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TF Runner
by sicco


Type: RPG, Adventure
Graphic avatar: yes
Need system: Windows + DirectX or Linux + Wine
Minimum system configuration: 3D graphics card, 2GB RAM, 2GB free space HDD

Update 0.47


  • dynamic 3D shadows of units

The desire of the Amazons:

  • Taking care of Dandelion has new illustration
  • Fetish sex in pantyhose with Mea & Vea – two variations (purely lesbian sex, lesbian pissing)

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Drugs for increasing/decreasing the size of breasts. Drugs for enlarging/reducing the size of a penis

Portable archive file .zip

Screenshots (NSFW):

 img2 img1

 img3 img4


more screens


I thank all the players, especially the Patrons.


Available stories: 


The desire of the Amazons (transformation male in female / shemale) – You are a proud knight, conqueror of the forest, who fell in a trap. Dominant druid Cassandra forced you to serve her. You’re afraid you’re changing to a woman. If you refuse to fulfill your tasks (sweeping, cooking, shoes cleaning) you’ll temporarily be changedto an animal, spanking or a special punishment. If you refuse to wear an apron, you’ll be punished. If you help poorly with potion mixing, you’ll be punished. If your mistress wants you to wash her back and you’re feeling her up, you’ll be… :-) 



There are other optional fetishes:


- Sex with shemale. Change woman to shemale. Sex shemale and shemale.

- Become a maid, wash your mistress and shave her pubic hair.

- Dress woman clothes.

- Assist in lesbian sex, wet orgasm (squirting), pissing


The revenge of Circe (transformation man in pig) – You are the captain of a sailing ship and together with your crew you will be deflected from the right course by a huge storm with your ship. When the storm sets you will find an unknown, small island and dock there. You send your crew off to explore the island, but they do not return. Soon you will find the reason for this. The mistress of the island, the sorceress Kirke, has turned your team into pigs! She promises you to turn your men back into man after 30 days, if you satisfy their her desires. That is not so easy. Kirke is addicted to wild sex and the food can make you fat surprisingly fast. You are also afraid to be slowly transformed into a pig. But the worst thing is that you even like it. :-) m2p


Prisoner Colony 41 Sci-fi story. The convicted hero finds himself in a female criminal colony where the job of prisoners is to teraform a distant planet. Placing the hero in the male prison colonies would be very difficult so the director of the prison and the prison doctor are going to change him to a woman with genetic manipulation. 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by utopianfubar

Version reviewed: 0.45 on 05/26/2021

This has been running for a few years now,

The developer asks for money for the full game yet has the audacity to not even address these issues.

game crashes constantly. Saves don't work. and its controlled by a mouse. Impliment the keyboard dude.

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.42 on 02/27/2021

Is it possible for us to get a version on itch.io that we could buy? :3 Been keeping up with the game every now and then. Quite grindy, but I would like to experience some of the full version features as well. 

Review by SnowCones

Version reviewed: 0.33 on 06/04/2020

I wanted to like this, I really did. First of all, this game physically hurts to look at. The perspective and the buggy movement are jarring. I don't have the best computer in the world, however for as simple as this game is and the amount of stuff in it, it still has trouble starting.


2/5 Wait for several updates, than give it a try. Hopefully the author fixes some of the issues.

Review by Innocience

Version reviewed: 0.33 on 05/27/2020

TL;DR: It's a grindy, buggy mess with little content worth the frustrations.


The game engine seems incapable of keeping up with my control input.

Grindy, iterative gameplay (you incrementally unlock new buildings but basically start over again and again) especially the prisoner colony storyline.

The minigames are a nice touch, wonky to control like the rest of the game, but their frequent reiteration makes them stale.

Storywise not much to say. 4 stories / games, all gameplay wise the same grindy stuff. A bit of variety in the minigames.

Kind of a bland plot on two of the games I've tried. Nothing that hooked me and in combination with the bland gameplay loop it got boring very quickly.

Illustrations are there but nothing spectacular.


Overall this feels like a bad mod to some older western RPG. I do not recommend and don't expect much of improvement in the future.

Review by Tizzzy

Version reviewed: 0.31 on 04/21/2020

Decent game, however quite grindy. especially prison storyline but some very good tf themes

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