full TEXT engine. I remember the time when we need to try out the commands not sure what to do. It took a lot of exploring to learn that you can do something to the statue in the third room. We would try to kick it attack it use it wear it drop it drink it take it... Now, the creator has put images around with the available commands all listed out available for clicking. It is a lot easier for newbies... and at the same time taking so much fun out of it. BTW, does anyone know that "I" stand for inventory and you can "Look me" to check yourself up?

Anyway, other iconic inform 7 games:

  1. Arena <- this is the grandfather of all inform 7 games. old. rusty. okay as a sandbox game.
  2. BMB (Bimbo Mall Battle - StableMilk) <- this made the inform 7 a hit some decades ago
  3. Curse of Krigas. <- promising until it stopped development

Trap Quest is the only "alive" inform 7 project. The author is adding new content frequently. While it would take quite some time to get use to the interface, I think it worth the time doing so.

Review by Red-XIII

Version reviewed: Release 10 Version 4.1 on 05/04/2019

Does this game even NEED reviews at this point?

Anyway... after seeing the previous review I just felt like I had to add a few things.

IIRC, There's only 4 regions in the free version of the game ATM. 5th one is still supporters-only for now.

And the fact that there are so many of them is not even nearly as great as it sounds.

If you're actually doing most of the things that review talked about, or in other words if you're actively taking measures to win this becomes a VERY stretched game.

Add to that a fact that it's a one-way one-time build-up and we have a problem. Human body doesn't mirror this game's set-up, it doesn't come with save and restore functions. In simpler words you can't just go "oh darn it's getting late, I'll just dump my arousal to a file for the nigh and then restore it from there and get to the jacking-off part tomorrow", humans don't work like that.

Now, a big chunk of this problem is there because this game is probably the oldest one alive (being actively developed that is) on this site (definitely the oldest one alive from the notable ones), and every man and his dog know it inside-out by now, but a problem is still a problem.

It definitely WAS the best game on this site at some point, and in some ways probably still is. Yet at the same time in some ways it's dead (died from old age and overused organs I'd say) and will probably forever remain that way regardless of how well it's being developed.

Well that's what it's like as erotic material anyway.

As a game it has a different problem.

And again, it's somewhat age-related.

You know how some people get urges to change things up once in a while. Like re-arranging the furniture in one's room, and not because the previous arrangement was flawed in some way, but rather because the person just got too used to it?

Well from my point of view something largely similar has been happening to this game a lot over the years.

It's experienced a lot of gameplay changes that didn't make any sense it any better, and, like I said, to me looked like just changes for the sake of changes.

Which in itself wouldn't be a problem if many of them didn't make the experience WORSE.

Yep, that's what I'm saying. It used to be a better GAME at some point than it is now. MUCH better actually.

But if we're being honest, none of what I (or any other reviewers) said above matters.

If you've never tried this game yourself, you're DEFINITELY missing out (unless you're on this site by some sort of mistake, in which case hello, welcome, and GTHO for your own sake).

And if you have you don't need a reviewer's opinion AT ALL, you have your own.

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