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Book of Lust

A NSFW time-management/rpg/visual novel in which you play as Jake Hart; a somewhat average young man.  One day, he's given a mysterious spellbook and accidentallyreleases a succubus.  Embark on a journey of complete and utter degeneracy as you mind control, swap bodies, birth demons, and order your personal succubus to possess those around you.


Fetishes so far:

-Mind Control
-Body swap
-Hentai Dialogue


There will be Male/Male and Female/Female pairings, but I wanted to try keep them optional.  You won't see any of these unless you actively start looking for them.


Olivia's Room

Jake in (Possessed) Olivia's room.


Possessing Cassandra

Your demon possessing Cassandra.


Swapping Bodies


Swapping Bodies with Olivia.


TFGames thread here


Most of what's available and isn't available to do is in the Read Me.

Use the Save Salvage Button incase I break the saves again.  Load up a broken save file, go to options and click the button.  It'll reset the game but you'll keep all your exp.

Assume the role of a wolf named Jake Hart.  A spell book falls into your possession and when you decide to open, you unleash a succubus into the world.  You deal with the consequences.  It seems as though not all consequences are bad.

Jake Hart - The protagonist and the current owner of the Book of Lust.

Cassandra Hart -  Your older sister.  Attends the university that Jake applied to.

Olivia Hart - Jake and Cassandra's mother.  Is possessed by the succubus when Jake opens her book.

Mel Price - Cassandra's boyfriend.  Wears a school hoodie a lot.

Valerie Price - Mel's sister.

Mia Woods - One of the Hart's neighbors.  Married to Donovan Woods.

Donovan Woods - One of the Hart's neighbors.  Married to Mia Woods.

Julia Woods - The neighbor girl.  Daughter of Mia and Donovan.

Succubus - Was released from the Book of Lust by Jake.  Both her true name and extent of her power are unknown.

Caroline Waters - A strange bunny girl.


Book of Lust v0.0.80.1a

-Lined and Colored Julia's Dream Walk scenario.
-Added special scene after using Dream Walk on Julia a second time.
-Moved G'nisi's pregnancy portrait swap and linking to Trish to her default menu rather than discussion menu.
-Added small variant scene with Delved Olivia when having sex the first time when Julia visits on Sunday.
-Added fix if the player has less than the maximum mana they should have if dominate Mind was active during Caroline's finale.
-Fixed Talk button in G'nisi's realm not being interactable when first meeting Raven Mother unless leaving and reentering the room.
-Fixed Sex with Caroline not having a Stamina Requirement.
-Fixed Cassandra's Soul Passenger using Valerie's lust for the late night masturbation sequence.
-Fixed Possessed Olivia's Birthing displaying unpossessed Olivia.
-Fixed incorrect Succubus portraits showing up from time to time depending on Delve state.
-Fixed some typos.
-Fixed some portraits not appearing.

Book of Lust v0.0.79.1b

-Fixed softlock during sex scene with Mel while playing as Jake.
-Fixed Cassandra's soulpassenger showing wrong dildo masturbation scene at night.
-Fixed Cassandra's soulPassenger using Valerie's Lust to trigger sex with Mel.
-Fixed the succubus' dialogue about The Raven Mother not triggering.

Book of Lust v0.0.79.1a (SubscribeStar Build)

-Lined and Colored Julia's dominate mind/compulsion scene while playing as Jake.
-Added small conversation about the Raven Mother with your succubus after talking to the Raven Mother.
-Added Tease/Masturbate/Nothing choice to Julia's Soul Passenger during dinner.
-Fixed Mia blowjob scene not showing during delve sex scene while playing as Jake.
-Fixed Caroline's sprites showing up incorrectly during Soul Passenger.
-Fixed a couple portrait issues.
-Fixed Caroline's mood being increased by 1 or two during her finale instead of subtracting.
-Fixed Julia's soul passenger not cancelling the spell during late morning scene.

Book of Lust v0.0.78.1b

-Fixed softlock during Possessed Valerie's birthing scene.
-Fixed incorrect Julia sprite showing up during her sunday visit.
-Fixed Dispelling Gestating Aspects requiring two cancellations.
-Fixed Caroline unable to get pregnant with both aspects during the threesome with Julia while playing as Jake.
-Fixed First two discussions with the succubus about Caroline not saving properly.
-Fixed Caroline 'Caroline Moving in with you' cutscene not showing correct sprite.
-Fixed Caroline gaining stats/getting pregnant when moving her to your room through the bodyswap discussion.
-Fixed Akasha's outside/study being labelled incorrectly as left/right.
-Fixed 'Fuck Other' sex scene not appearing every once in a while playing as Jake and Olivia is possessed.
-Fixed incorrect portrait being shown when the succubus is asked to leave.
-Fixed permanent loss of max mana when completing Caroline's quest while Dominate Mind is active.
-Fixed some typos and wording.
-Removed Influence requirement to impregnate Caroline.

Book of Lust v0.0.78.1a

-Added Lined and Colored sex scene with Mia while playing as Jake.
-Updated how character portraits are called in soul passanger and a couple other cutscenes.
-Fixed Julia not appearing pregnant when answering the door for her.
-Fixed Julia not appearing pregnant when having sex with her as Jake and Caroline.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by imercenary

Version reviewed: on 02/01/2021

Lets get this out of the way first (as of version 71.1b): as a TF game this game SUCKS.


That said, the art is fantastic AND the game has sex animations made specifically for this game. Zero human porn gif rips here. With a built-in Cheat Button, theres no reason not to try this game.

Review by jneko

Version reviewed: on 11/28/2020

As others have mentioned there isn't much in the way of TF at the moment. A lot of the game is playing around with the spells that get from the succubus which can be enjoyable. however there is plot to be found and one part brought me to tears and I was really worried I would make the wrong choice.

the characters have enjoyable personalities(at least the ones that have been fleshed out) and their art complements them very well.

Review by camozzi

Version reviewed: on 10/31/2020

The art is what really drew me in, it's sexy and fantastic. I have been following this game's updates for a little over a year now, and haven't seen that much progress on finishing the art, eagerly waiting though! I don't normally play games on this site for the story (I'm in it for the smut), so I love the fact that theres a cheat button so I can just skip to the raunchy parts. Awesome game! Keep up the good work!

Review by art926

Version reviewed: on 06/17/2020

A while ago this game looked very silly, but now it's getting really better and better. I wish there was more m/m content. The only other male character appeared to be non-possesable for the succubus (I wished I turned him into an incubus)). Also, this same game could be done in non-furry more realistic mode. Also, sex with relatives... well.. not everyone's cup of tea (fortunatelly)).

Review by relattic

Version reviewed: on 01/08/2020

really enjoyed this game the first time i played it. second playthroigh is a bit.. difficult to chew..

also. i download the newest version the game ONCE every year to see if swapping with Julia is finally available. it's not ^^ so... not going through all of this again until it is ;)

not really interested in all the story bits that have been added lately.

but generally ... good game

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