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Version: 0.2.5

Tower of the bound fox
by Tartos

You can now follow the developpment of the game here : http://toweroftheboundfox.com/



- Added : New trap appearing after the 10th floor : commissioned by Barados!

- Changed : The game now replaces 'legs' and 'feet' by 'tail' is the character has one

- Changed : More chance to trigger a 'sex trap' proportionally to other traps

- Fixed : Defeating the boss is now correctly saved

- Fixed : Items outside the selling screen


Also, for a number of reasons, I decided to stop my patreon page.

The main reason is that, with my work and other projects, I don't have the time to do enough update to justify this patreon page.

I feel bad to receive money if I can only do two small updates each month.

However, I will continue to work on the game, it's just, from now on, every update will be public.

Unfortunately, with the patreon guideline I can't make public post with the link of the game, since it's a sex game, but you can follow the development on the other websites (the dev blog, fenoxo forum, tfgamesite or my FA account)





- Added : Minimap. You can display the minimap by pressing the minimap hotkey (M by default). You can press a second time to display full screen 

- Added : Name of the different locations on the save screen 

- Added : It's now possible to save everywhere 

- Added : Two new map parts 

- Fixed : Crash when loading a file saved outside the tower 

- Fixed : Item had a value of 0 gold after loading 



 Tower of the bound fox


If the game doesn't launch try to download the XNA Framework 4.0 : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downloa ... x?id=20914
If the game still doesn't start try to download the latest .NET version. Please let me know on the forum thread if you still have problem : https://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10056


Hello everybody ! I've been working on a game lately, and I'm happy to share it now that I have a demo.

It's a little different from what we usually see here, but I hope you will like it !

It's still in its very beginnings, but I think there are enough content to share what's done.

Tower of the bound fox is a rogue-like game with multiple inspirations like Corruption of Champion or Trap quest. It's also inspired by Azure Dream, an old PS1 game I love.

For the most important/long scenes I have commissioned writers since my english is not so good, but for the small scenes (mainly the traps), I've written them myself, so do not hesitate to tell me if some sentences are weird or incorrect.

You can find a quick guide here : http://toweroftheboundfox.com/quick_guide.pdf

What's in the game :

  • 5 different enemies, each with their own player's defeat scene and game over
  • Several traps
  • For now the game has no end. You can go as far as you want. After some floors a new enemy appears, and items become more powerful, but that's all for the moment.
  • The scenes take into account bondage elements, and the character's appearance
  • The sprite changes depending on what the character is wearing and its appearance


Fetishes : M/M (if you play as male), M/F (if you play as female), Monsters, TF, TG (male->female), Bondage, Pregnancy (only in game over)

What's planned :

  • A shit ton of things
  • New piece of maps
  • Possibility to block fetishes
  • 1st boss
  • New enemies
  • Floors 11-20
  • Save mechanism
  • Better bow mechanism
  • Cursed items
  • A village at the Tower's foot. The player will be able to use an item to return to it without losing its possessions. There will be interaction with the villagers, shops, and the possibility to use gold for improving the village.

Various :

  • You have 3 lives, if you lose them all, it's game over. The game over is contextual depending on who defeated you.
  • Key 1 for shooting arrows. Key 2 for shooting fireballs (more powerful but use mana).
  • Objects written in purple are special. You need to use an « identification scroll » to activate the effect.

Known bugs :

  • Sound effects doesn't work on some computers

Screenshots :

In-game 1

In-game 2

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 03/16/2019

agreed from previous reviewer, either more money/potion  drops, or lower prices.

Review by fav22

Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 01/12/2018

The game has potential and is fun in a classical final fantasy meets gaunlet kinda way. Its got a bit of a steep difficulty curve patially because it took me awhile to find the enemies. keep trying to kill a statue when I reaized the shaman was attacking me from several tiles over.

My biggest concerns are money, everything is really expensive for how little you seem to make. And playing a mage/magic focus early on doesn't seem smart. Mana runs out really fast & potions are too expensive to afford so your forced to melee, which might've been fine had I naught lowered my strength and dex to 3 to try pimping out magic.

Looking forward to see what else you do with this game.

