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March15 2.0
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Version: March15 2.0

Version: March15 Hotfix

Drunk Odyssey




Welcome to your eighteenth birthday. It's not going to go as you expect.  




By Germantown

| version March15 Hotfix |

VERSION March15 2.0

Hey no content here except brand new images for the Claire Storyline! If you thought the art was good before, wait until you get a load of the unsuspecting player now!

VERSION March15 Hotfix

So there was a problem with compression, causing the html file to be all fucked up. Should be fixed now, but please : don't leave a review if it's not working for ya. Leave a discussion thread message. Anyways, it's hopefully fixed, and get ready for more content! The changelog function is now implemented properly - it's a button. IN THE GAME. If you like the game, throw it a like or a post as always!


VERSION March14 1.0

Hey! Guess what! I'm back! Switching to a different style of writing so I can update more frequently. If you've ever played Devious World, It'll go something like that. The fantastic author of that branching story updates paths at a time - focuses on branches at a time, and specific paths in those branches, instead of pushing tiny updates to massive trees. I won't be branching quite as much as them - but with the paths I do have, I'll be doing a similar update pattern. This update brings a slew of new content to the game. A small update to bring me back into the writing world, it adds an expansion to a hot and heavy liquor store path. You can find the updates in the changelog, which is now a link on the sidebar. There's also a minimal update to Claire's path.


What's especially cool is the new art you can find on said liquor store path. It's extremely high quality commissioned art! There's more in the works, but it's pretty damn good - and brings a lot to the game. The next set is for Claire's storyline. Including the Bimbo TF. So get excited!

Catch you at the next update ;]



Hey! Welcome to Drunk Odyssey! The premise of the game is simple: It's an interactive story where your choices matter, and the story becomes tailored to your style the more you play. Think Telltale games meets twine meets porn. You start out celebrating your eighteenth birthday - and things go from there.

Currently, it contains a variable system that changes what you can do and constrains your choices. There are many paths to follow - with one main, leading path - and a host of transformations (as well as a load of sex scenes :]) There's hand-drawn art that will be updated soon - unfortunately, my drawing tablet has ceased to work on my computer. Along the paths there's more transformations, changes, and alterations to your character and your mind as you find yourself deeper and deeper into the odyssey - where you won't be coming home the same.

Thanks for playing, unsuspecting player! There's a discussion section for any kind of comments, critiques, or just general interest. I will be starting a patreon soon as the more in-depth the game gets, the more it'll become time consuming.

  The current wordcount of the game as per vMarch14 is 83,000






The main character. You're an attractive, athletic newly-18-year-old highschool student.


A newer addition to your crew, Will transferred to Green, your high school, last year, but quickly melded into your crew when you found him at Lottie's, the bar you frequent for its loose carding policies, and got absolutely tanked to the point of death with him. Standing at six-three and a striker on the soccer team, you've always felt a little competition with him - but tonight's all about you.


Is your oldest friend from back in preschool. He's always been a little odd - shaped like a pear, with spiky black hair and a over-stark jawline - but he's a loyal friend who will always go shot-for-shot, even if it ends with him throwing up on a parked car. Classic Dave.


Is an exchange student from Nairobi, and had quickly been accepted into the group. He lived with Will, and they had quickly bonded over soccer, the short African hoping to make it onto Kenya's national team after college.


The punching bag of your particular entourage, Trevor is actually a pretty cool guy. He's hard to make fun of - being, on almost all ends, average as fuck. Short brown hair, mediocre brown eyes, and a forgettable face - not too smart and not too dumb, he's like a brick. But you all find a way, fabricating scenarios and creating nicknames from small incidents because he's the one that always gets bristly when attacked - and it's so much fun.


Your old-school stoner friend from freshman year. For this story, he puts his bong aside for a night of alcoholic debauchery. With long, sandy-blonde hair and a stubbly little beard, Nick looked at home in his drug rug and board shorts.


Wrench used to have a name, but a series of unfortunate incidents had branded him with a nickname so powerful that people he never met would know him by name before being introduced. Wrench is a tank. 


Claire. Your stunning ex-girlfriend. You don't want to talk about Claire - but suffice to say, this auburn-haired beauty might have a reason to want to fuck you over, or teach you some sort of lesson. Best watch your back, Unsuspecting Player.


Jake is your little brother. 16 years-old, he's a smartass - but you'll probably need him if you want to make it out of the bars.


Marina is a super-cute photographer in training at Jess's Studio. She may be around for a good amount of your birthday week.



You don't know who this is yet - but you know he's making you feel a certain way. And you don't know what to do about it.


MINOR CAST [who may become major]

Bartender | Uber Driver | Man with flashlight


Changelog is now integrated into game, look for a menu button on the sidebar labeled "Changelog". Warning: It does not work perfectly yet - I have to do a workaround with the links contained in it since the game contains variables, and skipping to parts of the story means your variables aren't being made. I'll work on it! 


New Content | March 15th, 2018

All new images for the Claire Storyline. Hot stuff.

New Content | March 14th, 2018

Claire's Story has progressed a small amount. Welcome to the orchard.

Biggest Progression is to the Liquor Store. Follow your friend(s) in and see where it takes you!

There's new art (real, commissioned art) in the path above (liqour store). More art will follow as I decide to get it. Super high quality stuff, really cool!

Wordcount as of this new version is 82,814.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by KitsuneDragoon

Version reviewed: Oct10 1.0 on 10/30/2017

I found this to be a great run for an entry on this site. I hope to see more updates in the future and look forward to more "rebellions" against Claire.

Review by Denkkar

Version reviewed: 1.2 on 08/27/2017

High quality transformation scenes. Great illustrations. Very hot post transformation sex scenes. I highly recommend this game even in it's alpha state.

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: 1.2 on 08/25/2017

Really like what you've written so far.  

For the routes that are not written yet, you could leave the text while removing the links or use some other method like strike through to let us know the story hasn't been written yet.

Review by TimmyTurner

Version reviewed: 1.2 on 08/25/2017

Wow! What an incredible start! This looks like it could develop into a deep epic. Really looking forward to it!


Some observations

  • Having different paths is great, but try to focus on a single one if possible. If you leave unfinished plot points the audience will start losing patience, even if you continuously update the game as a whole.
  • Please do not forgo explanations, the "How". Leaving stuff as "A Wizard did it" is ok for short stories, but as they grow longer and reader start developing emotional links with the characters and the world, unexplanined stuff start to hurt suspension of desbelief. in a 'Real World setting', you generally want to explain why is the device/magic involved not of public knowledge and what is the consequences of using it. There is no deadline for dropping the reveals though, just keep it in mind.
  • And finally, since you have different paths, why not try different things in each? You could go sci-fi in one of them, for example. Just an idea.


I will later drop a forum post to expand on this. This is really promising!

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.1.5 on 08/21/2017


Writing is still great. Nothing more to add.



Writing is very amusing. Was looking forward to the liquor store path, but I'll wait for the next update.

Not being able to save was annoying, but I quickly got over it. Since it is a prologue, most of the available choices are railrounded, but the illusion of choice is still written well. The transformation details are good and overall I did like what I saw from this introduction sample.

Recommended. Just be warned it is an Alpha and short.


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