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TF Runner
by sicco


Type: RPG, Adventure
Graphic avatar: yes
Need system: Windows + DirectX or Linux + Wine
Minimum system configuration: 3D graphics card, 2GB RAM, 2GB free space HDD

 video no nudity                                                                                                       video XXX nudity (NSFW)



Update 0.24:

  • Player can visit the people’s town Gold Rock as a woman. (For now, the pub and church can be visited. I’ll revive the town more later.)
  • Compulsory dungeon to take Dandelion to Gold Rock for a dress.
  • More voluntary dungeons.
  • New illustrations (Cassandra with Isabelle).
  • New 3D units (cows and other domestic animals).



InstallShield file .exe with DirectX


Portable archive file .zip


Available stories: 

  1. The love of lesbian vampires (transformation female in vampire) – Transition from young moral girl to obscene vampire. Optional mission transitioning into demonic succubae. Game can finish in three different ways: 


    - Do exorcism and become a human again.
    - Become a submissive slave of the vampire queen.
    - Become the vampire queen and chase other moral girls.

  2. The desire of the Amazons (transformation male in female / shemale) – You are a proud knight, conqueror of the forest, who fell in a trap. Dominant druid Cassandra forced you to serve her. You’re afraid you’re changing to a woman. If you refuse to fulfill your tasks (sweeping, cooking, shoes cleaning) you’ll temporarily be changedto an animal, spanking or a special punishment. If you refuse to wear an apron, you’ll be punished. If you help poorly with potion mixing, you’ll be punished. If your mistress wants you to wash her back and you’re feeling her up, you’ll be… :-) 


    There are other optional fetishes:
    - Sex with shemale. Change woman to shemale. Sex shemale and shemale.
    - Become a maid, wash your mistress and shave her pubic hair.
    - Dress woman clothes.
    - Assist in lesbian sex, wet orgasm (squirting), pissing

  3. The revenge of Circe (transformation man in pig) – You are the captain of a sailing ship and together with your crew you will be deflected from the right course by a huge storm with your ship. When the storm sets you will find an unknown, small island and dock there. You send your crew off to explore the island, but they do not return. Soon you will find the reason for this. The mistress of the island, the sorceress Kirke, has turned your team into pigs! She promises you to turn your men back into man after 30 days, if you satisfy their her desires. That is not so easy. Kirke is addicted to wild sex and the food can make you fat surprisingly fast. You are also afraid to be slowly transformed into a pig. But the worst thing is that you even like it. :-) 


I thank all the players, especially the Patrons.


Screenshot (NSFW):




Instructions to play the game and characters:

1) The love of lesbian vampires

Carmilla – Your aunt Carmilla invites you to her manor. She bites you and you change to a vampire.

Medea – Succubae, demonic vampire, who longs more for blood than sex. She has horns, demonic tail and wings. She likes sex and dancing. She‘ll help you if you dance for her. She can increase your health, pause your transition to a vampire or increase your seductiveness. If you’ll kiss her or have sex with her, you’ll become succubae too.

Buffy – vampire slayer. She can help you turn away or delay your transition. If you have seducing more than 10, you can have sex with her. It is possible to change her to a vampire.


2) Desire of Amazons

CassandraCassandra – your mistress, who you promised to serve to. She sets you tasks, you get a wage, food and a place to sleep. If you do the task badly or if you answer back, you’ll be punished. But if you behave well, Cassandra suggests you to have sex with another Amazon, who wants to get pregnant, because you are the only man in the forest. Cassandra also teaches you how to make magical potions and later she suggests you transform into a woman and change your name. If you don’t behave yourself, Cassandra makes you a maid.  






Dandelion – You’ll find her in dungeon, blueberry forest, if you are already at least 20% transitioned to woman. Dandelion hasn’t been Amazon since her birth. She ran to Amazons when the soldiers raped her. She likes to talk about girly things. She makes you see Amazons in a different way. She helps you with housework and teaches you how to dress and how to shave your pubic hair.  






Xenia (optional shemale story) – she’s Amazon who, like other Amazons, hasn’t seen any man before. She’s lesbian and like others, she disrespects men. Xenia feels she’s different. She doesn’t like man, but she would like to touch a penis. Xenia lives in a village with other Amazons and she doesn’t want to talk to you at first, you have to have at least A breasts and penis. One day Xenia finds out that she wants to have a penis too. You can make a potion called Centauri wine, made of mushroom and blue flower, for her, she will have her own penis and she’ll become a shemale. Later she’ll want a body oil, made from sunflowers and white flower.





One night, at the time of your 40% transiton to a woman, the forest fire starts. It’s compulsory mission. You have to firefight with Cassandra to save Amazons. Since you’ll have saved Amazons, they will recpect you.


Mea Vea

Mea & Vea - (optional lesbian pissing story) They are lesbain sisters. They start to talk to you after the wildfire. Mea is a hairdresser, she can change the length, style and color of your hair. Later, they will ask you to make a vibrator (made of honeycomb and a mushroom. When they ask you for another vibrator, one is few, they’ll offer you sex. Vea has wet orgasms (squirting).





Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by aglamau68

Version reviewed: 0.14 on 11/09/2018

a lot of things must be changed, in the first story, hit detection worked poorely and ennemy's speed are too fast. Level to big and no hint for orientation.

Second game, a little too répétive

the third game doesn't try

Review by Bodyhunter

Version reviewed: 0.14 on 10/30/2018



I played this game some times now and i have to say the mechanics are really nice for a free game. Ok, the translation is...very basic, but the author is putting the right mood into his words.


The only thing i don't like is the time pressure. Why in hell can't i just explore the game without watching the time limit?

Remove that and the game will be much more fun!


thanks and keep up the good work!



Review by lupint

Version reviewed: 0.14 on 10/29/2018

TF Runner has come a long way, and improved greatly. Though the english translations may not be perfect, he conveys the feelings and meaning of the stories very well. Add the fact that the game itself runs much better now thanks to his work, I have to recommend this game highly as one of the better, more 'Complete' games on this site.  Thank you Sicco.

Review by Seleroan

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 03/29/2018

I was kind of okay with this game until I hit a pay gate for breast growth.  

Graphics are very much in the style of Avernum and it's ilk.  You can only control your character with the arrow keys and attack with Ctrl, but you still need to use the mouse for various things.  I do not have three hands.  WASD is default for a reason.

I'm not sure this game deserves a XXX rating.  I played for 2 hours and found zero sexual content.

Review by ilookfat

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 03/29/2018

I'm normally very willing to try every game with shemale content until it gets to the actual shemale content.  I made it to day 5 in this game.


The game is horrifically repetive in the worst way.  The core "meat" of the game involves traversing a pregenerated map for ingredients and endlessly respawning monsters which die in one hit.  This isn't difficult in any way, just mind numbingly repetive as your hero has a single attack, and you're forced to do this portion to ?possibly? access the sexy content.


The other half of the game involves dragging your mouse left and right across a slider about 400 pixels wide.  The game will actively punish you for going any faster than a snail's pace.  This is the worst offender of this game as it's not challenging in any way, but is there purely to waste your time and force savescumming.


Overall, the design philosophy of this game seems to be more "gate sexy content behind tedium and very unfun content that is not at all sexy".  

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