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Version: 1.50

The Gold Rush
by loraxd

Hey, first game attempt with RAGS, so please take it easy on me.

This is more of an linear interactive visual story than an actual game with almost no branching, but it should provide a few hours of fun. English is not my native tongue, so I hope it's not too poorly written. Anyway I have tried to compensate this with visual material.

One tip: If an event has started go with the flow - don't go out of the rooms. If you try to break the game you may possibly do it. Save often and have fun!


Created a patreon support page. Please donate.

UPDATE3 2018.01.18: Version 1.50 is available for download. Old savegames won't work!

Huge thanx to DavinaDoubleD, JenJen1989, WonnaBeYoung for helping me out

The storyline is still not finished, so one more update will follow!


You are teenage boy housekeeping a mansion during summer break, when you stumble upon an exciting adventure. A promise of a huge prize lays at the end of the quest, if you manage to go all the way through


- If you don't know something, try asking Google 

- When an event has started go with the flow, don't exit the room group unless the event requires you to. This is important, so that you don't break the game :)

- If you dash through the written part, you may get stuck not knowing what to do next. 

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Review by stacytv

Version reviewed: 1.50 on 07/23/2019

Revisited this after a year or so and completely forgot how good it is. Prepare to lose about 10 hours of your life. Once you start playing it's extremely hard to stop. One of the best games I've played so far. The story is well thought out and the images are amazing and so sexy. If you like sissy/feminization games you have to play this. I can't wait for updates. x

Review by slaveonline23

Version reviewed: 1.50 on 06/12/2019

An absolute wonderfull game! one of the best Rags game out there, waiting for any update!

Review by AlanahLovesYou

Version reviewed: 1.50 on 05/05/2019

I don't typically like RAGs games. I find them unwieldy and confusing. The few that I've played usually end up with me stuck at some section, trying everything that I can think of to progress, only to quit in frustration.

The Gold Rush is the exception. It's a linear story. What you need to do next is always clearly spelled out for you. It honestly could be a HTML game. For some that might be a letdown. For me, it was perfect.

It's the most welldone feminization process I've seen. It's some parts voluntary and some parts involuntary. Never do you feel like the main character is being pushed or forced to do something. Every step that he takes on his journey feels natural and almost logical. It's coupled with mouthwatering images and descriptions that paint clear pictures without being overbearing.

It's a little dark in places and there were some images and kinks that I wasn't a fan of. Seeing images of gaping assholes and vaginas isn't my thing. Unfortunately, they're pretty frequent. Likewise, it has dream sequences which is a pet peeve of mine. I ended up skipping the later ones because they didn't add anything meaningful to the experience.

Overall, it's one of my favourite games. Can't recommend it enough.

Review by TartanTwiner

Version reviewed: 1.50 on 11/20/2018

Honestly one of the best RAGS game i have played in a while but stop blueballing us and release the last part.

Review by Silky_Layla

Version reviewed: 1.50 on 09/13/2018

This game is in my Top 5's for this entire site. A bit a contrast from my other favorites but it is just so nicely written and constructed that I just can't get enough of it.

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