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Version: Arc 2 Prologue

Version: 1.0 Xentia Mistress CG

Tales of Ameria

Hello everyone,

Aggra here, creator of The Order of Light, bringing you some new lewd goodness:

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Synposis: This is the first arc of Tales of Ameria. In this arc you will take on the role of one of the three main characters that will appear in the final game, Julia.
Julia is a member of the "Agency of Supernatural Phenomena". As part of the agency, Julia will take on the mission to investigate a hospital that seems to be influence by an evil source. Will Julia be able to help the people before they turn into Nurses and Patients? Or will she succumb to its effect like every one else?

Adult themes: F/F, F/M,  corruption, mind control, female, male and shemale dominant, female submissive, masturbation and other delicious goodness.

Features: Changing World depending on your own level of brainwashing, fights with messages that show your corruption, a unique TP system that will enslave your character for a short amount of time!

Design progress and scope: Tales of Ameria is a game that I hope will be enjoyable for people that love corruption and mind control. I want to add more and more different themes into the game in future Arks. More nasty stuff like transformations, nasty tentacles and evil mind suckers!

If you like my game and want to support me going further, please visit my patreon on:

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: Arc 2 Prologue on 03/13/2018

bug: failed to load img/animations/light4.png during the thug fight. Haven't played farther yet, thought you'd wanna know about the bug... very good so far tho!


edit: played through pretty much everything I could find at this point (at least the corruption paths).  the previously mentioned bug and/or missing file keeps ANY fight from working, sadly, so couldn't do the thugs/ruffians content or the demon fight.  If there are more fights, prolly couldn't do them either.  


Bug and/or missing file aside, great game!  Up there with Magical Camp and Alone Amongst Demons for my fave rpg maker games...  definitely in my top 5 RPG Maker games AT ALL, including the ones on Steam!  Not sure if it eclipses Undertale, would have to see when/if it gets finished... but the potential is there!  Great game, well worth playing even in this unfinished state!  Please continue and finish this!   =^_^=

Also, there were quite a few cases of "Undefined" popping up in dialogues, no idea what that is about... prolly another bug.

Review by renonymous

Version reviewed: 1.0b on 09/13/2017

When I first saw this game, I was a little upset that it would be delaying the progress of TLDH. But then I played it and, wow, Tales of Ameria is on another level. The game feels well structured and planned and almost entirely complete. There seem to be some bugs and inactive scenes still, but there are multiple avenues for bad ends and small scenes of deparity aside from the main story, lots of filler characters and areas for immersion, and a good timeline. I don't know what else to say other than: everyone should try this game, and I can't wait to see more in the series.

Review by hidden

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 09/05/2017

I finished the game.  Looking forward to the sequel.

Review by MyNameIs42

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 09/03/2017

Very good game, exellent, but as it was said previously, a quest log would be nice, though it's good too it's that it isn't too much linear, walking everywhere to find events is really nice and worth it

Review by bluejayount

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 09/03/2017

a few typos but nothing game breaking and i havent seen any bugs. has a variety of fetishes and if you dont like one you can skip through it. my only huge problem is that there is no way to keep track of objectives and can be confusing trying to find where to go.

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