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Version: 0.1.8a

Runes of Drakonis
by Geehral

I have now a own Homepage so this site will very slowly updated.

for actually releases and info's visit me on

I have now a Patreon site visit me if you want ^^

As first i have to excuse myself eng is not my native language so maybe i use the wrong grammar or words.
But i hope u will understand what i write.

game description in the plot tab


0.1.8a - Visit my Homepage for all Informations

0.1.8 - Visit homepage for all Informations

Because you can set the name of the 2nd char i will call him Aktor2.

Its your 18th Birthday and your father told you that Aktor2 was looking for you.
After you found her she told you that she want leave your hometown to travel around the world, in anger that she doesnt aske you about your opinion you rushed out of her home.
Your father found you on the grave from your mother after aktor2 told him about the disput you both had.
While you talk with him he decided to tell you what happend with your mother while you was a baby.
After he told you this you decided to talk with Aktor2 and ask her waht she would ask you before you rushed out of her home.
She ask you if you want to come with her.
This is the beginn of your journey.

Sry for the lack of information but i dont want to spoiler to much ^^
General i would call it an adventure rpg.

0.1.8 - Visit Homepage

0.1.7 - Rework Update is out

  1. Fix for Hunt-quests
    • rewritten and woking now as they should
  2. Fix for freeze while saving the game
    • old questsystem was the problem changed to a new one and rewrote all quest
  3. Some optic changes
    • i dont think u will notic any of them ^^
  4. New Journal interface with quest-tracker where you can decide which is the active followed quest
    • can be turned on/off in option menu
  5. New Party (Formation) interface
    • change to a 5 member party (no use right now cuz just 3 chars avaible)
  6. Possibility to change Party member while combat (with cd)
  7. Completly new balancing system
    • each map have a level area
    • each quest have a level
    • tested all map with the minimum level
    • tested all quest with -1 lv (if quest say lv 5 i tested with lv 4)
  8. Turn order interface (in combat)
    • so u can see now if u can act before the enemy will
  9. fps sync in option menu
  10. keyboard/gamepad config in option menu

0.1.6 - just some balancing again and minor fixes

0.1.5 - sry for the fail, dont know what happend fixed now

huntquest fix not implemented

0.1d - some balancing and fixed grammar and spelling, hunt quests still not working will be reworked next patch

0.1c - dont use 0.1b and if you will do it dont fight rat they way TOO strong fixed version link comes in 20-25 min

0.1b - fixed some bugs and implemented the enemy scaling with battle party average lvl.

Please tell me after u finished this content which level you reached i need this information for balancing.

send it to me via pn or e.mail

0.1a - Bugfixes include not the fixes for enemy(comes with 0.1b) or grammar

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Review by Seris

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 08/21/2017

As there is no discussion thread, I have to use this for bug reports. I found a few sequence breakers. Namely you can leave the village without recruiting Friend and walk through the forest, which triggers a sequence as if Friend was in the party. Same goes for the town visit and the head guard.


Default names: Would be nice if there would be a default name for the characters. Makes discussions easier. I've used Alex and Elena, maybe you like them.


Grammar: In English, a chest is an "it", not a "she".


Otherwise, the game seems nice, except that at the beginning the battles are really hard. Died quite often, which usually I can avoid in such games.

Review by darkestlink

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 08/21/2017

Seems fairly solid for such an early version. the only problem worth noting for now that i could see was the difficulty. the enemies do way too much damage from the start and that discourages exploring because there's no point in going off the path when theres a high probibility you will die

Review by Buttshark00

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 08/21/2017

Good start so far in terms of content, but there are quite a few bugs and spelling/grammar errors, but would easily be fixed with a quick proof read, still possible to understand everything. Combat isn't that challenging, just at the start when you lack items and skills. But since this is still a very early version, everything is forgivale.

I'm liking it so far and interested to see where this game goes.

Also, consider making a thread about the game in the forums.

Review by Kaetii

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 08/21/2017

Actually looks pretty good as far as the general flow of things is concerned and the game itself.  There are verbal issues but based on the Ja/Nein for one merchant in the starting town, I assume German is your native language and hope the grammer police do not haul you away considering that.  Thank you for making a game.

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