Review by hidoragon

Version reviewed: 0.2.3 on 12/29/2017

Note to other users, there's a list of controls in the configuration menu. (Use arrow keys and ENTER to navigate the menu)


This game has a lot of potential, i've really enjyoed the scenes they have written so far, and the gameplay isn't too complex, but rather simple. That said the game feels quite difficult in it's current state. It's hard to sustain and the cost of goods seem hardly affordable. I've done a couple runs so far, and aside from the 100 you start with, I haven't managed to make another 100 before I find myself hitting that game over. 30% health pots are 50 each and the inn in 100. (afaik you can only get to the town by turning around at the start, or using the scroll in your inventory). 


Although I have been able to play enough to experience all of the implemented endings and only the gender of the player is used to determine slight varience between endings, (There's other parts of the players body that can be modified, but seem mostly as flavor). That said, i'd be delighted to both see new varients in scenes depending on a few more significant factors (as snake -> lose to snake, as an example), and I would also look forward to new enemy types. 


In terms of combat mechancis and items, I only request that there be more potion drops, or increase the gold amount received. (Or maybe make a difficulty with these options) Particularly if you're looking to expand the game into deeper floors. It feels rather difficult to get beyond the first few floors before running out of gold, potions, or town scrolls or maybe give another way of restoring the player's health or mana points. 

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 12/01/2017


Are we playing the same game? And you made me think that the game messed up in the new version 0.2.1. I downloaded it again and nothing was wrong.

Resolution fuss is true, but you only do it once every download; Once the +2 strength perk was chosen, the -2 strength perk disappeared in the lucky draw; I lost a few enemies as soon as they were outside screen; Direct attack magic as well as arrows were blocked by walls; I killed enough goblin to see the 10/F boss with a ton of healing potion in my inventory.

You better check the game version you have. the last version I reviewed was 0.1.2 and the problem you mentioned did not exist even in that version.

Back to the review.

Version 0.2.1

I like the thief. I think that was introduced during version 1.7? Anyway I have downloaded every single new version. It is an interesting little game more addictive that I believed. Please keep up with the good work.

Version 0.1.2

It is a simple, yet enjoyable little time killer.

It is a lot better balanced comparing to 0.1.0. I got a somewhat constant restock of energy potions and I no longer ran out of everything on the first floor. Last time I ended at 3rd floor and this time I met my first end at 7th.

I suggest adding a status screen telling what sort of restriction the character is under. Say your character is blindfolded, gagged, cuffed, leg cuffed, latex masked, latex clawed, legs fused, lengthen hair, etc. The avatar is too small to see any change.

The traps are interesting and I purposefully step on every single one to see what happened. I like the writing, too. It looks like it can turn into another BMB, Arena or Trap Quest, with GUI. I know, the graphic in this game is far from a billion dollar investment, but if you can stand the text based Trap Quest, this one can only be better.

Looks promising.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 11/30/2017

I can see this has potential... potential... Sigh.

Ok... Let's begin by mentioning the god awful and EXTREMELY NOT user-friendly interface/UI. No way to 'select' a resolution(you have to go through ALL of them, one by one, if you pressed Enter 1-too many time), no indication/clue/tool tip/whatever about ANYTHING in game (like, items...). Apparently the mouse isn't permitted in this game too, so that makes looking at your stuff harder, which you can't do anyway, or look at what you're already wearing, which is also can't access anyway.

Oh, and don't get me started on the ''if you pick a perk, you get a random malus too''. I mean, yeah, ok, fine, the idea itself isn't a bad or unconventional one... But the list MUST be revised or toned down in some aspects(Stats malus) ! I mean, how pointless is it when, after taking (for example) a +2Strenght Perk, to then get a -2Strenght Malus ?

Also... Telepathic enemies. Sigh. This never was a good idea in any game. Here, for one, those who use magic can target you through walls even though you never even have enter the room they are in. And, once an enemy has ''telepathically'' locked-on to you, you can NEVER shake them off... They will follow you eternally, through eternity and beyond.

Finally, the ''roguelike'' part really needs balancing, for long term playing. Perhaps it was only horrifyingly bad luck, but I found that whatever meagre HP/MP healing resources you get at the start will not last beyond the first handful of enemies... which you will be 'forced' to fight, since they know where you are at all time and never stop following you.

Again... sigh... Again, I say it has 'potential'. But, as it is right now, it's really *hard* to have fun with this game, and I can only hope it will get (much) improved in later updates.

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